Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angry Joes' Vision for the Future

Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

An interesting article, but I don't think that Romney will be president and after sitting this election out a good crop of candidates will be available in 2016 to fight both the vacuum left by the Joker. The fact that the average American has no stomach for the far right or left there is a strong possibility for the rise of a new party or at least a very viable third candidate. It will be a blood bath for both parties and will vicious appeals to their extreme bases that will open the door to an adult that is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. The American voter is sick of socialism and big government, but they are also sick of theocracy and big government. The want jobs and smaller government and neither party is offering that this time around and won't be doing it in 2016 either.

It sucks that we will be stuck with four more years with the Joker only to see more of the same BS out of Washington. The Republicans will go back and lick their wounds and say Romney really wasn't their choice even though he has been their man from the start. The People will say give us a real choice of a fiscal conservative or we will look elsewhere. The Republicans will have a hard time coming up with a viable option to rally around because a fiscal conservative means lessening the power of Washington, which they will have none of ever. There will be Christie and Ryan, but they won't be loved by the Republicans because they are not right enough for this and that reason. Then you will see the party fracture in two with the social cons and fiscal cons at odds.

Since the social cons have been the litmus test for Republicans for a couple of decades they will seize the party and continue to run it into the ground. The fiscal cons will find a lot of blue dogs in hiding and rally around a fiscal con candidate that appeals to the fiscal cons in this country which comprise 60% of the population. Now there will be a portion of that 60% that is social con and will not vote for a social moderate, so the support will probably end up in the mid forties. Let's examine that number for a minute, lets say 45% for the fiscal con, that leaves 55% for both the liberal and the social con. The liberals will likely get 30% of the hard core Democrats and the social con is only left with 25%, so guess who wins the election. Now the party title of Republican can go either way, but with the failure in the 2012 election I am guessing that the fiscal cons will pick a new name. The Republican party will remain viable for a couple more cycles because of how the states are rigged against third parties, but the candidates may have an R, but more than likely be more fiscal cons then social cons.

The failure of Romney will usher in a new day in American politics just has the failure of Bush gave rise to the Tea Party movement. If you think the Tea Party is dead because they didn't get their guy on the ballot you are wrong. The Tea Party fell for the oldest trick in the book and they won't like it come November 2012 and regardless of who wins they will be pissed and ready for real change in 2014 and 2016. They will no longer align themselves with the Republicans after this screw job and the original Tea Party will reassert itself as an alternative choice in support of fiscal conservative ideals and jobs. They may take a new name and they will stand for fiscal conservatives of all parties. They will no longer be able to make the easier choice of pandering to the social cons because that did nothing to fix this country other than either lose the election or get a big government "conservative" in the White House.

The Angry Joes will prevail in the end and they will realize they are the ones that possess the true power in this country. The Tea Party tapped into this power in 2010 and then lost their way in the social con quagmire. The Angry Joes will see that no party truly represents them and will forge a new fiscal conservative party out of the fiscally conservatives in this country. They will stop disqualifying fiscally conservative candidates because they are not socially conservative enough for the far right "base". This will bring the country back together in the middle and we will once again be strong and have a brighter future.

The Angry Joes have been fooled a couple of times, but they are learning who their friends truly are and it isn't the Republicans or the Democrats. They know that they will have to stand on their own if they are going to fix this country, which they will because they are hard working and dedicated to seeing the American Dream go on for their children. They are absolutely sick of Washington and all the BS that has been spewed from the mouth of all these career criminals. They aren't going to take it and they aren't going to listen that no third party is possible any longer. Those are just more lies by the MSM and the two screw them at every turn parties. Mark my words there will be a new party in 2016 regardless of who wins in 2012 and they will push the Democrats and the Republicans aside. The will do the impossible and win the White House with a fiscal conservative that is socially moderate because that is the majority of this country and if given a true choice that is who they will vote for in 2016.

It will take some serious work to get that candidate on all 50 ballots and some very strong leadership to carry the banner, but once the banner is raised there will be a shift that will leave the MSM speechless and the parties scrambling. They will deride the new party as a passing fad and that there is no way a third party candidate can win and that a third party candidate even if they won couldn't get anything done. All that is establishment BS because if as the above numbers show a third party candidate can win and if they do win then they know they have the will of the people and with some good governing that support will grow and grow. The mid terms would support the change and then their re-election would drive a further stake into the heart of the two parties. This isn't science fiction this is the truth.

The Angry Joes need to believe in themselves and stop listening to the talking heads. We can make a difference because we always have. It is the Angry Joes the "squishy' independents that swing elections, understand that "squishy" means soft on social issues, but that doesn't me soft on fiscal issues. Don't let the negatives from all sides get you down and continue to push forward and people will follow. It won't be easy, but it will be worth the work in the end.

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