Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mask is Off

The Mask is Off

The comments are better than the article because is shows that there are a lot of people fed up with the status quo of the current two party system and their crappy candidates.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog: It's the Anger, Stupid

Blog: It's the Anger, Stupid

Here is another Angry Joe speaking out. The fact that many angry joe's from the right are suddenly backing Newt does give me pause and some worry. I just can't stomach the guy and his big government lovefest. I am letting the White House race play out in its normal American Idol way and instead focusing on the elections in my state and who gets sent to Washington. It is good to hear form other angry joes, but be careful where you channel that anger.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Generation Losing Hope: The Shattering of the American Dream

A Generation Losing Hope: The Shattering of the American Dream

It is a very sad commentary on America, but an expected one. The current generation that is in charge of this mess has no idea how to solve the problems that it created and doesn't understand why the next generation doesn't think the way they do. If I were a young person starting out I would agree with the students evaluation because it is dead on. The government has squandered the greatest national resource for the almighty dollar, the people are what made this country great and they worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their children. Now, all you have to do is kick back and let the checks roll in. Why kill yourself at a job, when you can have the exact same by sitting on your butt. Sure if you study hard and spend the money to go to college you may do better, but not likely to exceed your parent's success because everyone goes to college and there are fewer and fewer jobs out there and what jobs are there are low paying service jobs vice manufacturing jobs.

The American Dream has taken a serious hit from social engineering and everybody is a winner mentality. Everybody doesn't win in the real world and you are not rewarded for just showing up. The real world success requires hard work and dedication. Trophies are given for performance not existance. If you are a student today what options to you really have? Wastes thousands of dollars on an education that allows you to be the assistant manager at some service job or start at the same place and work your way to assistant manager? Not much of a choice really. How about investing in the future? How can you save for the future if you are burried in debt? How can you retire if there is no money to retire on? Maybe working until you die will change some thought processes, like it sucks to have the government waste your money on BS. Funny how very few of us are marching on Washington demanding an accounting of all the stolen money from Social Security. Think about it, billions of dollars has been stolen and wasted by the government, they can't show you the books on where it all went because they have no idea. The money is running out and the number of workers is dwindling, so soon the ponsie scheme is going to crash down. Who was minding the store when all the money was looted?

The our kids and grand-kids have every right to be pissed that they are going to slave their lives away paying for our wasteful ways. They are going to wonder how granny and grandpa were able to retire at 62 and suck the government tit to 90, while they work until they are carted away at 80. Life expectancy will go down if people have to work until death because it is easy to sit around bitching, but it is damn hard to get up every morning andhead off to work at Starbucks as the assistant manager for 50 years. Good luck kids because you are going to need it because your parents were idiots.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Angry Joes Flex Muscles in South Carolina

Salvo from South Carolina: Darn voters thinking for themselves again

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There are several explanations we’re likely to hear about the outcome in South Carolina on Saturday.  Most of them will involve the voters being silly and not knowing what’s good for them.  (I especially like the variant that says South Carolina voters went for Newt Gingrich – Newt Gingrich! – because they’re right next to Georgia.  Yeah, right.  Gingrich is Mr. New American South.)
If the voters weren’t silly, they would understand that it has to be Mitt Romney, because, well, primary voters were silly and picked Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell over Mike Castle in Delaware, not to mention running with that goofy Sharron Angle in Nevada, and look how that turned out.  You can’t get California and you probably can’t get New York, if you’re the GOP nominee.  But you have a good shot at Pennsylvania and Ohio, Michigan and maybe even Illinois, if you’re Mitt Romney.  Newt Gingrich?  Forget it.  Gingrich can’t even win Georgia.
And the truth is, this analysis isn’t necessarily wrong.  If I had to make a bet, I’d bet that a Newt Gingrich nominated to run for the GOP in November would implode on the campaign trail.  He’d still make a better president than Obama, but his “sticking it to the media” shtick in the debates would lose its luster when he faced Obama.  He comes across as easily annoyed; the feistiness that resonates with voter sentiment in the primaries would weather time and tides poorly.  As between an irritable Gingrich and a cool, scripted Obama, I would predict without hesitation that the latter’s jokes during a debate would come off better.  All things being equal, that is.
As with the O’Donnell-Castle primary outcome in 2010, however, it’s not the voters who are silly.  They know that all things aren’t equal in 2012.  The voters who put Gingrich over the top yesterday believe that we can’t keep going down the same political path in the United States – and that that holds for Republicans at least as much as for Democrats, if not more.  Their perception is that the GOP leadership is invested in the current path of government: that it doesn’t want change; it is not committed to restoring liberty and limited government, but instead is comfortable with the growth of regulatory intrusiveness, and seeks merely to broker pragmatic accommodations to leftist activism as a sort of rear-guard action.
Considering that the GOP has been doing this for most of the last 80 years, the voters aren’t wrong.  They aren’t wrong about Mitt Romney: his record of enthusiastic accommodations to the left is a set of rusty, clanking weights tethered to the back of the Mitt-mobile.  Gingrich and Santorum both have some ‘splainin’ to do as well, but Gingrich has specifically repudiated some of his earlier faux pas (such as the snuggle-up with Nancy Pelosi on combating “global warming”).  He also speaks trenchantly on the issues that exercise the most voters:  federal debt, health care regulation, regulation in general, government intervention in the economy, illegal immigration.
It does matter to primary voters, moreover, that Gingrich “takes it to” the media by rhetorically denouncing the questions posed in the GOP debates.  Voters on the right perceive the one-sided political attitude of the media to be a significant problem for American politics.  And while I don’t get as excited as others do about Gingrich’s little rhetorical broadsides in the debates –responding with broadsides isn’t, per se, a component of leadership – this is another thing the voters aren’t wrong about.  Media bias is a problem, not only in politics but for our public life in general.  People believe a lot of things that aren’t so today because of the particular narratives favored by the major media.  The perception of public assent generated by the media’s formulations produces an environment for government taking actions that jeopardize our liberties.
Many voters are determined not to be ruled by federal executive agencies whose agendas are approved by MSNBC and the New York Times.  These voters are voting for the candidate they deem most likely to reverse America’s slide into precisely that method of government.  That they see such a candidate in Newt Gingrich speaks more loudly about the general state of the GOP than about anything else.  Voters are seeking to break the inertia and conventionalism of the Republican Party; this is, in fact, a power struggle, and one in which I would not bet against the voters.
The famous salvo from South Carolina in April 1861 precipitated a shooting war under old conditions that no longer prevail.  The Union had all the material advantage in that war, as it had the moral advantage in being determined to preserve the national union while ending slavery.
But today’s South is no longer under such a disadvantage.  A political salvo from the South is a different portent now.  Likewise, the Republican Party doesn’t hold a Union-like advantage over its members, nor is there any valid reason for our federal government to hold such an advantage over a law-abiding people.  Today’s “rebel” GOP voters in South Carolina aren’t the slave-regime old guard, they’re the abolitionists.  We need not be deceived that wanting to reverse the encroachments of the federal government, and defeat the plantation mentality in Washington, is evidence of irresponsibility or lawlessness.  The truth is closer to the opposite.
The people have one tool – the vote – by which to express the sentiment that things have to change.  In 2008, Mitt Romney didn’t look all that different from George W. Bush.  The Obama tenure has been a wake-up call that has put Romney in a new perspective: in 2012, he doesn’t look as different from Barack Obama as conservative voters would prefer.  Obama is less an outlier than the end-gamer of the same big-government principles embraced by both major parties over the past 80 years.  We have now seen with our own eyes where those principles lead, and the voters don’t want to go there.  It’s not the voters who need to wise up; it’s the Republican Party.
J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at The Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, The Weekly Standard online, and her own blog, The Optimistic Conservative.

South Carolina is the beginning of the end for the Republican Party because they just don't get it. The People are pissed off and they don't want more of the same. Newt is not new, but at least he appears to be different and not annointed by the powers in Washington.  I don't personally like Newt, but I understand the anti-establishment feelings and looking for different. This is going to be a very long year and one can only hope that the powers that be wake up to the fact the People want better than what Washington is currently shoveling.

Listen Up Girls: This is the Way Things Work

Listen Up Girls: This is the Way Things Work

A very nice take on how things work in the real world. Sex is not a toy for children. Sex has many very serious consequences, which indeed includes children but also whole host of both negative and positive consequences. Children would be a wonderfully positive outcome for many couples, but a very serious life changing consequence for an unmarried teenager. I think people need to let their children know and understand that every action has consequences. If you are not ready for the consequences then you are not ready for the action.

In Praise of a Do-nothing Congress

In Praise of a Do-nothing Congress

Great take on things. I am all for gridlock if it prevents stupidity to reign freely. The fact that the last Congress only passed 80 bills is a wonderful thing. It would be nice to see things repealed, but I will take no further damage for now. I am still praying for sanity in Washington, but at least for now I will take inaction.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Days Ahead of My Time

More than two-thirds of Americans would consider voting for a third-party presidential candidate, while nearly half of all voters think a third-party is needed, a new poll shows.
Sixty-eight percent of voters said they would “definitely vote for” or “consider voting for” a third-party candidate whom they agreed with on most issues, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll Friday.

Only 28 percent said that they would definitely not vote for an independent candidate.
Americans are split over whether the creation of a third-party is necessary, however — 48 percent consider a third party necessary, while 49 percent say that it is not necessary.
The most likely to support the creation a third party? A majority of independents (61 percent), liberals (60 percent) and moderates (51 percent) said that a third party was necessary.
The Washington Post-ABC News poll was conducted Jan. 12-15, with a sample of 1,000 adults and a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Read more:

As I said only days ago there is strong support by the Angry Joes for a new fiscally conservative party that is socially moderate.  This isn't rocket science and the fact that the social conservatives keep trying to claim 60% of America as "conservative" is complete BS, 60+ % of Americans are fiscal conservatives that have lots of differing opinions on the social issues.  I will keep beating this drum as long as it takes to wake people up to the fact that America is a fiscally conservative country fed up with the crap the two parties are shoveling in Washington.  They have looked to the Republicans and that was a failure and then they turned to the Democrats and that was a bigger failure. 

We are now out of options and the election of 2012 will be the beginning of the end for the current two parties.  Whether we have three parties or two will likely be those social cons because they will never accept anything less than a complete social con.  They will likely still win seats here and there, but the fiscal cons will build a powerful majority over the liberals and social cons.  It is not a bad thing to have three parties if they represent the people and keep the federal government in check.  I have always said a strong fiscally conservative middle would force the extremes of both parties back to the middle where most of the country lives.  I know that I will take a huge amount of heat for being a social con traitor, but I still believe what I believe regardless.

I only hope more people wake up to the new reality in time for 2014 and 2016, so we don't waste another four years appeasing the parties.  We owe nothing to the parties and since they have stopped listening to the people they need a swift kick in the ass.  The Republicans are gloating that the Democrats are losing registered voters, but the thing they aren't telling is those voters are not going Republican they are going unaffiliated.  With 68% willing to vote third party that means a good third party candidate can win regardless what the diehards of the parties do.  I posted the scenario a couple of days ago.

Now is the time to prepare and gel what we want in 2014 and 2016 because it is going to take money and lawyers to make sure every ballot is open to us.  Angry Joes the time is near to make a fundamental change in this country.  We can no longer listen to the talking heads carry water for the establishment and tell us the grassroots anger is gone with the Tea Party.  We are still angry and we are still here.  We need to keep telling Washington at every opportunity who we are and what we want.  We are the Angry Joes and we want to return sanity to Washington through fiscal conservatism.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angry Joes' Vision for the Future

Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

An interesting article, but I don't think that Romney will be president and after sitting this election out a good crop of candidates will be available in 2016 to fight both the vacuum left by the Joker. The fact that the average American has no stomach for the far right or left there is a strong possibility for the rise of a new party or at least a very viable third candidate. It will be a blood bath for both parties and will vicious appeals to their extreme bases that will open the door to an adult that is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. The American voter is sick of socialism and big government, but they are also sick of theocracy and big government. The want jobs and smaller government and neither party is offering that this time around and won't be doing it in 2016 either.

It sucks that we will be stuck with four more years with the Joker only to see more of the same BS out of Washington. The Republicans will go back and lick their wounds and say Romney really wasn't their choice even though he has been their man from the start. The People will say give us a real choice of a fiscal conservative or we will look elsewhere. The Republicans will have a hard time coming up with a viable option to rally around because a fiscal conservative means lessening the power of Washington, which they will have none of ever. There will be Christie and Ryan, but they won't be loved by the Republicans because they are not right enough for this and that reason. Then you will see the party fracture in two with the social cons and fiscal cons at odds.

Since the social cons have been the litmus test for Republicans for a couple of decades they will seize the party and continue to run it into the ground. The fiscal cons will find a lot of blue dogs in hiding and rally around a fiscal con candidate that appeals to the fiscal cons in this country which comprise 60% of the population. Now there will be a portion of that 60% that is social con and will not vote for a social moderate, so the support will probably end up in the mid forties. Let's examine that number for a minute, lets say 45% for the fiscal con, that leaves 55% for both the liberal and the social con. The liberals will likely get 30% of the hard core Democrats and the social con is only left with 25%, so guess who wins the election. Now the party title of Republican can go either way, but with the failure in the 2012 election I am guessing that the fiscal cons will pick a new name. The Republican party will remain viable for a couple more cycles because of how the states are rigged against third parties, but the candidates may have an R, but more than likely be more fiscal cons then social cons.

The failure of Romney will usher in a new day in American politics just has the failure of Bush gave rise to the Tea Party movement. If you think the Tea Party is dead because they didn't get their guy on the ballot you are wrong. The Tea Party fell for the oldest trick in the book and they won't like it come November 2012 and regardless of who wins they will be pissed and ready for real change in 2014 and 2016. They will no longer align themselves with the Republicans after this screw job and the original Tea Party will reassert itself as an alternative choice in support of fiscal conservative ideals and jobs. They may take a new name and they will stand for fiscal conservatives of all parties. They will no longer be able to make the easier choice of pandering to the social cons because that did nothing to fix this country other than either lose the election or get a big government "conservative" in the White House.

The Angry Joes will prevail in the end and they will realize they are the ones that possess the true power in this country. The Tea Party tapped into this power in 2010 and then lost their way in the social con quagmire. The Angry Joes will see that no party truly represents them and will forge a new fiscal conservative party out of the fiscally conservatives in this country. They will stop disqualifying fiscally conservative candidates because they are not socially conservative enough for the far right "base". This will bring the country back together in the middle and we will once again be strong and have a brighter future.

The Angry Joes have been fooled a couple of times, but they are learning who their friends truly are and it isn't the Republicans or the Democrats. They know that they will have to stand on their own if they are going to fix this country, which they will because they are hard working and dedicated to seeing the American Dream go on for their children. They are absolutely sick of Washington and all the BS that has been spewed from the mouth of all these career criminals. They aren't going to take it and they aren't going to listen that no third party is possible any longer. Those are just more lies by the MSM and the two screw them at every turn parties. Mark my words there will be a new party in 2016 regardless of who wins in 2012 and they will push the Democrats and the Republicans aside. The will do the impossible and win the White House with a fiscal conservative that is socially moderate because that is the majority of this country and if given a true choice that is who they will vote for in 2016.

It will take some serious work to get that candidate on all 50 ballots and some very strong leadership to carry the banner, but once the banner is raised there will be a shift that will leave the MSM speechless and the parties scrambling. They will deride the new party as a passing fad and that there is no way a third party candidate can win and that a third party candidate even if they won couldn't get anything done. All that is establishment BS because if as the above numbers show a third party candidate can win and if they do win then they know they have the will of the people and with some good governing that support will grow and grow. The mid terms would support the change and then their re-election would drive a further stake into the heart of the two parties. This isn't science fiction this is the truth.

The Angry Joes need to believe in themselves and stop listening to the talking heads. We can make a difference because we always have. It is the Angry Joes the "squishy' independents that swing elections, understand that "squishy" means soft on social issues, but that doesn't me soft on fiscal issues. Don't let the negatives from all sides get you down and continue to push forward and people will follow. It won't be easy, but it will be worth the work in the end.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

It is good to see that other people are coming around to my way of thinking when it comes to the 2012 election.  Whomever wins the nomination for President is going to be in a crap shoot with the Joker, so we need to focus our energy on the House and Senate.  We need to send a solid group of fiscal conservatives to Washington to help turn this mess around.  The guys over at Red State are finally waking up to the fact the we need to focus on the candidates that will make the biggest difference in the direction of this country and that isn't Mittens or the Joker.  It is the House where spending bills begin and in the Senate where Judges and appointees are confirmed.  If the next President wants to get anything done then it will have to pass through one or both houses, so let's make that trip mean something for a change.

If we fill the House with even more fiscal conservatives then the silliness of a two month extension doesn't happen and isn't eve tried because it is a patently stupid idea.  No liberal judge get confirmed and we might finally be able to put an end to legislation from the bench.  Now is the time to take control of the Congress and make the President dance to our tune.  I have my guys picked out which is pretty easy for me being from AZ, but I do send money to those guys that need it, like Allen West.

Speaking of Allen West, you have to respect a guy that is willing to open himself up to ever left wing liberal nut-bag.  Those Marines were wrong to piss on those corpses, but we should not be the ones judging them, but rather those who are there and understand the stresses of combat.  I am also pretty happy to see even some of the MSM are sounding out that this isn't a tragedy.  We need to keep the fact that those people were killed trying to kill those Marines and they were only showing the true feelings toward people that had tried to kill them.

I have to wonder if there is any hope to turn this mess around regardless of how successful at getting adults elected to Congress.  With all that is going on in Europe and the very obvious results of deficit spending, we have the President going to Congress and requesting another $1.2 trillion on the credit card.  It may be too late to prevent the crash that is sure to come.  We are at $14 plus trillion in debt and adding to it each and every day.  Pretty soon we aren't going to be able to service the debt without borrowing every single dollar to run the country.

I guess that is all I have for now, but I want to hear what you all think.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Solar Sagging

Solar Sagging

Solar is a bad idea as a major power supplier, but a great idea as a supplemental power source. Solar power plants make very little sense because they are unpredictable and have a limited on time, which makes them a loser in the utility business. Having solar panels on your house on the other hand makes great sense and everyone should look into a supplemental power source for their home. Here in the valley of the sun, not having solar on your house is just plain stupid. Every house and business should make the minor investment in a few solar panels that can reduce their peak consumption. I make about 10 KW a day right now in the winter and it will cut my consumption by 75% in the winter months. This is a pretty good deal if you ask me. It offsets the energy that I suck off of Palo Verde Nuclear Plant and if everyone did so then that available power source could be stretched further. This is just plain smart and it really doesn't cost that much if you go through Solar City or some such company. Even if there were not cost breaks it would be worth the price in the long run. I heard people saying that it should be mandatory for builders to put it on houses and businesses, but I believe in choice and those who don't can pay for their stupidity with higher energy prices. Small scale solar is smart, big utility solar is stupid.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What to do? Meet the Press Debate

Watching the debate this morning and so far the only thing that is striking a cord with me is the Perry response on sacrifice.  Americans want jobs and they want to work to provide for their families.  There was a lot of talk about social issues last night, which is only playing to Left and MSM.  I fully believe that it is important to have those social issued settled in your own heart, but should not be the sole reason to elect the president.  This country is bigger than that and we need to look beyond these issues.  The country must first survive to move forward and heal.  If we fix things then we can debate these personal issues and put them to vote in local/state ballots.

Ron Paul has very strong ideas on fiscal issues and that really strikes a cord with a lot of people (the wife and I).  The flip side of that is the foreign policy, which has some problems in the real world.  I am isolationist leaning and I love the idea of putting our house in order first before we can think about provide assistance outside our boarders.  I am just sorry that Ron Paul walked back from his newsletter, which he stood behind for many year,s but crumbled under the white hot heat of the media.

Perry landed a good punch on several of the "big government conservatives", which is not kind of conservative at all.  I am liking Huntsman for his acceptance of the Ryan plan and pushing for term limits.  He is too soft for the far right, but at least he sees the right answer on political problem and the curve of the budget.  The gay question is was typical gotcha question for the MSM and now the union question is another one.  There is a lot of good answers coming out of this debate, but it is mostly preaching to the choir.  At the end of the first hour, I don't think any opinions will change and the course of the nomination is pretty much set. 

The sad fact is that the stage is filled with OWGs and there is very little actually diversity among them.  I wonder who the VP nominee is going to be?  It is likely to be a female or maybe a man of some color, but is that really the right answer based on the mess this country is in.  Would it not be better to have a budget wiz on the under card?

The wife has spoken and she is a very good barometer for the Angry Janes, she is a fiscal conservative and a relative social moderate (strong personal believes but keeps them personal).  She is liking what she is hearing from Ron and Jon.  She doesn't stay up with all the twists and turns, but she doesn't like Newt or Rick S.  She hasn't really formed an opinion on yet on Rick P. or Mitt.  Based on what I know of my lovely wife, she is sick of the political BS and wants results.  The only people straight talking results on the stage were Ron & Jon.  The other guys are just saying what people want to hear to get elected, which includes all of the other four.

Putting all spin aside, I liked what I heard from Huntsman and he would have a chance if there was a fiscal conservative party that wasn't dominated by the hardline right.  Oh well, Mittens moves forward and this was an exercise in day dreaming.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family

Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family

I love this guy and he words speak truth about the true goal is stopping the Joker. I hate that it is coming down to Mittens, but that is the sad truth, but Mittens is still better than the Joker. I can dream about a knight on a white fiscal conservative horse, but that ain't happening. So, it is time to double up the efforts on the Congress and taking the Senate away from Reid. We will get our day in the future, but if a fiscally conservative House and Senate can make a huge difference in this country regardless of who's butt is sitting in the Oval Office.

This is America and we are all Americans first and anything else second. We need to remember that this is the land of opportunity and was built on hard work. It is time to get back to work and fight to put Washington back in its Constitutional box. We need to starve the beast and remove its tentacles from around our necks. We need invest in job creation by individuals, not the government. We need to make America an attractive place to do business and earn a buck. I will keep beating this drum because this is what is going to save this country. We need to put America back to work and earning an honest days wage for an honest day's work. We need to let people keep the money they earn through hard work. Put an end to class warfare because it is counterproductive and only makes our current situation worse. Company's are not our enemy and hard work has been are trademark for decades, so let's make it profitable to do business in America again.

I want the new elected Congress and President in 2013 to reform taxes and regulation, so that companies know what to expect and know that it is worth investing in America. I want them to seriously cut spending and trim the federal roll (and role). Is this too much to ask? I think not, since we are already cutting the military there needs to be cuts everywhere else. Let's focus on the extra departments and non-Constitutional roles that our government is currently filling, like education, energy, housing, healthcare and the list goes on and on. We can either start with a scalpel or an ax, but we need to start cutting and not stop until we have a balanced budget and money to pay down the national debt. Is this going to be easy, no but necessary. Either we do this or we will be Greece before the 2016 election. I am for austerity now, when we can control the cuts vice bankruptcy where the cuts are reactionary and willy-nilly.

The time has come to put on our big boy pants and stop all the whining and crying. We need to support Mittens and make sure he is backed by a fiscally conservative Congress. Then we make the decisions easy for him by sending him solid plans for fixing this country. Reagan took a lot of heat early for his radical changes, but after a couple of years and significant progress all was forgiven and he is remembered as a great President. I am okay with President Romney taking credit for turning this mess around, if this country actually turns around. I am over my bratty period and I am no longer looking for that damn knight, so lets join together to force real change in America and make a true difference. I want to make America a better place for my beautiful granddaughter who just happens to be named Phoenix. I want America to rise like a Phoenix out of this morass and once again soar like an eagle (cue the band and wave the flags).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Historic Debt

The Historic Debt

Let's throw an expensive party to celebrate this momentus occasion, maybe Michelle can fly us all to some luxurious vacation spot for the party. It makes me want to puke, that we have allowed the debt to be run up another $6 Trillion, but even worse is that it was $9 Trillion after eight years with a Republican President. It is all too sad and we can all rest assured that neither Mittens or the Joker are going to do a damn thing to change the situation. Yeah US!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rise of the Angry Joes

The Angry Joes are on the rise and there are multiple reports of declining party affliation and the volitity of the Republican field.  The warm blooded hard working American tax payer is searching for more than they are getting out of Washington.  They are sick and tired of the lies and broken promises. 

They were willing to back the Republicans and there were some good times, but the Republicans in Congress 2000-2006 broke their promise of fixing this country and restoring it to greatness.  They failed to create good paying jobs and reign in the government. 

So the Angry Joes looked to the Joler and the Democrats and they tossed out the Republicans in 2006 and 2008.  The bad news is that things only got worse, which most of us on the right already knew that they would.

So the Angry Joes looked to the Tea Party as a breath of fresh air and supported them big time in 2010.  Now the Angry Joes have a problem because there is no one in the 2012 race for them to vote for come November.  They have been willing to swing their support behind just about any candidate that wasn't the Joker or Mittens, but now that well is dry.

So what is an Angry Joe to do now?  They have a couple of options and none of them good at the moment.  They can stay home and not vote for either choice, but that really isn't a solution because both are bad choices.  They can vote the old party line, which is just as bad.  Right now there is no third choice because there is no candidate to get behind.  The Angry Joes need to recruit a viable candidate that understands that we must first get our fiscal house in order before we tackle any other issues.

Who is such a candidate?  I know of only a few and they have already said no, so there needs to be a better effort made to drag them into this race.  Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, and Chris Christie are all the kind of guys that we need.  We need fiscal conservatives that have experience in fixing bad government.  We need straight talkers that can stand up and tell America the party is over and now it is time to pay the piper.

I don't know if any of them would jump in at this late date or if they are even the right guys for the job, but they have to be better than the Joker and Mittens, right?  I want to hear what you are thinking about this mess and how us Angry Joes can make a difference.  I absolutely hate the idea of being forced to either stay home or vote for the Joker or Mittens.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Simple Way to Think About the U.S. Debt and Deficit Problems

A Simple Way to Think About the U.S. Debt and Deficit Problems

That is some crazy shit. It really puts things into perspective and shows how screwed we are as a country. I've been up to my ass in debt, but I always had a solid plan on how I was going to deal with it. The saddest part of this whole thing is that our representation has zero plan to extract our asses from this mess. I am absolutely sure of one thing in the coming year, that it will only get worse, regardless of who gets elected at the end of it.