Saturday, May 28, 2011

So now what?

With another one biting the dust once the rock was lifted, who will be our champion to face the Joker?  There is a movement a foot to draft Paul Ryan to run, which isn't a bad idea and the idea get better when you add Rubio to the ticket.  He would be a dynamic well spoken, knowledgeable team that would clean the floor with the Joker.  I will be interested to see if they can convince this family man to put his life on hold to run.  He is the only one that can sell his plan and the truth as I see it is that his plan was crafted in such a way that once the compromises start flying America benefits.

He didn't touch Defense or modify the tax structure, which are likely going to be forced by the Democrats during the backroom wrangling.  By keeping them out of his plan, it gives the Dumocrats areas for victory that makes them more likely to play along.  There has to be tax reform and defense spending cuts in any final plan, but why open with those when you know that is going to be the first demand of the other side.

Ryan has played this very well and the Democrats aren't going to be able to sell Mediscare, if they are going face to face with Ryan because he will rip them a new one.  He is for ending the Washington fat and waste to send the money directly to the States, which is what should happen anyway because why do we need Washington dictating how we take care of our people in our neighborhoods. People have a heck of a lot more influence in the statehouse than they do in Washington.

Adding Rubio to the ticket makes a youthful dynamic duo that people can get behind and they have what it takes to unseat the Joker.  That isn't to say that if Perry does run that it would be easy for either team because Perry does bring a lot to the table and does come from Texas.  Perry brings a record of jobs, which is an extremely important issue in what will be four years of stagflation and recession.  I do think that if Perry does jump in then we better be bringing a solid plan or Ryan/Rubio will have his lunch based on facts being on their side.

The what ifs are crazy right now because the field is so unknown and appears weak, but with the likes of Cain already in it will be one focused on true change in American politics and if either Perry or Ryan jump in then we are off to the races with winning horses on hot button issues with middle America.  We need to get control on government spending (Ryan) and need to get America working again (Perry), so iron sharpens iron and we might just get a solid platform that America can rally around.  Cain brings business savvy, Ryan government fiscal policy, and Perry job growth, so how could anyone not like the eventual nominee's chances if they draw from such a pool in talent to form their message.  At this point, I really don't give a crap who wins on the Republican side as long as they depose the Joker.  I know that is the wrong attitude for some, but the fact that remains America will be better off with a RINO (God forbid) than with the Joker in charge.

Here is why not Perry

Memo to Rush Limbaugh: YOU NEED to stop carrying the water for these RINOs and you need to stop projecting onto to ANY politicians all your conservative hopes and dreams…!!
I will never forget back in the 2006 midterms after Bush got a ‘thumpin, Rush apologized and vowed that he NEVER AGAIN carry the water for anybody, because Rush realized – too late – that his constant shilling for Bush is what got us Democrat control in ’06.
On that day, Rush seemed to have a very keen understanding of how influential he is because a lot of voters who don’t pay only variable attention to the daily grind of political debate and therefore depend on him for their opinions because they trust him.
Lately though, because of how bad Obama is, Rush has been upping the ante and carrying the water again.
Rush’s latest entry into this is his 20 minutes of (ignorant) aspirations and projection for Rick Perry.
If Perry were to be nominated, here are the big government liberal policies of Rick Perry that Rush would have to defend:
-grew the size of government by 85%,
-increased taxes and fees by one billion$ (and that is before this session),
-tripled the State debt,
-supported the Trans Texas Corridor, the biggest land grab in history with crony deals going to his buddies,
-vetoed a good eminent domain bill and only later supported a watered down version (that still gives his crony buddies special favors) after the Farm Bureau and others gave him hell..
Now if you want the national media to dig in and compare Obama to Perry and the scant differences between them on these vital economic issues, then go right ahead and get millions of buckets ready to carry water because you will need them.
And don’t tell me this mantra that the governor here doesn’t have much power…it’s called the fricking veto pen!! Perry takes credit for this “economic growth” and it’s only incrementaly better than say California because the left coast liberals are far worse!!
I have spoken to the governor personally and I hear many party operatives complaints that are the same as mine: Perry promises much but delivers never enough to keep voters happy, it’s always us having to worry what game he is going to come up with next wherein he can screw us behind our backs..!!
You can go to the Austin inner circle conservative Republicans where you will find that every candidate ran against Perry’s economic “achievements” because they are mediocre at best.
Rush Limbaugh has only the titular sccop on Perry, we have the real inside scoop, and in a national campaign the media will tear him up.
Mcguyver on May 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Not Rick Perry?

Here is the thing, we need a leader and someone to rally the troops around if we are going to have a chance of ridding ourselves of the Joker.  So far, the Republican field has shown us they are completely unworthy of our support for a number of reasons. The weak Republican field almost assures us of  four more years with the Joker.  We need a proven leader that understands how government should work and how to reign in the craziness that is Washington.

You are not going to get that with Washington insiders or the current set of retreads.  I can honestly say that with the departure of Huckabee and the Donald things have become much clearer that we are completely screwed because Romney and Daniels are the "best" of the rest.  I love me some Herman Cain and he is likely to announce Saturday at Noon. While he will make the primaries interesting that is about as far as he goes because of his lack of name recognition and money raising.  You don't win the Presidency if you don't raise money by the truckload and you can't raise money if only a handful of Americans even know who you are.  Those of us who know his name love him, but that doesn't win elections.

We need someone that everyone can rally around that knows how to get the job done. As always, I want to hear from you as to why not Rick Perry and if not who would make a better choice.  I am glad that we don't have a clear front runner out of this current crop of candidates and we might just be able to recruit someone, if it looks like they have a chance at winning.  The way the Joker is going, he is likely to face the Clinton machine in the primary and could lose.  Wouldn't that make for an interesting general election.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gold Standard, really?

I know that I haven't blogged in quite some time, but life gets in the way sometimes. I am hearing a lot of rumblings about our economic future and lots of stuff about how we can fix this and that to prevent the pending economic collapse of America. The first thing we need to do is grow up and start thinking and acting like adults with brains in our heads. You can't get there from here by only cutting some spending and letting other things go. We need across the board cuts to start and deep to the bone cuts on things we can. We should be looking at how and where every single dollar of our tax money is spent and force those spending it to explain why. We should be having Congressional hearings everyday until every single dollar is accounted for and justified. The fact that we can't account for $100 Billion from last year is complete BS and the fact that the Pentagon says there is no way to audit them also is BS.
I want to hold the government accountable for every one of my dollars they spend and then we should shine the light of day on why they are spending it. This is just the first step of many to put us back on the road of fiscal responsibility, but it is one that must happen. An across the board cut of 10% per year until the budget is balanced and the national debt is being serviced is not unreasonable especially since we are so far in the hole that any principle service on the national debt would be an improvement over running it up. We then take our new found knowledge of where our money is going and put each department to a vote by bring its appropriation bill to the floor. It would prove very interesting to see how the voters feels about there money being thrown down the toilet, so some pompous ass can pull in large six figures and tell us how much we need him/her department to make our lives better. I am betting that this alone would cut our budget the needed forty percent. We do this every year and we might just be able to cut enough to start paying off our debt.
With all that said, we need to reform the tax code to make it extremely simple and easy to understand with zero loopholes and special benefits. We need every American to pay something in taxes because if it is your money being flushed down the toilet you care a hell of a lot more than if it is some "rich" person's money. We need to slash corporate income tax to less than 15% and eventually all the way to zero. This is crazy talk, but if you want jobs then you make is a nice place to do business by allowing companies the ability to make some money by lowering their costs. Taxes are a cost to companies, which they pass on to their customer in the form of higher prices. These higher prices make it difficult to compete in a global market where you can lower your costs by using super cheap labor and going to countries with low corporate taxes. Canada our neighbor to the North has figured this out and has lowered their corporation income tax to 15%, even with socialized medicine, so why can't we at least match them or do them one better with 10%. Our economy runs on money and that takes jobs, so lets make America a job creator vice a job destroyer.
Now back to the individual tax thing, we need to set up a system where everyone pays and for now I am willing to concede a progressive system to get the damn thing passed, but with a top rate of 25%. We need to close every good deal and make paying taxes painful, so that everyone is pissed about having to hand their hard earned dollars over to the greedy politicians. This would immediately change how people feel about Washington and they would sure and the hell make better choices in the voting booth. Paying taxes should piss people off and they should care what their government is doing with their money. There should be no free rides in America. If you are poor you should only have to pay a minimum sustainment tax of 1-5%, you can debate the level. As you go up the scale then you add 5% to each bracket until you reach the top level of 25%. You can of course make it 5%, 15%, and 25% with no deductions period. I prefer 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%, so you can adjust the levels with the economy.
The final piece of the puzzle is capping the government at 15% of GDP until the national debt is retired and 18% of GDP with zero deficit spending. That is 40% less than what we are spending today, but it would prevent us from adding to the debt. Revenue has historically been about 18% of GDP, until the Joker took over and ran it up to 25% of GDP. That isn't to say that the wunderkind of the previous years hadn't been busting out 20% of GDP with the same 18% of GDP as revenue. Regardless of what anyone tells you, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. So to fix this mess we need to seriously cut spending!!!
Now that I have said my piece here is how things are really going to happen over the next few years, we will get less than 2% cuts in spending to bring us down to 23% of GDP and we will get taxes hikes of at least 2% of GDP and that mostly from anyone making more than 75K a year. This will still leave us 3% in deficit which will keep piling onto the national debt to the point no one will believe that we will pay it back, so interest rates will start to soar. We will get hyper-inflation and our economy will crash down around our ears, the rest of the world will suffer as well. There will be much rejoicing on the left for capitalism will have failed us and only socialism (Red China) can save us. We will pass austerity measures and cut our budgets to the bone and Granny is going to lose about half her government promised benefits because the well is dry. It ain't going to be pretty, but it is a matter of pay me now or pay me much more later. We still think that we can nibble around the edges and everything is going to be okay, but that just isn't true and unless we get serious about cutting there is zero hope in avoiding a crash and depression that is sure to follow. There will be no war to pull us out of our third world decay and since we are no longer hardy pioneer stock, we will just starve to death in streets since everything will be taken by the banks. We have to change our ways or there is no future for us or our children because we didn't want to grow up and face the truth.
I guess I had a lot to say. That happens when you store up. I have no doubt that the gang of six, er five, will come to some lame compromise that doesn't nearly address the issue and applies a single band aid to a sucking chest wound. We need serious surgery and it make take losing a limb or two to save the rest of us, but it has to be done or we die. Playtime is over and the time for smoke and mirrors is done. How's that $100 billion in spending cuts feeling right about now, can hardly feel it at all huh? If you think you are going to see trillions, then I have some nice ocean front property here in Arizona to sell you.