Friday, December 23, 2011


This is America and our best choices for President and Leader of the Free World are coming down to Mittens and the Joker.  Ron Paul is imploding as we speak over some dumbass stuff he wrote twenty years ago.  He wrote it and he is now backtracking, which is a sure sign of doom for him with the independents.  It is okay to be a flamethrower if you are an honest broker, but a weak spine backtracking flamethrower is destined to the ash heap of history and a quick return to fringe status.  I liked a lot of things Ron Paul was offering up and was a reluctant supporter because he seemed to be wild and crazy, but truthful.  Now he is just wild and crazy.

That leaves us with the current dilemma of Mittens vs. the Joker, this is not something that puts fire in the bellies of many Americans and is likely to result in a very low turnout for either side.  The Joker supports can barely stomach him and won't be flocking to the polls to joyfully return him to office and we all know Mittens of the wet blanket.  I would be hard pressed to mail in my ballot with those available choices because neither is a good one.  I will of course vote and Mitten as the nominee will get my vote, but I will be far more interested with the rest of the ticket particularly Representative and Senator.  It will be less than an nose holder, but more a sad and disheartened vote.

We had so much promise and so many opportunities, but that jumped on their junk with golf shoes.  I guess that can be the one good thing for Mittens is that he didn't imploded.  I can only hope that he picks someone with a brain to be his VP because otherwise the polls are going to be empty next November. I am a voter in search of something better than the status quo and was willing to take a chance on every one except Newtie, but none were worthy and now I must accepted the sad results.  I hope you will keep a light burning for good representation in the Senate and House because that will either prevent the Joker's continued rule of destruction or limit Mittens ability to wish-wash this country away.

I can I hear a call into the wild for a strong VP, like Paul Ryan or even a straight talking squish Chris Christie (left on a lot of stuff, but finance he gets it).  I want to hear what you are thinking, but I am in a pretty deep morass over the whole damn thing right now.  Mittens is the best we could muster against the Joker, WTF!!!


  1. Johnson Will get my vote. Statism, nor those who support it deserves my vote.

  2. I feel what you are saying and I agree that when all the choices are bad what do you do. I am struggling mightily with this upcoming election because it is coming down to one stinker or the other. Having lived in New Mexico, I am unsure of Johnson leadership and legacy there. Bill had destroyed what was left of it, which seemed pretty little at the time. The situation sucks and there are no heroes on the horizon. I won't sit home and I won't vote for the Joker, so my choices are limited. I currently don't have an answer just yet other than being PO'd.