Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Kentucky Funeral

A Kentucky Funeral

How far have we fallen as a nation that this harkens back to such a better time in our nation's history. Neighbors helping neighbors and love poured out in the simplest of gestures, a homemade pie. I warms my heart that this still exists, but all breaks it because it is so very rare.

I am having a hard time with where this country is headed and the current options for President give me no solace. I can only hope the the people of this nation, the salt of the earth, stand up to our corrupt and failing government and say enough the crap stops now. There are still a wide swath of those people all through the land, but I worry that the blood suckers and cronies are calling the shots over the voice of the people. Pray that God provides a miracle to turn this country around and these good people are again heard and heeded.

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