Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Shut Down the Welfare State

How to Shut Down the Welfare State

Here is a nice idea that will never see the Halls of Congress. I wonder how long we can continue to kid ourselves that the government can magically take care of all of its citizens all the time on the backs of half, which used to be three-quarters, which used to be ninety percent. It is funny that now we are running out of other people's money that things finally are getting a hard look.

It is amazing that we have reached the half and half mark people don't see it as the "rich" paying anymore and if the Democrats are to be believed the solution is that we tax the "rich" even more to restore balance. We have already reached balance and the only way the "rich" can pay is for more people not to pay, which is clearly unsustainable as the current situation. We need to fix the system by truly allowing the rich to take care of the truly poor and those in the middle to take care of their own. Top 10% pay for the bottom 10% and the other 80% pay their own way.

That plan is is how this all started and over time we've let it creep to 50/50, which is no solution. The bottom 50 see it as their right to take and the top 50 are getting tired of the situation. This is what happens when the government gets involved with social solutions vice maintaining that people are independent and have the right to fail. We used to take care of our own and those in our community, but now the government is forcing us to provide charity to all who ask and a great many do not need or deserve. When charity was local there was community pressure to right yourself and do better, but government charity is a right and no change or improvement necessary.

I for one have experienced local charity as a child and I vowed never to experience it again. I studied hard and worked to improve my lot in life. I earned money to go to college and then spent 20 years in the military. I believe in taking care of family in need and caring for the widows & orphaned. I do not believe in long term unemployment or welfare because like the write of the above cited post it does not allow the consequences of people's actions to correct their behaviors. We were founded on the principle that of equal opportunity, but that also means an equal opportunity to fail. Failure is a great motivator and teacher, so you work harder next time to avoid the experience of failure. If we remove the consequences of failure, then what does it teach us? We are unburdened from consequences then we learn nothing and we do nothing different to avoid the sting of failure.

This is why 25% of this country is poor, but still has cell phones for everyone, flat screen tv's, computers, and gaming systems. Back in my early childhood, you could tell someone was poor because they didn't have things that middle class people had. They didn't have multiple cars, new clothes, the latest gadgets, or food. Local churches helped with food and clothes, but if you were poor you did without. It sucked being hungry, cold, and not having stuff, so you set your mind to do better by working hard and making a better life for yourself. It sucks to be poor and you do whatever you can to avoid it. You work multiple low pay jobs, you go to school at night, and you do whatever it takes to make it. You hate handouts and feel shame at having to take them, while vowing in your heart to do what it takes never to have to feel that way again.

Do you feel the same way when the money is dropped into your account and your debit card is refilled each month? Your housing is paid by the taxpayers? You begin to believe your own BS that you are oppressed and you deserve everything you are getting. The man has held you down and that America is at fault. I ask you, then why do people from all over the world still come here seeking a better life? They do it because our poor are rich as compared with the rest of the world. Just the crumbs from our tables of bounty are more than millions see each day. Our government doesn't come into our homes and snatch people away to never be seen again.

I am sorry, but it is time to stop sugar coating the truth about the poor. There are truly needy people in this country and we should take care of them, but there are so many others that are not needy, just America poor, that need to stand on their own two feet and make their own way in the world. We need to restore the reality of middle class and stop lying that it is disappearing because it is still there, but we keep raising the bar on poor to include more middle class people. Since when is a family of four poor at $40K a year? Only when they have to have a big house, two cars, four smart phones, XBox 360, 60" flat screen, four ipads, and a partridge in a pear tree. This is no war on the poor, but on the pseudo-poor that lack for nothing and still expect more from the government teat.

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