Saturday, December 17, 2011

How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care

How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care

A good article on how market solutions work, even in health care. I would add that opening auto insurance to national markets also lows the cost, so it can also be used as an example. I believe in the market place and market principles because they actually work until the crap the government shovels. Obamacare costs billions to cover a few million, so instead of setting up a huge new government waste machine it would have been much simpler to just had those few million the cash to pay insurance premiums and cut out all the extra BS. The same concept applies to the cash for clunkers program that cost the taxpayers $50K per car, when it would have been much cheaper to give them have that to actually buy a new fuel efficient car. Believe me, I do not condone giving federal money away, but it is a far cheaper and cost effective use than a government program.

I say let the market and consumers decide what they are willing to pay for and cut out the government. Some regulation/oversight is necessary to prevent criminal activity, but that is law enforcement's job to protect and serve. If you want cut rate insurance then you buy cut rate insurance and if you want to pay more you hunt out the best deal for you and yours. You don't have Uncle Sam telling you that your only choice is to use the state approved program, that has astronomical overhead and poor management. Instead you have a All-American go getter that knows there is a market and provides the best possible product at the best price to attract lots and lots of customers. Once he rests on his laurels their will be another go-getter that builds an even better mouse trap and offers even greater services to woo customers away to his plan. This is how the free market works, but allow the government to intervene then you "requirements" and disincentives and lawsuit phobia, which all drive prices artificially high. See cosmetic surgery market, prices keep dropping because there is steady demand and always some one thinking of new and cheaper options. Why pay $5K a piece, when you can pay $9K for both, or why not shop around and get the $11K lap band vice the $15K version of the same thing. Oh you will say that there are bad things that come from cheaper medicine, but if a doctor is a poor practitioner, then in this media age they are culled out and his business stops vice hidden and shuffled from one location to the next behind medical secrecy.

This is America, let the market decide what is the price and let the people decide what they are willing to pay for in that market. There will always be the high volume low payout organizations that will cater to the lower end and gold plated all the bells and whistles for those who can pay. Is this a crime? If you listen to the left, yes it is, but socialized medicine has been tried the world over with the same bad results. It results in poor care, long lines, and zero innovation, if that is your choice then there are plenty of places around the world for you. If you want cutting edge and personal care then get the government out and put people back in charge.

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