Thursday, December 29, 2011

Articles: How to Break a Camel's Back

Articles: How to Break a Camel's Back

I good article on State run healthcare. I wonder how far the sheep are will to surrender to the shepherd, we have already been fleeced and now they are looking to the government to decide who lives and dies. That idea along scares the crap out of me. I wonder why so many people around the world come here to be treated for all manner of sickness, when they a perfectly good government healthcare systems in their own countries? I personally am okay with the system that allows the richest to pay through the nose to get excellent care because there is a trickle down on all luxuries, but you don't see innovation and perfection in anything the government does now do you. As an example, almost every car in America has a radio and most people have cell phones, and why is that? It is the free market baby! We invent stuff and at first only the rich can afford it, but over a short period of time they figure out a way for everyone to get some.

The same goes for medical care, the mad doctors invent a better way to treat something and only the rich can initially afford, but pretty quickly it becomes a mainstay of modern medicine. So, let take the flip side, the quasi-governmental post office, they have been doing mail for decades and did they innovate or come up with a better way? No, the overnight thing was done outside of the Post Office because some one saw a need to be faster than snail-mail. Give me one example of how the government innovates and does things better than anyone else except looting our hard earned money. Don't even try to talk to me about weapons and military inventions that have made it to the home. The price of development far exceeded the need and return on investment. Billions of dollars to build a couple of nuclear bombs and the materials to create more. I am sure if a company saw a market for nuclear bombs it could have done it for millions. The free market works and the government doesn't. You want affordable healthcare then get the government out and you will see the price of care drop. You stop stealing from everyone and flooding the market with tax dollars the prices drop. People build better mouse traps, you get rid of the lawyers and they market explodes with innovation and opportunities.

I've had it with the nanny state and big government thinking it can solve problems. Wake the F@#K UP people! We need to stopping thinking how the government can solve anything and stop looking to them for solutions. I say starve the living-shit out of the beast and see how solutions start appearing without constant government interference. We still need criminal protection and federal oversight to prevent criminals from escaping across state lines or evading justice, but what we don't need is a bunch of a-holes in Washington telling us how things should be done and what part of our own money we are entitled to keep. The right answer is all of it, except a very small portion for the national defense and interstate commerce oversight. Starve the Beast and there will be an outbreak of prosperity that this country hasn't seen since the late 80's.

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