Thursday, December 29, 2011

Articles: How to Break a Camel's Back

Articles: How to Break a Camel's Back

I good article on State run healthcare. I wonder how far the sheep are will to surrender to the shepherd, we have already been fleeced and now they are looking to the government to decide who lives and dies. That idea along scares the crap out of me. I wonder why so many people around the world come here to be treated for all manner of sickness, when they a perfectly good government healthcare systems in their own countries? I personally am okay with the system that allows the richest to pay through the nose to get excellent care because there is a trickle down on all luxuries, but you don't see innovation and perfection in anything the government does now do you. As an example, almost every car in America has a radio and most people have cell phones, and why is that? It is the free market baby! We invent stuff and at first only the rich can afford it, but over a short period of time they figure out a way for everyone to get some.

The same goes for medical care, the mad doctors invent a better way to treat something and only the rich can initially afford, but pretty quickly it becomes a mainstay of modern medicine. So, let take the flip side, the quasi-governmental post office, they have been doing mail for decades and did they innovate or come up with a better way? No, the overnight thing was done outside of the Post Office because some one saw a need to be faster than snail-mail. Give me one example of how the government innovates and does things better than anyone else except looting our hard earned money. Don't even try to talk to me about weapons and military inventions that have made it to the home. The price of development far exceeded the need and return on investment. Billions of dollars to build a couple of nuclear bombs and the materials to create more. I am sure if a company saw a market for nuclear bombs it could have done it for millions. The free market works and the government doesn't. You want affordable healthcare then get the government out and you will see the price of care drop. You stop stealing from everyone and flooding the market with tax dollars the prices drop. People build better mouse traps, you get rid of the lawyers and they market explodes with innovation and opportunities.

I've had it with the nanny state and big government thinking it can solve problems. Wake the F@#K UP people! We need to stopping thinking how the government can solve anything and stop looking to them for solutions. I say starve the living-shit out of the beast and see how solutions start appearing without constant government interference. We still need criminal protection and federal oversight to prevent criminals from escaping across state lines or evading justice, but what we don't need is a bunch of a-holes in Washington telling us how things should be done and what part of our own money we are entitled to keep. The right answer is all of it, except a very small portion for the national defense and interstate commerce oversight. Starve the Beast and there will be an outbreak of prosperity that this country hasn't seen since the late 80's.

The Ant and The Grasshopper -- An Allegory For The Country

The Ant and The Grasshopper -- An Allegory For The Country

What a wonderful and heartwarming tell of industry and self-reliance, but that was version one and not the real life version that we see played out each day before our eyes in the MSM. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am and I have sacrificed plenty, but I am in no mood to have my hard work stolen by the government and handed to those who refuse to do for themselves. I have said it before and I will keep saying it. The people that are claiming they are poor are "America Poor" and not Depression Poor or Third World Poor, but the Democrats, the Unions, and the "American Poor" are well on their way to making this a third world banana republic. We the hard working ant tax payers must call upon are fire ant brethren and take out the slothful grasshopper before he can do any further damage to this country. We have to rise up and stand up for ourselves! We must boldly proclaim that we will not be enslaved by the state and its money grubbing corrupt0crats. We must demand the right to keep what is rightful ours and remind this nation that it is a nation of the free, which means you are free to succeed or fail, but not free to loot my pocket.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A World without Schoolteachers

A World without Schoolteachers

Some interesting thoughts about the education process, but he did fail to say anything about the current state of the schools themselves. I would be hard pressed to send one of my children into the war zone and sexual cesspit that most schools have become. I mean really if there is any alternative then sign them up. I can't believe for what passes for an education these days and the kids are learning to prostitute themselves for "love". If a girl isn't wearing her best streetwalker outfit then how is she going to get to used by some punk to be popular. Where has self-respect and decency gone? Like I have to ask when we see grown women taking every opportunity to show how morally low they can go on every channel of the TV. The men are worse as they play video games and live with their parents well into what used to be adulthood. I am ashamed of what has become of our once great nation of dreamers and go getters.

No wonder that people from all over the world want to come here and seize upon the opportunities that we squander every day. The whole OWS movement makes me want to vomit because instead of striving to become one of the 1%, they think that they should be given everything. I am 1%, but I came from the bottom 10%, so it really pisses me off when the richest people in the world whine about wanting more for free. Get off your ass and work! This is America and you can become anything you want, but you do actually have to do something more than play video games and hook up. The schools are useless because they have rewarded this horrendous behavior and made it the new normal. I mean the teachers themselves as we saw in Wisconsin only cared about their paychecks and pensions. I know there are teachers that do care and are just as horrified at the current state of affairs, but they need to revolt on the unions and the administrators.

This is America and we need to wake up. If we don't change how we act as adults, then our children will have zero chance of success and moving out. Women stopping being sluts for TV and men put down the game controllers. If you are in your 30's, living at your parents house, still just hooking up, or playing video games more than two hours a day, then you might need to re-evaluate your life and future. The sad news ladies is you won't be able to reproduce because God in his infinite wisdom prevents that from happening late in life. I know doctors make it possible for a limited few to have children in their 40's, but that takes money and luck. I do feel sorry for all those wonderful young ladies that have a lot to offer, but instead are being used and abused. They have a long lonely road ahead of them and with the current crop the man-boys their prospects are for love, marriage, and children are quickly fading away. We as the older generation we need to show them that there is a better way and that things can be different. That also means that we have to get our house in order by loving wives and respecting husbands. This seems like a pretty tall order in this day and age, but it is very possible and quite preferable to a life alone.

Then again maybe the public schools are a self correcting problem. If they fail to educate and maintain a societal standard they will continue to fail and only become storehouses for the most vile of our nation. The good and decent people will break away and teach their children well. The the divide will grow larger between the haves and the have nots, until we return to the dark ages where only a select few are educated and the rest await the master's bidding. Do we really want to return to aristocrats and peasants? It sure seems like it to me, but then again I am a crusty old fart that doesn't know shit.

Friday, December 23, 2011


This is America and our best choices for President and Leader of the Free World are coming down to Mittens and the Joker.  Ron Paul is imploding as we speak over some dumbass stuff he wrote twenty years ago.  He wrote it and he is now backtracking, which is a sure sign of doom for him with the independents.  It is okay to be a flamethrower if you are an honest broker, but a weak spine backtracking flamethrower is destined to the ash heap of history and a quick return to fringe status.  I liked a lot of things Ron Paul was offering up and was a reluctant supporter because he seemed to be wild and crazy, but truthful.  Now he is just wild and crazy.

That leaves us with the current dilemma of Mittens vs. the Joker, this is not something that puts fire in the bellies of many Americans and is likely to result in a very low turnout for either side.  The Joker supports can barely stomach him and won't be flocking to the polls to joyfully return him to office and we all know Mittens of the wet blanket.  I would be hard pressed to mail in my ballot with those available choices because neither is a good one.  I will of course vote and Mitten as the nominee will get my vote, but I will be far more interested with the rest of the ticket particularly Representative and Senator.  It will be less than an nose holder, but more a sad and disheartened vote.

We had so much promise and so many opportunities, but that jumped on their junk with golf shoes.  I guess that can be the one good thing for Mittens is that he didn't imploded.  I can only hope that he picks someone with a brain to be his VP because otherwise the polls are going to be empty next November. I am a voter in search of something better than the status quo and was willing to take a chance on every one except Newtie, but none were worthy and now I must accepted the sad results.  I hope you will keep a light burning for good representation in the Senate and House because that will either prevent the Joker's continued rule of destruction or limit Mittens ability to wish-wash this country away.

I can I hear a call into the wild for a strong VP, like Paul Ryan or even a straight talking squish Chris Christie (left on a lot of stuff, but finance he gets it).  I want to hear what you are thinking, but I am in a pretty deep morass over the whole damn thing right now.  Mittens is the best we could muster against the Joker, WTF!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care

How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care

A good article on how market solutions work, even in health care. I would add that opening auto insurance to national markets also lows the cost, so it can also be used as an example. I believe in the market place and market principles because they actually work until the crap the government shovels. Obamacare costs billions to cover a few million, so instead of setting up a huge new government waste machine it would have been much simpler to just had those few million the cash to pay insurance premiums and cut out all the extra BS. The same concept applies to the cash for clunkers program that cost the taxpayers $50K per car, when it would have been much cheaper to give them have that to actually buy a new fuel efficient car. Believe me, I do not condone giving federal money away, but it is a far cheaper and cost effective use than a government program.

I say let the market and consumers decide what they are willing to pay for and cut out the government. Some regulation/oversight is necessary to prevent criminal activity, but that is law enforcement's job to protect and serve. If you want cut rate insurance then you buy cut rate insurance and if you want to pay more you hunt out the best deal for you and yours. You don't have Uncle Sam telling you that your only choice is to use the state approved program, that has astronomical overhead and poor management. Instead you have a All-American go getter that knows there is a market and provides the best possible product at the best price to attract lots and lots of customers. Once he rests on his laurels their will be another go-getter that builds an even better mouse trap and offers even greater services to woo customers away to his plan. This is how the free market works, but allow the government to intervene then you "requirements" and disincentives and lawsuit phobia, which all drive prices artificially high. See cosmetic surgery market, prices keep dropping because there is steady demand and always some one thinking of new and cheaper options. Why pay $5K a piece, when you can pay $9K for both, or why not shop around and get the $11K lap band vice the $15K version of the same thing. Oh you will say that there are bad things that come from cheaper medicine, but if a doctor is a poor practitioner, then in this media age they are culled out and his business stops vice hidden and shuffled from one location to the next behind medical secrecy.

This is America, let the market decide what is the price and let the people decide what they are willing to pay for in that market. There will always be the high volume low payout organizations that will cater to the lower end and gold plated all the bells and whistles for those who can pay. Is this a crime? If you listen to the left, yes it is, but socialized medicine has been tried the world over with the same bad results. It results in poor care, long lines, and zero innovation, if that is your choice then there are plenty of places around the world for you. If you want cutting edge and personal care then get the government out and put people back in charge.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Why a Tea Party conservative now supports Ron Paul...including his foreign policy.

Why a Tea Party conservative now supports Ron Paul...emincluding his foreign policy/em.

Here is an interesting view point and one which I now reluctantly agree with. Ron Paul was never my first choice for nominee and I have a hard time believing that enough Americans will rise off the asses to do their homework to elect the man that could save the country. He is great for a fiery soundbite and without further research appears to be a nutcase, but get past the MSM smoke screen and you have a well read and thoughtful Constitutionalist that make perfect and correct assertions. I know that Mittens will win the nomination because the establishment wants the safe choice and thinks he will carry them to victory, but the sad truth is that he is only slightly better than the Joker and will compromise our way into ruin. Mittens does not have the backbone to stare down the democrats and make them bend to his will (whatever that may be today). He is a compromiser and will sell the farm if it makes him look good never mind the destruction that it will bring down the road (Romneycare).

It will be tough to see us fall one by one to the Republican machine and we continue to search for a hero to bring us out of this mess, but as there are no heroes with a chance of success, I will take one that tilts at windmills and tells the truth for now.

How to Shut Down the Welfare State

How to Shut Down the Welfare State

Here is a nice idea that will never see the Halls of Congress. I wonder how long we can continue to kid ourselves that the government can magically take care of all of its citizens all the time on the backs of half, which used to be three-quarters, which used to be ninety percent. It is funny that now we are running out of other people's money that things finally are getting a hard look.

It is amazing that we have reached the half and half mark people don't see it as the "rich" paying anymore and if the Democrats are to be believed the solution is that we tax the "rich" even more to restore balance. We have already reached balance and the only way the "rich" can pay is for more people not to pay, which is clearly unsustainable as the current situation. We need to fix the system by truly allowing the rich to take care of the truly poor and those in the middle to take care of their own. Top 10% pay for the bottom 10% and the other 80% pay their own way.

That plan is is how this all started and over time we've let it creep to 50/50, which is no solution. The bottom 50 see it as their right to take and the top 50 are getting tired of the situation. This is what happens when the government gets involved with social solutions vice maintaining that people are independent and have the right to fail. We used to take care of our own and those in our community, but now the government is forcing us to provide charity to all who ask and a great many do not need or deserve. When charity was local there was community pressure to right yourself and do better, but government charity is a right and no change or improvement necessary.

I for one have experienced local charity as a child and I vowed never to experience it again. I studied hard and worked to improve my lot in life. I earned money to go to college and then spent 20 years in the military. I believe in taking care of family in need and caring for the widows & orphaned. I do not believe in long term unemployment or welfare because like the write of the above cited post it does not allow the consequences of people's actions to correct their behaviors. We were founded on the principle that of equal opportunity, but that also means an equal opportunity to fail. Failure is a great motivator and teacher, so you work harder next time to avoid the experience of failure. If we remove the consequences of failure, then what does it teach us? We are unburdened from consequences then we learn nothing and we do nothing different to avoid the sting of failure.

This is why 25% of this country is poor, but still has cell phones for everyone, flat screen tv's, computers, and gaming systems. Back in my early childhood, you could tell someone was poor because they didn't have things that middle class people had. They didn't have multiple cars, new clothes, the latest gadgets, or food. Local churches helped with food and clothes, but if you were poor you did without. It sucked being hungry, cold, and not having stuff, so you set your mind to do better by working hard and making a better life for yourself. It sucks to be poor and you do whatever you can to avoid it. You work multiple low pay jobs, you go to school at night, and you do whatever it takes to make it. You hate handouts and feel shame at having to take them, while vowing in your heart to do what it takes never to have to feel that way again.

Do you feel the same way when the money is dropped into your account and your debit card is refilled each month? Your housing is paid by the taxpayers? You begin to believe your own BS that you are oppressed and you deserve everything you are getting. The man has held you down and that America is at fault. I ask you, then why do people from all over the world still come here seeking a better life? They do it because our poor are rich as compared with the rest of the world. Just the crumbs from our tables of bounty are more than millions see each day. Our government doesn't come into our homes and snatch people away to never be seen again.

I am sorry, but it is time to stop sugar coating the truth about the poor. There are truly needy people in this country and we should take care of them, but there are so many others that are not needy, just America poor, that need to stand on their own two feet and make their own way in the world. We need to restore the reality of middle class and stop lying that it is disappearing because it is still there, but we keep raising the bar on poor to include more middle class people. Since when is a family of four poor at $40K a year? Only when they have to have a big house, two cars, four smart phones, XBox 360, 60" flat screen, four ipads, and a partridge in a pear tree. This is no war on the poor, but on the pseudo-poor that lack for nothing and still expect more from the government teat.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Case for Ron Paul

The Case for Ron Paul

I dare say that it has come down to this and he might just be the answer this time around. If he is nominated, it will be a bloodbath to the general election, but he is likely to weather it because people are sick of the status quo of state-ism. He could very well win the general, but I can assure you the Democrats and Republicans alike would be tearing him down every chance they get to ensure he is a one term president. Why you ask? He is the scariest thing in the world to the business-government machine, he has actually read and stands by the C0nstitution. This absolutely can not be for the power hungry career criminals in Washington and their cronies on all sides.

If it is coming down between two career politicians that will say and do anything to get elected or make a buck, then I guess it is time to throw caution to the wind and go with the wild idea generator himself. Hell how bad can he be compared to the three piles of crap currently on top? He believes we should follow our governing documents and stop wasting our tax dollars trying to rule the world. He also sees things as black and white in the Constitution, which isn't a bad thing either. How will he govern? I am going to guess by the law of the land and make changes that more closely align to the Constitution. Is that all going to happen? No, the career criminals will fight him every step of the way until they realize the the people are following their newly elected President and if they ever want to get re-elected (most important thing to a politician) then they are going to need to change their thinking. I am still holding out for a hero, but it seems the tights and cape are fitting Ron Paul very nicely at this point.

I have, God help me, become a reluctant Ron Paul supporter and let's ride this whirlwind to the White House. Yippy-Ki-Yay!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Kentucky Funeral

A Kentucky Funeral

How far have we fallen as a nation that this harkens back to such a better time in our nation's history. Neighbors helping neighbors and love poured out in the simplest of gestures, a homemade pie. I warms my heart that this still exists, but all breaks it because it is so very rare.

I am having a hard time with where this country is headed and the current options for President give me no solace. I can only hope the the people of this nation, the salt of the earth, stand up to our corrupt and failing government and say enough the crap stops now. There are still a wide swath of those people all through the land, but I worry that the blood suckers and cronies are calling the shots over the voice of the people. Pray that God provides a miracle to turn this country around and these good people are again heard and heeded.

Profile of a Navy SEAL

Profile of a Navy SEAL

I thought this deserved a re-post because Navy SEALs are probably less understood than sub guys and their job sucks even worse. A hardy stiff and proper salute to the shadow warriors that make this country great and protect all that is dear to us while sacrificing all that is dear to them! God bless them!