Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt Is No Gecko

Newt Is No Gecko

Next up in the any but Romney go around. I like Newt, but he is a career politician that I just don't trust. Oh he is conservative and did wonderful things while Speaker, but then he had to quit. He took money to help Freddie fleece hard working Americans. I currently am undecided because Cain has flamed out in my eyes because of his poor grasp of the issues and complete inability to answer simple questions. I like Ron, but he is a real tough sell to most Americans. That leaves Mitt and that makes me sad and a little queasy. The golden opportunity to remove the Joker from the WH and we put forth Mittens the Flipper. You have got to be kidding me. I'm not sure that he won't win, but we should have been able to field a better candidate than Mittens. That is why, as always, I am looking to the House and Senate for my victory. We need to support candidates for those that will act on our behalf to clean this mess up. If your Representative is good and your Senator is not running then throw your support and MONEY to support a nearby race. I supported Allen West in FL from AZ because my team was set and solid (as it could be with McCain). This is where we can truly make a difference this and in every future election. It is a global economy and national politics now, so get with it and get out those checkbooks (visa checkcards).

Who will I vote for next November, that is easy anyone but the Joker and my local AZ team of conservatives and libertarians. Who will I support between now and then, hard to tell, but Allen West might be seeing a few more of my dollars or some other deserving candidate who needs help to fight off the liberal big government horde.

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