Saturday, November 5, 2011

DOD Mismanages Its Force Reduction Program

DOD Mismanages Its Force Reduction Program

Here is some food for thought and Force Reduction. With a Flag Officer for every 1500 trooper makes me think that we are way more than top heavy and have thought so for some time now. The total number of 919 becomes shocking when put against the fact it is the same number of flag officers in WWII. The huge different that the troop size in WWII was 16 million and today it is only 2 million., Busting out my faithful envelop and trusting No. 2 I see that we have about 800 extra flag officers. This doesn't even touch on the number of SES positions in DOD, so yes Virginia the military could used a boot camp style haircut.

I love the military and am in full favor of a strong national defense, but I also know that there is huge amounts of waste at the top and cronyism at DOD. Shall we also discuss all the finally off the roles and "retired" flags that find jobs at defense contractors that lobby the Pentagon and Congress for more money. I believe in free enterprise, but criminal collusion is something all together. Oh, sure there are rules that are suppose to protect the public from this, but they are routinely bent or ignored. Even if people are caught breaking them the punishment is a slap on the wrist (see Thunderscreen fiasco).

As we all know the super committee is going to fail in a big way and defense is going to be cut once again, but they will do as they always have and cut troops and needed programs to protect the flags and their cronies. This is the same problem the rest of the government/business interface has and why so many Americans are angry. We pay for all this corruption with our hard earned money seeking a safe place to work and provide a brighter future for our children. The government has long ignored the average joe, but the we are grabbing our pitchforks and torches. Angry Joes unite and put and end to wasteful crony government, by throwing the career criminals out of officer and into the real world. Cut all the golden parachute strings and make them fend for themselves as they have done to us for years now.

Time is running short and the choices are mighty thin at this point, but we have Senate races to win and House seats to protect. We needed a true hero and the field appears to be empty this morning, but each and every Angry Joe is a hero so we will push forward and take both Houses of Congress by wide margins. The Joker may stay in the White House, but it will be his prison of discontent as we will be able to accomplish nothing. He will be forced to retreat on his socialist agenda and watch his legacy go down in flames before him. We must continue to fight for the Senate to make this happen and if by some miracle Mittens wins the WH, then we can prevent him from giving away everything we have fought to regain.

I am disappointed with the Presidential race where Mittens is the only stable candidate and mostly likely the nose holding choice. He will drive turnout into record lows, which will ensure the SCOMF gets four more years. We can't let Mittens prevent us from taking the Senate and holding the House. We need to fire up the masses and show them that there is a better future ahead by listening to Ryan and Rubio and West. We need to look at the big picture and even if we don't take the WH, we gain the higher ground with both Houses of Congress. Lets go Tea Party, lets go Angry Joes, and lets go anyone that wants a better America for their children, it is time to fight for freedom and end tyranny in Washington.

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