Sunday, October 30, 2011

Obama Chooses American Defeat

Obama Chooses American Defeat

The Joker wants to make me puke! We fought back grabbed victory from defeat once, but this time around defeat is assured and all because of a SCOMAF. If we ever want to be strong again on the world stage, we will never elect another Democrat to the White House. I am an isolationist that believes in a robust national defense, but with the capability of reaching out and leveling dumbass countries. We should let it be known that if you mess with us, we are going to level you time and time again until you get the message. No more nation building because as we have seen after a decade in both Afghanistan and Iraq, there will be a net result of zero. Even after all the sacrifice, we see that they are ready and more than willing to quickly turn on us, so why bother.

The next chucklehead that starts something, we send in the bombers and level the country. We can even send in the ground troops to wipe the map clean, but no more nation building using US tax dollars and lives. You screw up, you get leveled. Oh sure the peaceniks will say that we can't do that, but I say what the hell is the difference from today. How about the billion we spent in Libya where they are going to impose strict Shira law. I am done, we need to prioritize and rebuilding Muslim nations is not the right answer because we can not afford it and it has zero return on investment.

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