Friday, October 21, 2011

Damn Shame

The recent foot in mouth disease that has attacked Cain, returns me back to that time not too long ago that though I love me some Cain, I just didn't think he had what it took to get the job done.  I would have thought by now he would have good solid answers to the typical Republican candidate questions from the media.  If you don't have a good canned answer on abortion, they will eat you alive and make you look like an idiot (check).  Have not done your foreign war homework, they make you look unprepared to lead the nation (check).  He had this problem a few months back and I chalked it up to inexperience of being in the national spot light, but this time around it is just plain sad and excusable.

If you want to take a libertarian tack on abortion then do so.  Say it is currently the law of the land and you will do what is in your power to change it, but you will also uphold the law.  You think the government should butt out, wonderful.  But some rambling answer that even boarders on criminalization is not going to fly with a huge majority of Americans.  It is okay to be personally against it and wanting to change the law to reduce the numbers. But outlawing it for rape, incest, and health of the mother has proven to be a loser even in South Dakota.  Rambling and split hairs is not going to win you any friends especially with all those single issue voters on both sides.  I am personally against it, but I think it is a decision left to a woman and her doctor.  Do I think it is murder, yep, but God has allowed murder and baby killing for decades. He punishes those according to His plan, so who am I to interfere.

I am sadden that Cain hasn't figured this out yet after months on the trail.  He isn't likely to recover from this latest blunder before he stumbles into the next one because the traps are all laid just waiting on the opportunity for him to bumble his way in.  He needs to sit down and get his shit straight before he blows his golden opportunity.  Adjusting the 9-9-9 to 9-0-9 for the poor is a good thing because it shows that he listens and is willing to fix things as needed.  But keep mucking around and people will believe you don't have a clue about what you are doing.  This is his real danger and he is allowing it to happen by not getting his shit in one sock.

God help us all if Mittens is nominated because the Joker will eat him for lunch and the conservatives with stay home.  They will suck their thumbs and cry about what could have been.  Mittens will suck all the energy out of this election and unless Palin runs as third party, which she only has until the 31st to do to get on some ballots, the enthusiasm on the right dies and momentum shift left.  Some one please help Herman to stop stomping on his dick with golf spikes and win that damn nomination already. 

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