Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hell yeah I'm angry and so are a lot of Americans both on the "Left" and "Right".  The American public has had it with our government, big business, banks, and politicians.  What happened to the land of opportunity? When did it become a land grab for the greedy rich and their puppet politicians?  I am doing okay, but there are a lot of people who aren't and they don't see anyone doing a damn thing about it.

What they have seen this week is a $500+ million of our hard earned tax dollars thrown down another corporate toilet with zero benefit to a single average joe.  How about that stimulus package $800 billion and unemployment is still 9.1%.  How about cash for clunkers, $50K of our tax dollars per vehicle and the average joe still has a brand new five year car payment to show for it.  How about $700 billion to bailout bad mortgages, the banks got theirs and they still get the average joes house too.  Our government is not the solution and they need to stop giving our hard earned dollars away.

The government is never the solution, just look at Obamacare.  How many trillions will be spent to cover ~35 million people, half of which didn't want to be covered anyway?  We need to put the feds back in their Constitutional box and take away their money.  This is America and the failed income tax experiment needs to end.  If you have a head tax then you have a limited budget and every American has skin in the game.  I don't care how you do it straight tax, flat tax, fair tax, but everyone pays an equal share, not some nebulous fair share.  We are all Americans and all equal under the law, that includes tax law.

If you limit the size of their pie they then have to make very hard decisions about what they can do with the money.  They would stop giving away to bailout businesses that make really poor choices.  They would stop propping up oil and gas, which make billions a year.  They would end subsides to aggro-business.  They would have to decide just how much military do we need to protect our boarders, vice police the world.  They would see that SS and Medicare need to be privatized with market solutions because we should not and currently can not meet these obligations to our older generation.  We need limited focused government, where every one is equal under the law (politicians included).

You want to fix this country then being an angry average joe and say enough!  We the People is not just the ultra conservative right, but rather the pragmatic live and let live middle that wants a better life for themselves and their children.  They currently don't see much hope in either party and only two candidates are saying anything worth listening to and that is Cain and Paul.  You can continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results or you can break free from the BS and find a new path.  I am in the Cain camp because out of all the available choices he is the only one that understands the average joe. 

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