Friday, October 7, 2011

Angry Voters and the start of the Average Joe/Jane Movement!

I think it is funny that the Right isn't getting the fact that there are lots of angry voters still out there that don't necessarily share their view on social issues.  The Tea Party is now firmly set to the Right, which leaves a lot of independents and democrats which are concerned with fiscal issues, but don't share the socially conservative point of view.  I knew this would happen and it may cause an end of the fiscally conservative revolution in this country because everyone will drop back into their same old parties because they can't stomach the other side's social agenda.

This is particularly sad for us frugal Americans that just wanted to turn this country around from wasteful government spending and skyrocketing taxes.  Instead the early bipartisan movement has been steadily replaced by a socially conservative agenda and purity tests.  The "Occupiers of Wall Street" are pissed that things still suck after almost three years with the Joker, but they have no where to turn because the Tea Party now requires them to adopt a very conservative social stance which most won't accept.  The very same things said about the early protesters of the Tea Party is being said again about the Occupiers.  The said fact is that the end goal is the same fix Washington and bring this country back to solid footing financially.  They may be focusing their attention on Wall Street, but this is just another head of the same beast.

The American people want to work and make a better life for themselves and their kids.  This is actually no different than the average person the world around, but here in America we have things that are actively preventing this from happening.  We have an out of control government and people getting rich at the expense of the average joe.  The banks got bailed out, but the average joe still lost his house.  Washington spends us into staggering debt, but the average joe loses his job.  We need a new political movement and we need to focus on the real problem saving the average joe.  We need to reign in the career criminals in Washington, the fat cats of Wall Street, and the crony capitalist.  This is a three headed beast that conspires time and time again to screw the average joe.  The funny thing is that it is now getting to the point that there is nothing left to steal, so now what.

If we are going to fix this country, we need to start fixing Washington, so they will stop taking the average joe's hard earned money and using it to bailout Wall Street and giving sweetheart deals to corporations that support their re-election campaigns.  This ends now!  It is time for the average joes of all social stripes to stand against government and business corruption and take back this country.  We were founded on the idea that any average joe can succeed in this nation with hard work and determination.  We the People need to return to this idea and leave the social engineering behind.  We all succeed or fail by the sweat of our brows and refuse to look to the government for a handout. We refuse to allow our tax dollars to be wasted or to line the pockets of business.

Who will stand with me as an average joe or jane to say enough of this BS.  We need to take America Back and make it again the land of opportunity.  If any candidate doesn't see this as the major issue of the 2012 election then they should not even be running to lead this great nation.  I think you can be social conservative and be an average joe or jane, but you can also be social pragmatic and maybe even slightly liberal and still be an average joe or jane.  Here is to the average joes and janes!

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