Friday, September 23, 2011

Sitting Out

As you might have notice that I have been sitting out on things recently because of two things.  First I am busy and I am spending my free time with my wife.  Secondly, I am feeling fatigued by the whole process.  Either we are too dumb to realize that we have to grow up or we just steadfastly choose to ignore the truth, but it doesn't matter which because the result is the same.  We have poor choices to oppose the Joker and frankly it still probably doesn't matter because he is still likely to win re-election because of all those that blindly support him regardless how shitty things have gotten.

We don't have a candidate that can hold their own on the Republican side and that means the Joker will mop the floor with them next year.  I really don't believe that there is a miracle worker sitting on the bench just waiting to jump in.  Don't say Palin because women hate her, so good luck getting her elected in a country that is 51% female.  I had this feeling and stated it here several times that unless the economy completely cratered that the Joker would win re-election and it seems to coming true. 

The economy is bad, but the MSM hides the truth for the Joker.  The American people are still in love with him, so the dynamics of the last presidential election are still in place.  You have a solid block voting at 95% for him just because he is a black democrat and that isn't going to change (see CBC treatment).  You have at best a weak field of opposition and he will eat both Perry and Romney for breakfast based on recent performances by both.  It is almost too late to go to the bench because time is running out and we are down by three scores.  Add to that you have only a bunch of washed up vets, green ass rookies, and a couple of banged up questionable talent players on the bench.

The only thing I can see is once again we need to focus on the House and the Senate.  I have said it before that this is the key to the future and turning this thing around.  The core fiscal conservatives in the House are doing their job, so we now need to get them help in the Senate.  If we own the House and Senate, we can make the Joker dance to our tune (see Bill Clinton) because every narcissist is only worried how they will be remembered in the history books.  It would be much better to make him a one term president, but we are pissing that opportunity away with the team we are fielding currently.

You have to either bring your A game or focus on winning the long term battle. Since we don't apparently have an A game, then we need to focus on winning the Senate and start forcing the Joker to bend to our will.  He can either sign the bills he is given or be solely responsible for shutting down the government, further rating decreases, throwing granny off the cliff, and any other bad thing.  Clinton was a POS as fully demonstrated by the impeachment thing, but he signed a lot of bills that the Republicans forced upon him.  The fact that the dumb bastards got greedy and started spending like they were democrats is a whole other post.

We must focus on putting small government fiscal conservatives into the Senate and keeping the "Tea Party" caucus together in the House.  We do that and we still have a chance of saving this country in spite of the Joker.  Fail on either front then this country is banana republic bound with hyperinflation and no way to service the debt other than huge tax increases and austerity budget cuts.  I am ok with budget cuts, but can't stomach any more taxes. 

So, I will continue to keep a low profile while all this BS continues and wait until my state's primary season to ensure a fiscal conservative is selected. All politics is local, so unless we can convince more people to dump their liberal Senator, then all this is just smoke and mirrors.  Good luck America because either we take the Senate in 2012 or face a global financial meltdown that makes 2008 look like a spit in the ocean.

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