Sunday, September 25, 2011

Losing Faith!

How about No Taxes at All?

I know that I said that I would be keeping a low profile, but two things that have struck me today that prevents me from holding my tongue. The first is the idea that tax the rich will solve our budget problem. I have always hated the progressive tax system and I am in favor of any flat or fair tax system because we are all Americans and we should all share in the cost of the government. If you have the government reaching into your pocket regularly, you have a much different view on its spending. We need a true tax overhaul that puts every American in the game, I know that this sound ever so cruel for the poorest among us. They are still Americans and share in everything in this country just like everyone else, so make the tax level reasonable for all and then cut government spending to match. This is a pretty simple solution, so it will never see the light of day. As an example, there are say 300 million citizens, where 200 million are over 18, so say $2000 per citizen over 18, which would provide the federal government a $400 billion budget. This would be a max tax burden for a poor family of $4000, so this isn't crazy bad but still pretty tough nut which would make a huge majority of the public give a shit how the government waste their money. There is also the flat tax and fair tax, which are straight percentages of wages or purchasing. These are both better than the current system, so I support them as well. I am fine with zero loophole and deductions 5% for every source of income. I haven't tackled corporate taxes, which should exist but much like the individual tax it should be a straight tax or a flat tax at an extremely low level. The only reason that America will not see any of this because there are special interests on all sides making the huge money and giving it to the politicians. If we as a nation want to fix this situation then the answer is KISS and throwing the career criminals out of office.

The second issue is more along the lines of yesterday's post, in the presidential election we need a candidate. Now there that Perry is in full free fall, Romney is anyone but, and currently there is no one in the race that has a chance again the Joker. Here are five names Perry, Romney, Cain, Christie, and of course Palin, let here why anyone should or shouldn't support any of these guys. Everyone of them is fatally flawed and has very little chance of defeating the Joker, but as always I am open to being swayed. I still think we need to work our asses off on keeping the House and winning the Senate with fiscal conservatives. I want to here what you all have to say on both of these issues because I am losing faith in America's ability to right itself. Give a brother some hope that I am not the only one feeling this way.

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