Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Herman Cain Again

I have always loved me some Cain, but his stumbles earlier this year took him off my radar as a candidate.  There are many that are now coming around to him, but as Palin says is he just a flavor of the week.  I don't know, but he has rock solid principles and a head for fixing failing businesses.  He just needs a better support staff that can help him from making silly statements and mistakes out on the trail.  I would love to see him keep pushing to the top and mop the floor with the Joker.  I just hope that now that the bright spotlight is upon him that he is ready for prime time and has a team around him that can keep him headed in the right direction.  What we don't need is another Michelle Bachmann campaign in free fall.

This is a long process and there is no clear front runner for the nomination, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the show.  Perry may have fatally shot himself in the foot, the anybody but Mitt crowd is going strong, and there always seems to be talk of Chris and Sarah.  I do think that Cain is doing things very wisely by keeping his attacks on target and painting himself in contrast to the Joker.  This is a very wise strategy because with Perry/Romney gut punching each other and shedding supporters left and right there needs to be a fresh choice available and the only one currently available is Cain.

This is the same reason that Christie and Palin continue to loom because there is an opening, but the question is are they willing to risk losing to the Joker.  I don't think so.  They both sit this one out and let it fall to Cain's shoulders.  Palin's ego is too big to let that happen, so she should announce in the next week or so.  Palin would be much better off throwing her support to Cain and helping him win the election, but it is all about her so I doubt that is going to happen.  I have truly soured on Palin over the last year and it is becoming more than wearing that she hasn't bothered to step up and run or step back and support.

 Time is running out for her or Christie to join the fight because the money that is sitting on the sidelines now is going to figure pretty soon that they need to back someone or risk Romney getting the nod.  So bench warmers get your ass in the game and set the damn field already.  That way we can say it is a four or five way race and let the voters decide, vice the damn press.

I am hearing some good rumblings about taking the Senate, which is another glimmer of hope.  Plus, based on what MA democrats are running against Scott Brown, we should hold that seat as well.  Maybe I was premature in losing faith in the voters.  We the People are still in charge and we need to make our wishes known.  I guess it might be fatigue or pacing oneself since the election is over a year away, but keep they rays of hope coming and we will power ourselves on to victory in 2012.

Solar power reference, we need to stop wasting money on manufactures and make it worth a person's own money to put it on their house or business.  Getting rebates from the feds and state to put solar on the house allows people to buy/lease the systems, which is a far better business model than throwing huge dollars on manufacturing with no product demand.  Solar will succeed far faster by word of mouth (lower cost) than wasted tax dollars.

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