Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glimmer of Hope

One of the things that I said a long time ago was that we needed a third party of fiscal conservatives that would make up a powerful minority in Congress.  The "Tea Party Republicans" are acting as that third party, sort of, and is making the Joker and the Clown Posse mad.  This is a good start and we need to show these guys all the love we can because they have the full weight of the media, democrats, and RINOs arrayed against them.  It will be hard to stay strong against your own party in particular, especially with sell outs hiding in all the corners.  It is hard to be the only voice of reason in a town full of self-serving career criminals.  If you get a chance take the time to thank them for their stand and help them financially if you can.  This is how we turn this country around and it will take patience and money to defeat the big government progressives from both parties.

Stay strong Tea Party Freshman and know we stand with you.  Don't let those of your own party betray you and make them pay for every inch you are forced to give.  Don't be afraid to name names and let the country know who is twisting your arm to cave into the will of the big government progressives.

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