Saturday, September 3, 2011

BHO policies have low approval among Americans

The GOP takeover of congress has translated into “hand-to-hand combat for the next few years or so claims our president as he was out on the campaign trail recently calling on black Americans to get out and vote in lock-step to mindlessly keep Democrats in Congress to do his bidding and rubber stamp his policies. Hmm.... "Hand-to-hand combat" sounds like a tad of a violent threat from our pacifist president doesn't it? The political pundits and talking heads are wailing and moaning or prognosticating that Mr. Obama is out of touch with the American people. No one can get through to him because he has his policies in place to "fundamentally change American" and Americans into automatons locked in the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Beltway all seeing and all controlling government. But are things really so bad for Mr. Obama on the political front. Let's say, the American people decide to toss out more Democrats in the next election. What changes? Nothing, not a single thing. The President can and will veto every measure the Republicans /Conservatives pass to try to bring this country to its founding roots. He can also use (and has) those pesky Executive Orders to install tyranny and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Mr. Obama made no mystery about the change he wants to bring to America. Although he didn't especially use these words, the goal of the administration seems to be to destroy the middle class and make access to the American Dream in accessible to minorities. Why? Because he doesn't want those folks to make decisions for themselves; he or his party don't want those folks to taste freedom as well as the grand American spirit of taking responsibility for one's success. Reaching those goals and sitting back to relax after a good day's work, proud of one's labor and accomplishment is the gift that keeps on giving and building the soul that makes America and Americans - all of us - strong. Stepping back just a bit, I don't think Mr. Obama has been one bit unhappy since the Republicans were put into Congressional power because they are still effectively powerless against the power of the ever encroaching federal government. If your goal is to break the middle class, foster more dependency upon the nanny state, keep the wool over the eyes of minorities and keep many of them locked into the mind-set that they are victims, take control of business and industry, take over our health care system, then I'd say our president can look back over the last two years and clink glasses with Reid and Pelosi and say, "Hey, man, job well-done." We don't need Al Qaeda. We can bring America to its knees all on our own with legislative measures that are over 2,000 pages long and give the job of filling in the details to federal agencies. Have we lost control of our representative republic? Absolutely, you have it! The Progressives or Far Left Liberals have been working since the turn of the last century and it has taken about 100 years to shred our founding principles. Before anyone goes off screaming and hollering, I have to be fair and admit that Democrat as well as Republican presidents have worked toward making us a Socialist Marxist nation. There are distinctions between the two, but both parties are at fault for moving this thought process forward unfortunately. The only difference at one level is the Republicans are sneaky and veiled in their assault where the Democrat leadership, much like the leadership of the Islamic Fundamentalist tells us what they plan to do to our nation to change it. And we fail to believe them each and every time... To me, Mr. Obama is just following and building on the failed tradition of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Do you remember the day she marched down to Capitol Hill with her large satchels at hand, the satchels that carried all of her plans for that massive HEALTH CARE over hall she was going to push through? Well, I wonder just how much of Hillary's plan is neatly wrapped up in that 2,000 page bill on Health Care the Dems passed. I'll bet they didn't have to do much to develop it except just dress it up a bit, put it in new binders, reprint it on non-yellowed paper and call it NEW. Yes, whether we American people throw out the Progressive Democrats or not, Mr. Obama should be pleased with the success his administration and the Congress have had striving to reach their goals. How long will it take to undo the nightmare of the train wreck coming our way? It will take as long as it takes and the first place to start is to get rid of the federal Department of Education. We are well aware and have known for a long time that education is the key! The states must take back the responsibility of educating their citizens. There are many good teachers across America but they are forced to belong to the NEA, a national union, (or something like it) and the union, like all unions, is not about anything but their own power and protecting the pay and benefits of union members whether they are qualified or not. I guess Mr. Obama is threatening the American people with "hand-to-hand" combat if they put more Republicans in office. For those of us who have served in combat or supported husbands and wives who have served in combat, that is not a statement to be tossing around lightly. Pitting Americans against one another even figuratively is ill advised and poorly thought out. American citizens deserve better from a president. Shame on him...

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