Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Herman Cain Again

I have always loved me some Cain, but his stumbles earlier this year took him off my radar as a candidate.  There are many that are now coming around to him, but as Palin says is he just a flavor of the week.  I don't know, but he has rock solid principles and a head for fixing failing businesses.  He just needs a better support staff that can help him from making silly statements and mistakes out on the trail.  I would love to see him keep pushing to the top and mop the floor with the Joker.  I just hope that now that the bright spotlight is upon him that he is ready for prime time and has a team around him that can keep him headed in the right direction.  What we don't need is another Michelle Bachmann campaign in free fall.

This is a long process and there is no clear front runner for the nomination, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the show.  Perry may have fatally shot himself in the foot, the anybody but Mitt crowd is going strong, and there always seems to be talk of Chris and Sarah.  I do think that Cain is doing things very wisely by keeping his attacks on target and painting himself in contrast to the Joker.  This is a very wise strategy because with Perry/Romney gut punching each other and shedding supporters left and right there needs to be a fresh choice available and the only one currently available is Cain.

This is the same reason that Christie and Palin continue to loom because there is an opening, but the question is are they willing to risk losing to the Joker.  I don't think so.  They both sit this one out and let it fall to Cain's shoulders.  Palin's ego is too big to let that happen, so she should announce in the next week or so.  Palin would be much better off throwing her support to Cain and helping him win the election, but it is all about her so I doubt that is going to happen.  I have truly soured on Palin over the last year and it is becoming more than wearing that she hasn't bothered to step up and run or step back and support.

 Time is running out for her or Christie to join the fight because the money that is sitting on the sidelines now is going to figure pretty soon that they need to back someone or risk Romney getting the nod.  So bench warmers get your ass in the game and set the damn field already.  That way we can say it is a four or five way race and let the voters decide, vice the damn press.

I am hearing some good rumblings about taking the Senate, which is another glimmer of hope.  Plus, based on what MA democrats are running against Scott Brown, we should hold that seat as well.  Maybe I was premature in losing faith in the voters.  We the People are still in charge and we need to make our wishes known.  I guess it might be fatigue or pacing oneself since the election is over a year away, but keep they rays of hope coming and we will power ourselves on to victory in 2012.

Solar power reference, we need to stop wasting money on manufactures and make it worth a person's own money to put it on their house or business.  Getting rebates from the feds and state to put solar on the house allows people to buy/lease the systems, which is a far better business model than throwing huge dollars on manufacturing with no product demand.  Solar will succeed far faster by word of mouth (lower cost) than wasted tax dollars.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glimmer of Hope

One of the things that I said a long time ago was that we needed a third party of fiscal conservatives that would make up a powerful minority in Congress.  The "Tea Party Republicans" are acting as that third party, sort of, and is making the Joker and the Clown Posse mad.  This is a good start and we need to show these guys all the love we can because they have the full weight of the media, democrats, and RINOs arrayed against them.  It will be hard to stay strong against your own party in particular, especially with sell outs hiding in all the corners.  It is hard to be the only voice of reason in a town full of self-serving career criminals.  If you get a chance take the time to thank them for their stand and help them financially if you can.  This is how we turn this country around and it will take patience and money to defeat the big government progressives from both parties.

Stay strong Tea Party Freshman and know we stand with you.  Don't let those of your own party betray you and make them pay for every inch you are forced to give.  Don't be afraid to name names and let the country know who is twisting your arm to cave into the will of the big government progressives.

Losing Faith!

How about No Taxes at All?

I know that I said that I would be keeping a low profile, but two things that have struck me today that prevents me from holding my tongue. The first is the idea that tax the rich will solve our budget problem. I have always hated the progressive tax system and I am in favor of any flat or fair tax system because we are all Americans and we should all share in the cost of the government. If you have the government reaching into your pocket regularly, you have a much different view on its spending. We need a true tax overhaul that puts every American in the game, I know that this sound ever so cruel for the poorest among us. They are still Americans and share in everything in this country just like everyone else, so make the tax level reasonable for all and then cut government spending to match. This is a pretty simple solution, so it will never see the light of day. As an example, there are say 300 million citizens, where 200 million are over 18, so say $2000 per citizen over 18, which would provide the federal government a $400 billion budget. This would be a max tax burden for a poor family of $4000, so this isn't crazy bad but still pretty tough nut which would make a huge majority of the public give a shit how the government waste their money. There is also the flat tax and fair tax, which are straight percentages of wages or purchasing. These are both better than the current system, so I support them as well. I am fine with zero loophole and deductions 5% for every source of income. I haven't tackled corporate taxes, which should exist but much like the individual tax it should be a straight tax or a flat tax at an extremely low level. The only reason that America will not see any of this because there are special interests on all sides making the huge money and giving it to the politicians. If we as a nation want to fix this situation then the answer is KISS and throwing the career criminals out of office.

The second issue is more along the lines of yesterday's post, in the presidential election we need a candidate. Now there that Perry is in full free fall, Romney is anyone but, and currently there is no one in the race that has a chance again the Joker. Here are five names Perry, Romney, Cain, Christie, and of course Palin, let here why anyone should or shouldn't support any of these guys. Everyone of them is fatally flawed and has very little chance of defeating the Joker, but as always I am open to being swayed. I still think we need to work our asses off on keeping the House and winning the Senate with fiscal conservatives. I want to here what you all have to say on both of these issues because I am losing faith in America's ability to right itself. Give a brother some hope that I am not the only one feeling this way.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sitting Out

As you might have notice that I have been sitting out on things recently because of two things.  First I am busy and I am spending my free time with my wife.  Secondly, I am feeling fatigued by the whole process.  Either we are too dumb to realize that we have to grow up or we just steadfastly choose to ignore the truth, but it doesn't matter which because the result is the same.  We have poor choices to oppose the Joker and frankly it still probably doesn't matter because he is still likely to win re-election because of all those that blindly support him regardless how shitty things have gotten.

We don't have a candidate that can hold their own on the Republican side and that means the Joker will mop the floor with them next year.  I really don't believe that there is a miracle worker sitting on the bench just waiting to jump in.  Don't say Palin because women hate her, so good luck getting her elected in a country that is 51% female.  I had this feeling and stated it here several times that unless the economy completely cratered that the Joker would win re-election and it seems to coming true. 

The economy is bad, but the MSM hides the truth for the Joker.  The American people are still in love with him, so the dynamics of the last presidential election are still in place.  You have a solid block voting at 95% for him just because he is a black democrat and that isn't going to change (see CBC treatment).  You have at best a weak field of opposition and he will eat both Perry and Romney for breakfast based on recent performances by both.  It is almost too late to go to the bench because time is running out and we are down by three scores.  Add to that you have only a bunch of washed up vets, green ass rookies, and a couple of banged up questionable talent players on the bench.

The only thing I can see is once again we need to focus on the House and the Senate.  I have said it before that this is the key to the future and turning this thing around.  The core fiscal conservatives in the House are doing their job, so we now need to get them help in the Senate.  If we own the House and Senate, we can make the Joker dance to our tune (see Bill Clinton) because every narcissist is only worried how they will be remembered in the history books.  It would be much better to make him a one term president, but we are pissing that opportunity away with the team we are fielding currently.

You have to either bring your A game or focus on winning the long term battle. Since we don't apparently have an A game, then we need to focus on winning the Senate and start forcing the Joker to bend to our will.  He can either sign the bills he is given or be solely responsible for shutting down the government, further rating decreases, throwing granny off the cliff, and any other bad thing.  Clinton was a POS as fully demonstrated by the impeachment thing, but he signed a lot of bills that the Republicans forced upon him.  The fact that the dumb bastards got greedy and started spending like they were democrats is a whole other post.

We must focus on putting small government fiscal conservatives into the Senate and keeping the "Tea Party" caucus together in the House.  We do that and we still have a chance of saving this country in spite of the Joker.  Fail on either front then this country is banana republic bound with hyperinflation and no way to service the debt other than huge tax increases and austerity budget cuts.  I am ok with budget cuts, but can't stomach any more taxes. 

So, I will continue to keep a low profile while all this BS continues and wait until my state's primary season to ensure a fiscal conservative is selected. All politics is local, so unless we can convince more people to dump their liberal Senator, then all this is just smoke and mirrors.  Good luck America because either we take the Senate in 2012 or face a global financial meltdown that makes 2008 look like a spit in the ocean.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Money for Nothing: Phoenix taxpayers foot the bill for union work | Goldwater Institute

Money for Nothing: Phoenix taxpayers foot the bill for union work | Goldwater Institute

This is why public service unions should be outlawed. This is utter and complete crap that it cost Phoenix $3.7 million to support the union, that then demands higher wages and greater benefits. The union doesn't support these people the taxpayer does and apparently to the tune of 100% and then some. I wonder how long this has been going on and how long it will be allowed to continue. I appreciate that the police officers and firefighters have difficult jobs, but I wonder how much more money the bottom of that group would get paid if the top of that chain wasn't stealing $3.7 million a year. I hate unions because they steal money out of everyone's pocket and especially their members and I do know of what I speak because I was in the Labors Union. The whole BS about get better wages and benefits is only true for the top layer, ask any auto bottom rung auto assemblyman. They take all the cuts while the top members get all the sweet deals, but you stay long enough you rise to the top and all that money. The problem is that all humans are greedy little bastards and everyone wants more and more regardless of the consequences. This goes for management as well as the unions, and the biggest money sucking group of bastards are the politicians. Ever see a poor man in Congress? This madness won't stop until the people rise up and say enough.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BHO policies have low approval among Americans

The GOP takeover of congress has translated into “hand-to-hand combat for the next few years or so claims our president as he was out on the campaign trail recently calling on black Americans to get out and vote in lock-step to mindlessly keep Democrats in Congress to do his bidding and rubber stamp his policies. Hmm.... "Hand-to-hand combat" sounds like a tad of a violent threat from our pacifist president doesn't it? The political pundits and talking heads are wailing and moaning or prognosticating that Mr. Obama is out of touch with the American people. No one can get through to him because he has his policies in place to "fundamentally change American" and Americans into automatons locked in the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Beltway all seeing and all controlling government. But are things really so bad for Mr. Obama on the political front. Let's say, the American people decide to toss out more Democrats in the next election. What changes? Nothing, not a single thing. The President can and will veto every measure the Republicans /Conservatives pass to try to bring this country to its founding roots. He can also use (and has) those pesky Executive Orders to install tyranny and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Mr. Obama made no mystery about the change he wants to bring to America. Although he didn't especially use these words, the goal of the administration seems to be to destroy the middle class and make access to the American Dream in accessible to minorities. Why? Because he doesn't want those folks to make decisions for themselves; he or his party don't want those folks to taste freedom as well as the grand American spirit of taking responsibility for one's success. Reaching those goals and sitting back to relax after a good day's work, proud of one's labor and accomplishment is the gift that keeps on giving and building the soul that makes America and Americans - all of us - strong. Stepping back just a bit, I don't think Mr. Obama has been one bit unhappy since the Republicans were put into Congressional power because they are still effectively powerless against the power of the ever encroaching federal government. If your goal is to break the middle class, foster more dependency upon the nanny state, keep the wool over the eyes of minorities and keep many of them locked into the mind-set that they are victims, take control of business and industry, take over our health care system, then I'd say our president can look back over the last two years and clink glasses with Reid and Pelosi and say, "Hey, man, job well-done." We don't need Al Qaeda. We can bring America to its knees all on our own with legislative measures that are over 2,000 pages long and give the job of filling in the details to federal agencies. Have we lost control of our representative republic? Absolutely, you have it! The Progressives or Far Left Liberals have been working since the turn of the last century and it has taken about 100 years to shred our founding principles. Before anyone goes off screaming and hollering, I have to be fair and admit that Democrat as well as Republican presidents have worked toward making us a Socialist Marxist nation. There are distinctions between the two, but both parties are at fault for moving this thought process forward unfortunately. The only difference at one level is the Republicans are sneaky and veiled in their assault where the Democrat leadership, much like the leadership of the Islamic Fundamentalist tells us what they plan to do to our nation to change it. And we fail to believe them each and every time... To me, Mr. Obama is just following and building on the failed tradition of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Do you remember the day she marched down to Capitol Hill with her large satchels at hand, the satchels that carried all of her plans for that massive HEALTH CARE over hall she was going to push through? Well, I wonder just how much of Hillary's plan is neatly wrapped up in that 2,000 page bill on Health Care the Dems passed. I'll bet they didn't have to do much to develop it except just dress it up a bit, put it in new binders, reprint it on non-yellowed paper and call it NEW. Yes, whether we American people throw out the Progressive Democrats or not, Mr. Obama should be pleased with the success his administration and the Congress have had striving to reach their goals. How long will it take to undo the nightmare of the train wreck coming our way? It will take as long as it takes and the first place to start is to get rid of the federal Department of Education. We are well aware and have known for a long time that education is the key! The states must take back the responsibility of educating their citizens. There are many good teachers across America but they are forced to belong to the NEA, a national union, (or something like it) and the union, like all unions, is not about anything but their own power and protecting the pay and benefits of union members whether they are qualified or not. I guess Mr. Obama is threatening the American people with "hand-to-hand" combat if they put more Republicans in office. For those of us who have served in combat or supported husbands and wives who have served in combat, that is not a statement to be tossing around lightly. Pitting Americans against one another even figuratively is ill advised and poorly thought out. American citizens deserve better from a president. Shame on him...