Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perry Will Win Big?

Perry Will Win Big

I have been sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks now because I have been busy trying to make a living and enjoying the wonderful summertime in PHX. I find it interesting that no matter who is running for President against the Joker, they are a better choice. This is a pretty simple and straight forward fact. I would take someone who isn't fully polished over a great teleprompter any day. I would take someone that has actual experience over the empty suit that now occupies the White House. No one candidate is going to be perfect on every single count, but some are going to be better than others on somethings. I don't care if it is Perry or Rubio or Ryan, as long as they win and remove the Joker form office. I like Palin and Bachmann, but it will be too close to call with them because of the negatives they have with the independents. Sure Ryan scared the crap out of the old people, but if he's on the ticket then he will get a national megaphone to tell his side of the story. Rubio is it just because he is! He will be our next VP and he will mop the floor with Joe. Perry isn't perfect, but right now we need a cowboy that is willing to the pull the trigger. We need some American swagger that we've lost thanks to the Joker. We need to put fear back into the heart of our enemies and show the world America is still alive and kicking. Is Perry perfect? Hell no, but who is and if we keep clawing at each other's throats, we will get four more with the Joker.

I have said it before and I guess I will have to keep saying, we need to pick a team Perry/Rubio or Perry/Ryan or Perry/Palin and then proceed to kick the crap out of the Joker and his Clown Posse Media. If we are in it to win it, then we need to get our act together and stomp the crap out of the liberals and keep stomping all the way to the White House. We need solid plans and commitments that the American public can actually point to and rally around. We need the Ryan plan out there showing us a path to turn this mess around, we need to slaughter sacred cows and cut tax rates while closing every damn loophole regardless. We need to have every American paying some tax, so they have skin in the game. We need to stop having 50% pay while 50% take, that is utter BS. Would you join a club where on you had to pay a membership, but have of the other members didn't. Doesn't sound fair does it! This is America, we all play by the same rules and we should all have a part in paying for it. So close every last one of those sweetheart loopholes and that includes home mortgage deduction. Lower the tax rate to make up the difference, so I can actually pay my mortgage and taxes without having to decide whether I get to eat or not. Make the bottom bracket in the 3-5% range and though I absolutely hate it make it go up from there progressively. They don't get tax reform without first getting spending reform, which means a balanced budget and entitlement reform.

We can fix this country if we want to and it going to take a cowboy or a hunter to make it happen. We need a fiscal policy wonk on the team and we need people that are going to tell us the truth about the sad state of our government. Like Chris Christie said, the party is over and they money's all gone. He can't help that the previous bunch of politicians lied, but the truth is the money is gone, so we need to figure out how to move forward from here. Fight amongst ourselves and we will be waiting until 2016 and by then it might be too late to save this great republic. YOU DECIDE!

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