Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why RINOs But Not DINOs?

Why RINOs But Not DINOs?

I would take this idea one step further, if there were such an animal then why not dump both parties and have the fiscal conservatives build their own party out of the refuse of both liar parties. We do need non-leftist Democrats, but the tent as currently constructed with a social conservative doorman isn't going to win big elections. We need a big fiscal conservative tent that loves every limited government patriot alike and lets those things that divide us to come later once we get our financial house in order. I know I have said this all before, but there are a lot of unhappy fiscally conservative Democrats that are hard working and hate government waste as much as the fiscally conservative Republicans. We have to stop pushing them away with purity tests and making our message so unpalatable to squishy middle independents and Reagan Democrats. If you force everyone to bow down to the "gay marriage & abortion" far right then regardless of the great ideas you have on fixing the economy will never see the light of day because you won't win a general election. The squishy middle is willing to have a social conservative in office, but they don't want a social conservative crusader in office. The most of the American public knows what is right deep down, but beating them up constantly doesn't win them over. There are positions that you can take that don't violate your social conservative principles, while not making people run from a right wing theocracy. Reagan was able to strike a balance, so why run people off with purity tests unless you would rather keep the Joker and the Insane Clown Posse in office for four more years.

It is time to pick a winner and support the heck out of them all the way to the White House. The Joker is on the ropes and now is the time to knock his dumb ass out. We need fiscal sanity now and we can deal with slavery (social issues) later. Our Founding Fathers knew this and so in order to form a more perfect union they let some things slide, even thought they were evil and destructive. You don't fix every thing overnight and you sure don't fix anything by losing big elections. The landslide in 2010 was for fiscal conservatives, which mostly come from the social conservative backgrounds, but Presidential elections are about having a solid message that resonates with the squishy middle. I am not saying flip-flop all over the place, but focus on being fiscally conservative and have a solid plan. I hate RINOs as much as anyone, but because they are really CINOs and they believe bigger government is better. Kill off big government, end wasting tax dollars, and putting Americans back to work, stick to how you solve those problems and regardless of your personal feelings on abortion or gay marriage you will win in 2012. This isn't rocket science people, the voters are fed up and need real change. They took a chance on a socialist in moderate clothing and you see where that go us, so this time why not a conservative in fiscal conservative clothing.

I hope this helps clear up where I think we need to head in the up coming months and how we are going to win the White House. I know that there are a whole lot of people out there that think that abortion first everything else second wins the day, but that just isn't a current reality. We have let the progressives drag this country too far down the sewer to think one or two elections are going to turn this country around. We need a strong fiscal policy back by a strong Judeo-Christian backbone, but it will take time to undo 100 years of progressivism and you can't prevent people from joining the team because their judgement is clouded by years of brainwashing by the left. You love them and bring them in and show them a better way. Once you cloth and feed them, then you can show them where this wonderfulness comes from. You can't tell an out of work, drunk, hungry man that he should save money, so it is with this failing country. People need jobs, so you can't tell them that preventing abortion is all important. You need to apply conservative principles to get people working again, then show them why be conservative works. I am a firm believer in the teaching they will know us by our love, so I love America and I want to fix it, but I also know being negative and hateful won't make that happen.

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