Friday, June 24, 2011

Chile's Private Accounts Turn 30 -

Chile's Private Accounts Turn 30 -

Are we so arrogant to think that no one in the world other than America has good ideas? Here is Chile allowing it's citizens to choose their retirement plan of market base private plans with government oversight. Seems a hell of a lot better than no choice and government theft. I wrote some time back about Portugal decriminalizing drug use, which has proven extremely successful there, so recently there have been calls to do the same here. We used to be a melting pot and were willing to accept new ideas, but it seems we have allowed ourselves to think we know better than everyone else and our quickly headed down the road to ruin. I think we need to scour the globe to find real solution that are proven winners and get off our lazy ass and make them work here.
As an example Japan builds better cars, Ford figured this out and has improved its quality and is selling more cars, GM ignores this fact and still builds crappy cars and requires a massive bailout. Here is another one, you want more businesses to HQ in your country you lower your corporate tax rate, just like Canada or you can keep making doing business expensive and hard like here. We need to wake up and realize the business as usual in America isn't going to cut it anymore and it is time to start fixing the problems instead of keep punting them down the road.
Solve Social Security by gutting the bloat government agency, allow people choice, and a huge influx of capital into the market, sounds like winner, winner chicken dinner to me. Want to save Medicare then take the money out of Washington's grubby paws and put it back in the peoples hands. Have a private medical IRA system that our money goes into and earns interest on until we need it when we are old or major medical need. When you partner this with a high deductible major medical, you again have another winner. So by taking Washington mostly out of the equation, we have winning solutions to two huge debt producing problems that actually meet people's long term needs.
Why neither of these will ever happen, the government needs your money to control you! If they can't control you than what is the fun in that. We need to force new ideas into these chuckle heads and see our way to a new and brighter future. If the AARP wants the status quo then let them have it, but everyone under 55 should have the option of taking charge and saving for our own future. Market mutual funds for savings and medical IRAs are two solutions that would save America from itself, so are we too proud to accept other people's ideas or are we willing to embrace good ideas regardless of point of origin? I want to here what you guys have to say on this.


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