Saturday, May 28, 2011

So now what?

With another one biting the dust once the rock was lifted, who will be our champion to face the Joker?  There is a movement a foot to draft Paul Ryan to run, which isn't a bad idea and the idea get better when you add Rubio to the ticket.  He would be a dynamic well spoken, knowledgeable team that would clean the floor with the Joker.  I will be interested to see if they can convince this family man to put his life on hold to run.  He is the only one that can sell his plan and the truth as I see it is that his plan was crafted in such a way that once the compromises start flying America benefits.

He didn't touch Defense or modify the tax structure, which are likely going to be forced by the Democrats during the backroom wrangling.  By keeping them out of his plan, it gives the Dumocrats areas for victory that makes them more likely to play along.  There has to be tax reform and defense spending cuts in any final plan, but why open with those when you know that is going to be the first demand of the other side.

Ryan has played this very well and the Democrats aren't going to be able to sell Mediscare, if they are going face to face with Ryan because he will rip them a new one.  He is for ending the Washington fat and waste to send the money directly to the States, which is what should happen anyway because why do we need Washington dictating how we take care of our people in our neighborhoods. People have a heck of a lot more influence in the statehouse than they do in Washington.

Adding Rubio to the ticket makes a youthful dynamic duo that people can get behind and they have what it takes to unseat the Joker.  That isn't to say that if Perry does run that it would be easy for either team because Perry does bring a lot to the table and does come from Texas.  Perry brings a record of jobs, which is an extremely important issue in what will be four years of stagflation and recession.  I do think that if Perry does jump in then we better be bringing a solid plan or Ryan/Rubio will have his lunch based on facts being on their side.

The what ifs are crazy right now because the field is so unknown and appears weak, but with the likes of Cain already in it will be one focused on true change in American politics and if either Perry or Ryan jump in then we are off to the races with winning horses on hot button issues with middle America.  We need to get control on government spending (Ryan) and need to get America working again (Perry), so iron sharpens iron and we might just get a solid platform that America can rally around.  Cain brings business savvy, Ryan government fiscal policy, and Perry job growth, so how could anyone not like the eventual nominee's chances if they draw from such a pool in talent to form their message.  At this point, I really don't give a crap who wins on the Republican side as long as they depose the Joker.  I know that is the wrong attitude for some, but the fact that remains America will be better off with a RINO (God forbid) than with the Joker in charge.

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