Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here is why not Perry

Memo to Rush Limbaugh: YOU NEED to stop carrying the water for these RINOs and you need to stop projecting onto to ANY politicians all your conservative hopes and dreams…!!
I will never forget back in the 2006 midterms after Bush got a ‘thumpin, Rush apologized and vowed that he NEVER AGAIN carry the water for anybody, because Rush realized – too late – that his constant shilling for Bush is what got us Democrat control in ’06.
On that day, Rush seemed to have a very keen understanding of how influential he is because a lot of voters who don’t pay only variable attention to the daily grind of political debate and therefore depend on him for their opinions because they trust him.
Lately though, because of how bad Obama is, Rush has been upping the ante and carrying the water again.
Rush’s latest entry into this is his 20 minutes of (ignorant) aspirations and projection for Rick Perry.
If Perry were to be nominated, here are the big government liberal policies of Rick Perry that Rush would have to defend:
-grew the size of government by 85%,
-increased taxes and fees by one billion$ (and that is before this session),
-tripled the State debt,
-supported the Trans Texas Corridor, the biggest land grab in history with crony deals going to his buddies,
-vetoed a good eminent domain bill and only later supported a watered down version (that still gives his crony buddies special favors) after the Farm Bureau and others gave him hell..
Now if you want the national media to dig in and compare Obama to Perry and the scant differences between them on these vital economic issues, then go right ahead and get millions of buckets ready to carry water because you will need them.
And don’t tell me this mantra that the governor here doesn’t have much power…it’s called the fricking veto pen!! Perry takes credit for this “economic growth” and it’s only incrementaly better than say California because the left coast liberals are far worse!!
I have spoken to the governor personally and I hear many party operatives complaints that are the same as mine: Perry promises much but delivers never enough to keep voters happy, it’s always us having to worry what game he is going to come up with next wherein he can screw us behind our backs..!!
You can go to the Austin inner circle conservative Republicans where you will find that every candidate ran against Perry’s economic “achievements” because they are mediocre at best.
Rush Limbaugh has only the titular sccop on Perry, we have the real inside scoop, and in a national campaign the media will tear him up.
Mcguyver on May 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM

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