Friday, April 15, 2011

Will It Take A New Political Party to Save America?

Will It Take A New Political Party to Save America?

Some very interesting thoughts on how the new party will emerge on the scene due to the bungling by the current Republican "leadership". They keep collapsing like a Walmart made in China lawn chair and they will cease to exist as a party. We are going to end up with two new parties or possibly three or more parties. The fiscal conservatives in this country have had enough of Washington smoke and mirrors. They have also had enough of the weak Republicans, so 2012 is the Republican party's last chance to change things and based on current events it doesn't look like they get it yet. They haven't picked a strong fiscal conservative to rally around and they are making weak ass deals on spending at every turn. Them pissing on my foot and telling me it is raining is getting very tiresome and I am fully ready for a serious change. If the Republicans keep backing losers that are strictly job seekers then they deserve to become extinct. The Democrats have made their bed and they are firmly in the socialist camp, so there are some Americans that were associated with center of the Democrats that need a new home and it won't be the far right wing nut party. Looking into my crystal ball, you will either have two parties the progressive and fiscal conservative or this thing will fracture all over the place and you will have the socialist democrats, centrist/moderates, fiscal conservatives, and the far right all out conservatives.

If it breaks down that way the two in the middle will be divided by abortion or maybe not, the two extreme parties will be on the fringe canceling each other out. The rise of the center is a good thing and most Americans want responsible government, but are also compassionate to a point. The Democrats and Republicans could save their parties by pushing their extremes to the sidelines, but neither is willing to do so because they are needed to win primaries. The good news is that there is a new wind blowing and maybe it will be the fiscal conservatives on all sides that will washout the corruption and stupidity in Washington. I am okay dealing with moderates and fiscal conservatives because they balance each other in the middle vice the extremes we are seeing now. We could accomplish a hell of a lot more if we stopped swinging widely from left to right and focused on cutting the waste down the middle. We need serious minded people to look at the revenues and the expenditures, then cut to make them match. I've said it before and recent polls have proven me out that Americans are willing to pay taxes, but they abhor government wasteful spending. We need to cut spending first, then reform the tax code, and then reform entitlements. We have so far failed at step one, so until we actually make the cuts we cannot proceed to step two, and we can't even begin to talk about entitlements until we have a solid plan on one and two.

I love Paul Ryan's plan as a jumping off point for moving forward, but we can't have a serious talk about entitlements until we are serious about spending cuts. Americans are ready to cut off granny's meds until every other possible cut has been made because we are compassionate people that want to live up to our obligations. If you want to talk about granny's meds you have better cut out all the other government BS first, then you can tinker with granny's meds. You say we can't balance the budget without tinkering with granny's meds, then show me by cutting everything else to the bone first and then we will know how far we have to go in medicare, medicaid, and social security. Starting in on those three while you are pissing away billions elsewhere is a non-starter with millions of Americans. If you want support for entitlement reform fix the rest of wasteful government first then you can tackle granny's meds. I guess that puts me solidly in the middle with the moderates, while still being a fiscal conservative that wants to get Washington under control. I currently don't see anything they are offering as worthy of our votes. Fix it now and keep working it until we have balanced the budget and paid off the national debt, but start with the billions upon billions in other spending first. That way I will know you are serious and I will have more confidence in your ability to take on entitlements.

How I digress, but it is fundamental to the starting premise. The Democrats as they now exist are not going to take on big government's wasteful spending and apparently neither are the current crop of Republicans, so come 2012 we can vote to change the dynamic or vote for more of the same. If the vote is for more of the same, then expect significant political upheaval in 2014 and 2016. It takes time and several election cycles to make a change in the system, but it is possible. The current Republican party is unlikely to survive if it doesn't get serious about cutting spending because too many average Americans are sick and tired of wasteful government spending. They will seek to find those who will do what it takes and the Tea Party is on the rise in the middle, most are fiscal and social conservatives but there is room in the middle for even more fiscal conservatives because this country has millions of them just waiting to support fiscal sanity.

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