Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Tea Party Revolution Continues

The Tea Party Revolution Continues

An interesting article on where we go from here and why we should look to our roots for direction. Though I am disappointed that greater cuts were not made during this last round of the budget battle, I know that there are several more battles on the horizon. We the People need to gird (love that word) our loins (love this one too) and prepare for war. We have already fired the first shot with the Republican budget for 2012. Though there maybe things you don't agree with in it, there is a heck of a lot of what is right in there as well. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Paul Ryan as a bristling porcupine of lances. This united defense is needed as the the leftist archers and cavalry of the MSM attack. We don't need to be tearing down the ramparts from the inside to make their job easier. We don't need to supply the socialist and progressive with any additional ammo. The last battle was the coastal barrage ahead of the invasion force. The 2012 budget is our sanity invasion beachhead. The Congress needs to belly up and pass this thing right away because it will give us the high ground. We will need this citadel to fight from because they will be attacking from all sides using the MSM and the unions. We can mow down the competition's ill fated charge against adult decisions, but only if we stick together. The Democrats will look pretty stupid calling for more and more debt, while we continue to advance and keep winning ground.

As a side note: there are a lot of people worried about the poor because of the changes proposed for Medicaid, but I wonder how much more money each poor family will see if Washington is wasting billions in bureaucracy and the States use the money to the maximum benefit of the people. The sickest and the poorest will continue to get what they need, but now the source is closer to them so they can have more say. Funny how we have forgotten that the government closest to us is the most responsive to our needs. If I walk into the Mayor's office or the city counsel chamber at every opportunity and if I bring a couple of hundred of like minded voters, stuff happens pretty darn quick. If you work on the state level it takes thousands and on the federal level it takes millions, so who do you want controlling your health care?

The next battle is the vote on the debt ceiling and that is one we need to be ready for and marshaling the troops for a massive attack. It is a battle that can fundamentally change the direction of this country by forcing a balanced budget amendment. The Democrats and the President are going to look pretty stupid when they refuse to support an amendment because there are a whole lot of them on record opposing raising the debt ceiling when they were in the minority. This is where the true warriors are going to emerge and shape our future. These two battles are going to change the course of America and we need to be ready. Will it be easy? No! Are we likely to win either? No, but we must still fight knowing that we are winning ground that will help us win the war. The Democrats are going to fight hard and scare the crap out of people that aren't paying close attention because they will have air superiority thanks to the MSM. But we can use this to our advantage because sane people will see how unfit they are to make adult decisions about America's future. People right now are seriously concerned about getting America back to work and growing the economy, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have already ceded the high ground with their failure to turn the economy around with huge government spending. We need to show people how cutting wasteful spending and fixing the tax code will put money back in their pockets and making America a better place to do business. These are two chief weapons and we need to use them to show how they will grow jobs. It will also drive a stake into the heart of the Reid controlled Senate and put our goal of winning the Senate in 2012 well within our reach. Getting rid of General Joker is going to be a lot tougher battle that we have to end up working around because the independent voters out there currently don't have a clear choice and they may opt for the devil they know. Even if General Joker retains the White House, he can only veto so many bills before he looks like an obstructionist idiot. So we need to focus our firepower on the winning enough seats in the Senate to render his veto not worth the paper it is written on.

With the high ground established we need to prepare the battle space. We the People need protect ourselves from the aerial assaults of the MSM by strengthening our communications lines via the internet. A well coordinated communication plan that covers all areas where the average citizen seeks information and entertainment is needed (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). We need to ensure the truth gets out and we have already shown it is possible with the Van Jones situation. The air war is going to be vicious, as they seek to target our parents and grandparents. We need to capture the mercenary troops of the AARP and turn them into allies in this fight. We can't allow the Democrats to keep buying mercenaries with our tax dollars. We also need to drill our troops to surge into the breach to repel the cavalry charges of the leftist unions. This worked well in WI and it will keep working as there are a lot more of us then there are of them. We will be able to prevent the union cavalry from riding in and overwhelming our ground troops.

We will be fighting from the high ground, so we need to hold it by firing back again and again with truth. We need to make their battle an uphill struggle against millions of well informed angry voters that are tired of seeing their hard earned money being wasted in Washington. We need to be ready for some loses over the next few months, but always keeping in mind that victory is still within in grasp. We need to make the Democrats bleed support every step of the way. They will attack our supply lines by trying to cut off our voices and disrupt our communications. They will try to confuse us and blur the battle lines in an attempt to get us to attack each other. We must remember who we are fighting and look to win in the long game, vice worrying about minor defeats or petty squabbles. When they attack and attempt to divide, it will be our signal to press harder because they are desperate and ready to break.

We won a victory last night because we got additional cuts out of the Senate and the White House. We didn't push as far inland as we planned, but we did increase our toehold to a foothold, while winning additional support without turning additional independent voters against us. We need to accept it, analyze it, and use it to prepare for the next big battle. We never know when a major breakout(breakthrough) is going to occur, so we have to be ready to pour in the troops of truth and sanity if it happens. If we never have a major breakout and only minor victories, then at least we are still in the fight and there is always hope in the next battle.

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