Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shutdown? Why are we still discussing the 2011 budget?

Shutdown? Why are we still discussing the 2011 budget?

This does chap my butt because we should be whacking the Democrats over the head with this on a daily basis. Why are we seeking compromise with people that failed to do their duty? We should be calling them out and saying you could have taken care of this last year, but you didn't for strictly political reasons. The public is ready and willing to side with the Republicans against the Democrats, so keep hitting them with the consistent message that we will keep talking about your failure until you pass HR1. We will keep reminding the voters of why we don't have a budget already and who is to blame. Put the damn Democrats in the corner where they should be for not doing what was required of them. They could have passed their bloated budget if they had the stones, but they were afraid of what the voters would have done to them. The voters did it to them anyway and any further stalling isn't going to help them next year. We need to get this message out clearly and repeatedly until HR1 is adopted. The Democrats are to blame and they have only to look as far as Pelosi for the mess they find themselves in. Reid and Obama have no leg to stand on because they didn't force Pelosi to do her job last year. Why are we so easily letting them off the hook? The Tea Partiers should be on every news channel/blog/commentary broadcasting this fact and the Speaker should take every opportunity to remind the public why we are even talking about this in April, six months after the deadline.

It is time to take the civility gloves off and start naming names on the failure of government. If the Republicans want to impress me then roll back spending to either 2000 or 2006 and then cut it to balance the budget. Otherwise they are just making noise to get re-elected and have no real intention of fixing Washington. If the budget bill that Paul Ryan rolls out next week shows a turn in the long term spending then adopt it on day one in the House and let the Senate and President once again fail to do their duty. The public will be able to quickly see who is serious about fixing spending and who is not. Those who aren't will have their employment opportunities expanded for them in November 2012. This is incredibly easy, but the Republican leadership is making it far harder than it needs to be. They should have said that HR1 is there for approval and signature, fail to do your duty again and the government shuts down. You bet your ass that if a hard line would have been draw and the message properly packaged the people would have been behind the Speaker for fixing what the Democrats failed to do. The Republicans got the bill out, but then failed to bludgeon the Democrats with why they bill was even necessary. The Democrats actually successfully penalty killed the Republican power play because they were able to get compromise after compromise to the point the public has forgotten who's at fault for this mess. The Republicans need to put on their big boy pants and tell the Senate and the President that they either pass HR1 or the government shuts down. They need to remind the public who is at fault for America not having a budget and that all the Democrats need to do to stop the shut down is pass the bill. It is very simple and straight forward. The press will of course spin it that the Republicans are at fault, but that only keeps the Democrat failure in the press. We need to stay on the offensive. We blow our chance on the power play, but now is not the time to fall back but rather attack and attack again. Put the Democrats on the defensive for why they couldn't do their job. Next week is another opportunity to go on the power play, so learn from this past failure of leadership and score.

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