Saturday, April 9, 2011

The End of Self?

The End of Self?

Wow, I am not a fan of Facebook, but my lovely wife happens to be. I just like my privacy after so many years of having none, so I'm not into the whole social networking things and I don't connect with people I used to know online except for the occasional email. I am amazed at the herd mentality of allowing so many people to track you and now to share your pictures with them automatically. This is insane.

You have no idea what kind of crazies are out there that now know what you look like and where you are. It wouldn't take too long to figure out that you are home alone or near a dark alley. Since when did America raise a bunch of dumbasses? Back when I was a kid there were crazies, but they were pretty spread out and you rarely heard about them except when they did something super crazy (think Mason). Now you here about every crazy and how many bodies they have stacked up and all the while we make it easier and easier for them to hunt. Think about all those sick bastards that they catch trying to hook up with 14 year old kids. Before the internet they had to go out in public to hunt and people could see them and stay away or they would be caught and put away. Now they can sit in their underwear and hunt little kids to molest in the comfort of their home. Don't get me started on rapist/murders because we can't talk about that. Girls purposely put themselves on display all over the media, which is like a smorgasbord to these killer freaks.

We have to start using some common sense and start teaching our children to value themselves as individuals and not just one of the herd. Because you know what happens to herd animals, they get eaten by predators (in some cases literally eaten). I guess I am just too old to get it, so I will shut up now.

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