Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I do not have Solidarity with the Public Unions

Why I do not have Solidarity with the Public Unions

Here is a well reasoned article on why people are suddenly so anti-union. The unions and their Democrat lap dogs have failed to see the shifting landscape and they run the risk of disappearing all together for their failure. When the majority of Americans is trying to decided food or gas, it is extremely tough to find an ounce of sympathy for people making 100K plus a year off of tax money that We the People should would like to have in our pocket to make that food or gas decision. I think that this failure will lead to the end of government employee unions as we know them and with them the vast support of the Democratic political machine. The people are willing to share when things are going great and there is plenty, but when the walls crash down they are no longer willing to support luxury will scraping up a few dollars for gas. The average citizen is going to look a lot closer at all those sweetheart deals that the unions and Democrats have been dealing and going to say NO!

We need to cut all government spending and that includes all those wonderful support staffs at the local level and all those added positions that fill niche needs. We can't afford them any longer and we need to come to reality that we can barely afford the basics never minds the bells and whistles. Why is social security every American's retirement plan? It was never intended to be such, but rather a safety net for poor farm widows. Being human beings, we liked the idea that the almighty American government would take care of us and put our minds at rest over planning for the future. This was a delusion and asking too much from the politicians because with so much money and so much power they kept promising more and more. They couldn't help it because it kept getting them re-elected and the people never called them into account for all these false promises.

The chickens have come home to roost and the lies and the promises are being exposed. We never had the money to keep these promises and the federal government instead of protecting us has led us into slavery. We own $14 trillion in national debt and probably another $100 trillion in unfunded obligations in the form of SS and medicare. How is this going to work? We are going to have to go back to basics and cut huge amounts of government services to bring things back in line. We are going to have to start telling the truth that America is broke and we aren't going to be able to support everyone for the rest of their lives. If you have money and are retired then you shouldn't be drawing SS until your money runs out. I know there are those who don't have money and they need help, so they should be the ones getting it. I also know that millions have paid in and are still paying in with zero hope of any return, so we need to fix that as well.

We need to allow younger people to take the money that would have been funneled into the government pit and let them invest it in their 401k or IRA. That way they can be assured of having money in the future. Those of us in the middle should be able to chose to reduce our government contribution and put it in our 401k or IRA or stick with the government plan. This leaves all those that are too close or are in retirement to switch, we need to tighten distributions to those that are not hurting and budget to pay for those who are. We need to cut other government spending to keep America from going under and we need to stop providing health care and instead provide money for policies or supplements. There is a market solution to this problem and it is amazing how many smart companies came up with money making solutions to supplement Medicare and the drug benefit. People are going to get old and need care there is no doubt about that, but we should be helping them not by paying for it, but helping them find a plan and helping with the premiums.

We can't solve every body's problems if we no longer exists, so we are going to have to make some changes around Washington and as Chris Christie says the party is over and the money is gone. Hate to be the guy that has to finally tell everyone the truth, but either sacrifice a little now or lose it all.

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