Saturday, March 5, 2011

Was the Economic Crisis Manufactured?

Was the Economic Crisis Manufactured?

I said this at the time when I questioned the so called oil crisis that had absolutely no reason and the housing crisis that suddenly followed all in short order. There are dark and malevolent forces at work namely the media and the Democrats. It is funny how press leaks by prominent Democrats always seem to precede major meltdowns. The American public can be spooked, which leads to a heard mentality. The Democrats claim that the Republicans do this all the time with national security, but the real bogeyman is the Democrats and financial security. Amazing how long did Frank say all was well until they needed the crisis to get their man elected, then suddenly the sky was falling the whole world was going down in flames. This same mentality spread to everything that happened in the Democrat controlled Congress in the fall of 2008. Bush and the Republicans should have doused that BS with facts and showed how the market would correct itself if giving the opportunity, but as we all know that the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the media drowned out all reason. The media created the oil crisis of the summer that there was zero reason for and they saw a prime opportunity in the fall to get the Joker elected and they seized on it. An informed public should not have fallen for such crap, but America is not an informed public. A vast majority of Americans still believed in the MSM because they grow up on it with its truth and the American way, but they failed to see the shift to self serving propaganda machine that it had become since 2004. Today, a lot of Americans are still taken in by the MSM and its agenda, but with the advent of blogosphere there is another outlet for the truth. The funny thing is that the blogosphere is getting it right far sooner than the traditional media, which is having a positive effect on the overall narrative in this country. Are we out of the woods yet on manipulation by the media, hell no! We are getting better and the internet is preventing the one-sided BS avalanche that caused the Joker to get elected. We know must stay vigilant as we head into the next election cycle because the MSM underestimate the power of the people in 2010, but we won't be so lucky in 2012 as we try to dethrone the Joker.

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  1. My view is that the leechfucks control America. They can now vote handouts from the TREASURY. And it will only get worse.