Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Japanese Reactor Situation

This is a pretty good explanation of what has happened and what to expect going forward.   I have spent the last couple of days trying to spread reason and understanding.  This is a very stressful situation for those poor operators and we need to keep them in our prayers.  Their biggest hope is to get some sustained electrical power back on at the plant, so they can keep the long term cooling pumps running.  The fuel oil contamination issue has hampered this over the last couple of days, so hopefully they can crack that nut soon.  Feed and bleed of any reactor is bad, but if done in time then damage to the fuel can be limited or even prevented.  As for the two reactors that have seawater injected into them, they are toast and they will never operate again.  Using seawater is last on the list of options and now it is a matter of prevent further damage and releases.

Here in the States we are not currently in any danger and it is unlikely we will ever be so due to this situation.  The Japanese government appears to be taking all the right precautions to protect their people, so we need to take a deep breath and know that we are okay.  Not giant mushroom clouds or giant lizards are on our horizon.

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