Friday, March 18, 2011

A few days on now.

Since we are all still here and he calls of the end of the world as we know it are dying down because the brave people handling the nuclear plant crisis are finally seeing the light of day and some actually hope.  The addition of a high power line to unit 2 and the working diesel covering units 5 & 6 sure is helping.  The shooting of water into the crippled buildings of units 3 &4 are starting to have a positive affect.  This is all pretty darn good news and another sign is that there is a lot less blathering idiots on MSM spreading disinformation over the last 24 hours.  My biggest disappointment through this entire mess was the head of the NRC's testimony to Congress because he might has well just took a gun and opened fire on the Japanese.  He didn't have all the facts and he exaggerated the information that he did have to scare the bee-jesus out of a lot of people unnecessarily.

I spent quite a bit of time on several sites gathering and disseminating the best information that could be found, plus with the help of a few friends (Vic & crosspatch) answering a lot of people's questions about how bad things really were and calming a lot of fears.  It sickens me that three guys on a couple of blogs did a far better job of analyzing this situation then the MSM (not really unexpected) and the NRC Chairman.  Is nuclear power the safest form of mass produced energy? It is pretty close when you look at industry deaths over the years from mining coal, drilling for oil, and operating nuke plants.  I leave hydro, thermal, solar, and biomass out because I don't have good numbers on those and even hydro has some deaths.  Can nuclear be safer? Yes, we can take what we learned from this incident and added to the lessons we learned from TMI and somewhat from Chernobyl and built better safer plants.  The new AP1000 does not rely on diesels right away, so the crisis we have in Japan would never get this far using the new design and it wouldn't be compounded by H2 explosions.

We are standing at the edge of a new world with limited options moving forward and if America wants to survive as a nation then we have to secure our energy future.  Failing to do that will prevent us from being able to do anything more than be a beggar nation asking others to buy our debt so we can house and feed our old people.  We need energy to build stuff and when we build stuff we need people. When we put people to work that is when America works again as a Nation.  Light up the phones, emails, and faxes to your Representatives and let them know America needs to pursuit an all of the above energy strategy and reform government spending.  Those two issues alone should be on every American's lips now through the 2012 elections because failing to get a handle on both will prevent America from being a world leader and beacon of hope once again.

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