Saturday, February 19, 2011

Works and Days » Decline Is in the Mind

Works and Days » Decline Is in the Mind

Great article that shows that we can turn this around if we only get off our fat lazy butts and make America work again. We need to stop letting the eco-nazis and the liberals dictate the terms, so we can tap our resources and stop sending our wealth overseas. We need to get America back to work and put an end to the government dole. Britain has scene what happens when you make it easier not to work and collect from the government, so why the hell would be want to follow in those footsteps of socialist Europe. I say it is time to get back to our roots of self reliance and self determination. Work hard and make a better life for you and your family. It can still happen even today in America because if poor white boy from the sticks of Maine can make good enough living to worry about being rich by the Joker's standard than anyone can do the same. I didn't get some fancy Ivy league education or some government handout (unless 20 years of military service counts as a handout).

I worked and scraped my way through college and spent twenty years in leadership school to emerge into a tough economy, but I do what is needed and have made a place for myself. No one gave me a thing, so I am sick and tired of all the whiners complaining and all the politicians saying it is too hard to fix this mess. That is pure unadulterated BS. We can fix this mess if you join together and let those a-holes know that they have no other choice. The only thing a politician worries about is getting re-elected, so we make it perfectly clear that they will not if they don't do what needs to be done. Is is going to hurt in the short-term, hell yes, but that can't stop us from doing what is right in the long term. I said it yesterday that we need to put the pressure on and rally to the adults like Christie, Cain, Daniels, and anyone else that is seriously talking about fixing this mess and crush the weak willed ones. If any politicians isn't talking about seriously fixing this mess by cutting government then they should be sent packing. If they aren't talking policies that promote energy independence and industry friendly environment then they need to go as well. We must rally or it will be to late to stop the decline real or imagined.

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