Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop the Fraud -- Freeze the Debt Ceiling

Stop the Fraud -- Freeze the Debt Ceiling

This guy has some interesting ideas about this issue and I frankly like them. You can't keep telling a little kid that there are going to be consequences for bad behavior and never actually enforce them. This is the same with politicians, if you keep saying spending our money like it is water is unacceptable, but never do anything about it they will keep doing what they have been doing. If we finally slam on the brakes and bust a few heads, then the rest of the morons will quickly fall into line. The American public has been scream for the politicians to stop and even threw a bunch out of office, but a lot of the remaining ones just still don't get it. So, when they vote to raise the limit, we take their names and find someone to start running against them immediately in their primary or an opposition candidate. There are millions of of people with a few dollars to spend on a campaign to rid us of the career criminals in Washington (see Allen West's campaign).

We can no longer sit by and let these criminals steal our children's futures just so they can avoid the hard issues. They only worry about getting re-elected, so make it painfully obvious to each and everyone of them if they vote to raise the ceiling they are in for the fight of their lives. We can't keep going along to get along any longer. We must punish the guilty and behavior will change. Actions have consequences and negative actions should have very negative consequences to change behavior. We need to keep the phones and faxes pouring in to our representatives, so they know we are serious and we also need to start looking for replacements.

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