Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gov. Daniels walks back comments about Dem fleebaggers

Gov. Daniels walks back comments about Dem fleebaggers

I guess I fell for the media bias and failed in my due diligence in regards to Gov. Daniels position on the fleebaggers in his own state. I really like the guy, but he needs some serious help keeping his foot out of his mouth. This latest incident added to the truce talk, just doesn't make the points he needs to make to win the nomination, never mind the presidency. He needs a clear and focused message with concrete actions that he intends to take to resolve the nations problems. He needs to focus on one subject at a time, which would have saved us from this latest incident. If he would have said that he was upset with the fleebaggers and wanted them to return as one complete thought before moving onto the protesters then there would have been zero to report or twist. Here is how is should have gone, those legislators that have fled from their sworn duty are wrong and they need to return to work. I do admire the democratic process where every American has an opportunity to peaceably protest the actions of their government without threat of violence. I will not abide by violence on either side and hopefully we will be able to bring this problem to a resolution that is acceptable to the people of Indiana.

I guess my general disappointment in Gov. Daniels is that if he intends to help save this country from itself then he needs to step up his game and make clear and concise points of matters of the day or else he is going to suffer the Palin treatment of being too dumb to make an acceptable President. Which we all know is impossible since the Joker has now set an extremely low bar on what it takes to be President. Daniels needs to team up with someone that brings fire and passion to the fight (Cain) and start working out a solid plan to fix the mess. Endorse the Road Map, set forth a plan for tax reform, and start using that 100 lb brain for more than a hat rack. The American people are ready for an adult and this guy is an adult but they are not ready for a bumbling idiot that can be seen as lucking into the right place at the right time. Daniels needs to start hitting them with the wonk and no letting up until every American understands that we are headed in to the crapper unless we do something now. Force the Joker to defend his spendthrift ways with hard facts, show how reduced government spending and regulation actually stimulates the economy, not blowing money we don't have on wasteful government projects. Show how lowing corporate taxes brings jobs in, instead of driving them away like we have for decades.

I was rash to judge Mitch so quickly, but I am sick and tired of weak willed or the appearance of weakness from a Republican "top tier" candidate. These guys need to grow some stones and stop worrying about the media, but since they can't be avoided be prepared with facts and clear and concise answers. Mitch, it is time to get your crap in a sock and start acting like someone the people can trust to be the next president and not a back tracking unsure of what to say pansy. The people will respect you more if you are straight forward with the truth even if it hurts then if you constantly make your supporters have to guess what you were trying to say. Get a platform, get some coaching, and get in the damn game.

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