Saturday, January 1, 2011

What have seventy or so years of Liberalism done to the children of our Country?

Reflecting on the state of the County as the New Year ushers its way in; one thing bothers me more than anything else that the cowardly leftist elite (or progressives if you will) have done.
It is the profound change in our children (over the last seventy or so years of Liberal erosion and assault). They, the children of America, have migrated from the most resilient, hard working & goal oriented individuals to ever inhabit the planet; into the lazy, self serving, slovenly pack of demonstrators” that sees only what can be had by complaining or threatening.
Now our children are a mob that produces very little, waiting for the “Housing Projects” to announce the start of free WIFI for the residents…
The entire generation I see coming up appears to have lost its perspective and its way; I lay the blame solely at the feet of the liberal left.
Government handouts have replaced self-reliance. The work ethic of the 1940 era has been stagnated, over come and replaced by the food stamps & free cell phones of the Progressives.
No longer is the clarity of the simple rule that you must work & produce if you are to survive even evident in these younger generations thinking. The left wing professors in our schools did this to our brightest. They, the non-producing thinkers of our society injected our youth with “Guilt”. The hordes of brain washed students set out on a path not to achieve but of one riddled with self-loathing; this is the mob that gave us endless programs to help those that do little to help themselves.
This is what the last 70 years of leaders like Obama have wrought. I pray this will start to change as we march forward to the elections in 2012. I believe we are approaching the point of “No Return”

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