Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Interesting Post

I have been busy updating my blog list because have been turning over some new stones in the New Year.  There are several new additions and a couple of deletions (due to inactivity, not content).  I came across Whiskey's Place, which I have found very interesting.  The ideas are very thought provoking and highly un-PC, which is what I like about them.  He has some very interesting ideas on how the Republicans can win in 2012, that makes absolute sense and you will never hear or see in the MSM.  The biggest swing demographic are college educated white women and they can either win you an election or send you down in flames (see recent CA races).  This is a very well researched and developed piece, which is well worth reading.  I have felt for a long time that this particular group was the key and based on what I read it makes perfect sense.

This particular group is a growing demographic as more women are heading off to college and graduating at far higher rates then ever before.  They at the bottom of the PC minority totem pole, which is the key to winning them over.  A lot of these women are fiscal conservatives, but not "social conservatives", particularly when it comes to abortion.  This is a very real sticking point with them and what clearly divides them from most Republicans.  A fiscally conservative platform and a strong alpha male (non-white) could move this group to oust Obama, but an abortion abolitionist or abolitionist platform are sure losers with them. So what is to be done?  I am with Mitch Daniels on this one by back-burning social issues (abortion & gay marriage) and focusing on fiscal issues of out of control federal spending. If that is done then you might have a chance of ousting Obama in 2012, otherwise you have to wait until 2016 because this critical group of swing voters isn't going to back a female or a weak-knee pansy or an abortion abolitionist.

These observations only confirm my previous statements that voters treat electing the President of the United States the same way they do high school senior class president and they vote for the biggest promises and hottest most popular guy in the contest.  Also, if the economy is better or not significantly worse they will stick by their choice in Obama, giving him four more years.  The only solace we can take is that it is likely that the Republicans can take the Senate and if they do their job, of shrinking the government they will show that they have learned their lesson in time for 2016.  I have resigned myself to the fact that we are stuck reshaping the Republicans currently, but that can change in pretty short order if they return to business as usual in Washington.

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