Saturday, January 29, 2011

Honey, Do You Mind Leftovers Tonight?

Honey, Do You Mind Leftovers Tonight?

Funny that he should bring this up considering the current set of polls on Townhall and over on Ace's site. It seems the only group that is fired up are the Palin devotees and I am beginning to think why the hell not throw her up against the Joker. It isn't likely to matter any way and it would make for great entertainment.

I personally think a Daniels/Cain ticket is what this country needs to pull its collective head out of its butt. We need adults that know how to turn things around and fix government, but instead we are going to have the same old high school senior class president elections. Obama is still the cool kid and he will triangulate his way to a second term because the economy is probably going to be doing better thanks to the Republicans in the House. This means regardless of who runs on the Republican ticket, the Obama loving independent voters are likely to swing behind their original choice of savior. They are not likely to throw Obama overboard unless their jobs are threatened or inflation is out of control.

The MSM will hide or minimize any major issues until after the election, so there won't be any sudden economic crisis to derail the Joker. This leaves us with an election of star power and cult personalities, which Palin and the Joker both have. The problem for Palin is that those pesky independents are not in her camp now and are not likely to change sides unless there really is no choice, but if the economy is that bad then they will be looking for an adult not a reality TV star to lead them.

America gets what it deserves when it comes to leadership, you treat the Office of President so lightly that you elect an empty suit to the job then you suffer the consequences. If you elect a rootness tootness gun slinger west of the Pecos, you get what you deserve. But if you want an adult to lead this country back to greatness, you find someone that is solid in their beliefs and paid their dues of hard work. You find somebody that has already done the heavy lifting as a governor or CEO. Elections based on looks is so high school and beneath the leader of the free world position (notice how no one uses that title for the Joker). I love Palin for the pure entertainment value, but she is not what this country and the world needs right now. We need a serious, maybe even boring, adult to lead this country back to greatness. We need someone with a proven track record of success and out of the current choices that would be Daniels/Cain.

In 2016 there should be an excellent crop of seasoned candidates that are truly ready to lead. So in 2012, we should focus our energies on winning the Senate and building on the gains in the House. Hell let Palin square off against the Joker, it would be very entertaining. It would also allow the rabid Palin supporters to see that she is much better suited to bringing in the cash and attention to the issues with her tweets.

Lets remember that the world and America both do best when there is an adult in charge of the the White House and that has happened for nearly 30 years. Reagan was wise and a grisly veteran of numerous campaigns and served honorably for a full term as governor before becoming President, but with Palin you get a VP candidate, that served a half term as governor, and now has become a reality TV star. So unlike Reagan, she is heading backwards through his career progression.

It just doesn't make sense, but what does in these days, so Palin for President 2012!

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