Saturday, January 29, 2011

Honey, Do You Mind Leftovers Tonight?

Honey, Do You Mind Leftovers Tonight?

Funny that he should bring this up considering the current set of polls on Townhall and over on Ace's site. It seems the only group that is fired up are the Palin devotees and I am beginning to think why the hell not throw her up against the Joker. It isn't likely to matter any way and it would make for great entertainment.

I personally think a Daniels/Cain ticket is what this country needs to pull its collective head out of its butt. We need adults that know how to turn things around and fix government, but instead we are going to have the same old high school senior class president elections. Obama is still the cool kid and he will triangulate his way to a second term because the economy is probably going to be doing better thanks to the Republicans in the House. This means regardless of who runs on the Republican ticket, the Obama loving independent voters are likely to swing behind their original choice of savior. They are not likely to throw Obama overboard unless their jobs are threatened or inflation is out of control.

The MSM will hide or minimize any major issues until after the election, so there won't be any sudden economic crisis to derail the Joker. This leaves us with an election of star power and cult personalities, which Palin and the Joker both have. The problem for Palin is that those pesky independents are not in her camp now and are not likely to change sides unless there really is no choice, but if the economy is that bad then they will be looking for an adult not a reality TV star to lead them.

America gets what it deserves when it comes to leadership, you treat the Office of President so lightly that you elect an empty suit to the job then you suffer the consequences. If you elect a rootness tootness gun slinger west of the Pecos, you get what you deserve. But if you want an adult to lead this country back to greatness, you find someone that is solid in their beliefs and paid their dues of hard work. You find somebody that has already done the heavy lifting as a governor or CEO. Elections based on looks is so high school and beneath the leader of the free world position (notice how no one uses that title for the Joker). I love Palin for the pure entertainment value, but she is not what this country and the world needs right now. We need a serious, maybe even boring, adult to lead this country back to greatness. We need someone with a proven track record of success and out of the current choices that would be Daniels/Cain.

In 2016 there should be an excellent crop of seasoned candidates that are truly ready to lead. So in 2012, we should focus our energies on winning the Senate and building on the gains in the House. Hell let Palin square off against the Joker, it would be very entertaining. It would also allow the rabid Palin supporters to see that she is much better suited to bringing in the cash and attention to the issues with her tweets.

Lets remember that the world and America both do best when there is an adult in charge of the the White House and that has happened for nearly 30 years. Reagan was wise and a grisly veteran of numerous campaigns and served honorably for a full term as governor before becoming President, but with Palin you get a VP candidate, that served a half term as governor, and now has become a reality TV star. So unlike Reagan, she is heading backwards through his career progression.

It just doesn't make sense, but what does in these days, so Palin for President 2012!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Republicans Fear Tea Party Will Be a Spoiler

Republicans Fear Tea Party Will Be a Spoiler

Wow, what a good day for articles. I love the part about abused wives because as a voter I sure feel abused by the career criminals in Washington. We must force the parties to put forth acceptable candidates that believe in helping this country. I don't care if they are red, blue, or turquoise as long as they actually go to Washington and fix this mess. We can't keep choosing between the same old hacks and expect different results. As I look at the Presidential primary field there a lot of party hacks that think it is their time, but in actuality I pray the come to their senses and drop out leaving the adults to attend to the important matters of the day. Chris Christie has a wonderful video of him telling the people how it is and the people are eating it up. I know it sucks to be a policeman that only gets a 2% raise, but would they rather be on of the 145 newly unemployed policemen? Christie told it to them straight that the politicians lied and the party is over, so either you sacrifice a little or lose it all. We need Christie to tour the country raising awareness of the sad truth about the situation this country is in and how we can fix it. Hey, that would be a campaign tour right? We need to grow up and start acting like adults.

The Rest of the World and Obama

The Rest of the World and Obama

This article just emphasizes the way I feel about the Joker and how things are going here and abroad. The Joker has done more to ruin this country then any foreign terrorist or military ever could.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Townhall Presidential Straw Poll

This is a wonderful opportunity to shape the future race for the Republican nominee.  Both my first choices are available and there is even an other if no one strikes your fancy.  So go get out the vote.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Get Ready for an Obama Victory in 2012

Get Ready for an Obama Victory in 2012

I must be on to something with my thoughts about the 2012 elections because PJM contributor is saying the exact things I said a month ago. I guess I am just ahead of my time, sorry to a certain conservative girl but unless the economy tanks we get four more years of the Joker.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Thinker Blog: Obama's Tucson Memorial Speech Was More Manipulation

American Thinker Blog: Obama's Tucson Memorial Speech Was More Manipulation

I am glad that I am not alone in feeling this way about the Speech, I won't justify it as a Memorial Speech because it was not that by a long shot. I am saddened by the fact that so many could be duped by this snake oil salesman. I miss hard nosed investigative reporting, where facts are used to bring corrupt politicians to justice. Instead we are told daily how evil and crazy we are because we refuse to drink the big government kool-aid. The only evil and crazy dude in this mess is the liberal left wing nut bag that shot a whole bunch of people. The rest of us that refuse to go along with out of control government spending and regulation are just plain hard working tax paying Americans that have had enough of the BS Washington is shoveling. Always remember that fighting for what is right is no vice!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been Biting My Tongue

As an AZ resident and an American, I have been biting my tongue over the whole Tucson shooting incident because I didn't want to rush to judgment or say anything rash.  I break my silence now because everything that I have been feeling about the whole situation is coming out now and other people have pretty much the same take on it. So I will go into depth on a couple of the issues that have bugging the crap out of me.

First, the shooter was a complete and utter nut-bag that zero affiliation with anything conservative or Republican.  This asshole is a far left crazy that got caught up in his own bullshit.  The media and the left used this extremely tragic incident to attack peace loving patriots at every turn.  You will have to excuse my use of French in this post, but I am absolutely livid over this entire mess and how people who love this country are being tied to an absolute hater of everything this country represents.

Second, the President, never letting a crisis go to waste, kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign with a rally in Tucson.  Hijacking a memorial service for the fallen and wounded for his own political gain.  I know John Boehner was not in attendance because he would have flooded the arena with is tears, but I didn't see Obama get the least bit misty or shed a tear during his rally speech.  I truly doubt that he gave a tinker's damn about any of the victims except that it provided him an opportunity to finally look presidential.  I was mortified by the rally.  The commentators are 100% correct that he gave a wonderful speech, except that he and his team turned what should have been a solemn event into a convention style rally with t-shirts and all.  Together We Thrive? What bullshit is that for a memorial event?  I would have been impressed if that speech had been giving to a crying and saddened crowd that needed healing, but instead I was treated to a preview of campaign 2012.

Third, all the wacko and wing nuts running around calling for this and that in the wake of the tragedy.  People wanting to control free speech after the fact, are the same liberal bomb throwers that never had a problem with near death threats to President Bush.  To this day have no issue attacking anyone that doesn't agree with their far left agenda with terms like Nazi, racist, murderer, or baby killer (last one an oldie but goodie).  The funny thing is that if you want to tamp down the BS, start with yourself and work out from there. 

I held my tongue up until now because I had  to think about what I should say without going off the deep end.  I am mad as hell at what this crazy, leftist, nut-job did, but I was willing to confine it to him because that is who was responsible for this tragedy, but I felt I needed to set something straight after almost a full week of utter BS.

Fourth,  the call for more gun control is BS as well because if someone in that crowd had been packing heat they may have put this mutt down before he could have killed anymore people.  I am highly trained in the use of small arms and would not hesitate to put a cap in this mutt head if I felt deadly force was necessary (as it clearly was in this situation).  I know that in today's court system I would most likely be spending the rest of my life behind bars for stopping this mutt because we have a truly screwed up sense of right and wrong in this country right now. 

This mutt wanted to be killed as evidenced by all his media BS, then we should be able to accommodate that wish in protection of ourselves and others from serious bodily harm (one of the allowable uses of deadly force).  You don't see crap like this happening in Israel where everyone has served in the military and are most likely armed. There aren't a whole lot of muggings or home invasions either because their mutts know that they are very likely to take a couple between the eyes.  Consequences change behavior!

I wonder how long Obama and his team will milk this tragedy for fame and fortune.  I could not be more ashamed of the media and our so called leader than I am today.  The good news is that his numbers are starting to rise in the polls, so I will be proven right that he will win re-election.  I hate being right sometimes.

To wrap this up, all of the victims of the tragedy in Tucson have my most heart felt prayers and thoughts.  I hope for peace and serenity in the lives of all those affected by this tragedy and a speedy recovery for all the injured.  I also hope this mutt gets a fair trial and a good hanging (this situation calls for old west justice, not some mamby pamby lethal injection).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Interesting Post

I have been busy updating my blog list because have been turning over some new stones in the New Year.  There are several new additions and a couple of deletions (due to inactivity, not content).  I came across Whiskey's Place, which I have found very interesting.  The ideas are very thought provoking and highly un-PC, which is what I like about them.  He has some very interesting ideas on how the Republicans can win in 2012, that makes absolute sense and you will never hear or see in the MSM.  The biggest swing demographic are college educated white women and they can either win you an election or send you down in flames (see recent CA races).  This is a very well researched and developed piece, which is well worth reading.  I have felt for a long time that this particular group was the key and based on what I read it makes perfect sense.

This particular group is a growing demographic as more women are heading off to college and graduating at far higher rates then ever before.  They at the bottom of the PC minority totem pole, which is the key to winning them over.  A lot of these women are fiscal conservatives, but not "social conservatives", particularly when it comes to abortion.  This is a very real sticking point with them and what clearly divides them from most Republicans.  A fiscally conservative platform and a strong alpha male (non-white) could move this group to oust Obama, but an abortion abolitionist or abolitionist platform are sure losers with them. So what is to be done?  I am with Mitch Daniels on this one by back-burning social issues (abortion & gay marriage) and focusing on fiscal issues of out of control federal spending. If that is done then you might have a chance of ousting Obama in 2012, otherwise you have to wait until 2016 because this critical group of swing voters isn't going to back a female or a weak-knee pansy or an abortion abolitionist.

These observations only confirm my previous statements that voters treat electing the President of the United States the same way they do high school senior class president and they vote for the biggest promises and hottest most popular guy in the contest.  Also, if the economy is better or not significantly worse they will stick by their choice in Obama, giving him four more years.  The only solace we can take is that it is likely that the Republicans can take the Senate and if they do their job, of shrinking the government they will show that they have learned their lesson in time for 2016.  I have resigned myself to the fact that we are stuck reshaping the Republicans currently, but that can change in pretty short order if they return to business as usual in Washington.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The beginning of a trend? American companies rethink China

The beginning of a trend? American companies rethink China

Here is a good article on what is going to be a growing trend and if Congress can pull its head out and lower corporate taxes even more manufacturing jobs will return to the US. It also talks about the seeds of Obama's re-election strategy because if the economy gets better he will of course take the credit, which will influence the independents to vote for him because they would rather re-elect the devil they know.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Canada slashes corporate tax rate to 16.5%

Canada slashes corporate tax rate to 16.5%

Hey what a wonderful idea! Slash corporate taxes to encourage business growth and jobs. Too bad the current bunch of coconuts in Congress and the White House don't have two brain cells to rub together to figure out this infinitely difficult puzzle. I mean it is really hard to calculate that lowering the cost of doing business in your country encourages businesses to do business in your country. If you want to grow the economy then you have to do things that make it worthwhile to do business here. We have a somewhat educated workforce, lots of land, empty factories, and people willing to work, so lets jump on the lower business tax bandwagon and ride it all the way to prosperity again. Screw that lets find new and inventive ways to tax and regulate companies that are stupid enough to do business here and make sure these mean and hateful bastards pay there fair share for the government run welfare state. Yeah Team America, way to get your ass spanked by Team Canada.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What have seventy or so years of Liberalism done to the children of our Country?

Reflecting on the state of the County as the New Year ushers its way in; one thing bothers me more than anything else that the cowardly leftist elite (or progressives if you will) have done.
It is the profound change in our children (over the last seventy or so years of Liberal erosion and assault). They, the children of America, have migrated from the most resilient, hard working & goal oriented individuals to ever inhabit the planet; into the lazy, self serving, slovenly pack of demonstrators” that sees only what can be had by complaining or threatening.
Now our children are a mob that produces very little, waiting for the “Housing Projects” to announce the start of free WIFI for the residents…
The entire generation I see coming up appears to have lost its perspective and its way; I lay the blame solely at the feet of the liberal left.
Government handouts have replaced self-reliance. The work ethic of the 1940 era has been stagnated, over come and replaced by the food stamps & free cell phones of the Progressives.
No longer is the clarity of the simple rule that you must work & produce if you are to survive even evident in these younger generations thinking. The left wing professors in our schools did this to our brightest. They, the non-producing thinkers of our society injected our youth with “Guilt”. The hordes of brain washed students set out on a path not to achieve but of one riddled with self-loathing; this is the mob that gave us endless programs to help those that do little to help themselves.
This is what the last 70 years of leaders like Obama have wrought. I pray this will start to change as we march forward to the elections in 2012. I believe we are approaching the point of “No Return”