Saturday, September 25, 2010

American Thinker Blog: Reagan 'responds' to Obama and his supporters

American Thinker Blog: Reagan 'responds' to Obama and his supporters

Here is a wonderful video about what it means to be an American and that we should be proud of the things we have done as a nation. Sure, we have stumbled from time to time, but when you lay it all out there is a lot of American blood spilled all over the world in the name of Freedom. We really don't ask much in return for that blood, which costs us dearly. The people of Europe and Asia would do well to remember that it was American blood that won WWII and American blood that kept the Bear from their door. Americans are the most tolerant and caring people in the world, but need to show some backbone against Islamofascism. We are not wrong to stand up for Freedom again a tyrannical faction of any religion. We must not let ourselves be blackmailed by radicals that cut people's heads off for disagreeing with them. It is not acceptable to accept terror just because it is wrapped in a religious blanket. If the Muslims of the world policed their own then this would not be an issue, but they have failed and some must stand up to these individuals that spread hate and killing. The average Iraqi does not hate America and really doesn't give a crap about our policies. They only care about feeding their families and giving a better life, we must always strive for that goal and not appeasing those who would use these people as death tools to further their goal of global domination in the name of religion. We must stand tall and say you have a right to your religion, but as with everything there are limits and responsibilities to that right. You cannot attack other countries and expect them not to react in a negative manner. Is America infallible, no, but we have been for most of our history on the right side of most issues (it just took us some time to figure it out sometimes).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What about this Pledge thing?

I  must say that is is fine as far as it goes and that isn't very far, but what can you expect from a bunch of guys that can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  If the Republicans had any kind of leadership they would be easily grabbing a decent majority in both Houses, but they are a rudderless bunch of buffoons that have mucked up a wet dream.  The only reason they are even getting a shot at being returned to power is that they aren't Democrats, whooped-damn-do.  If they had listened to the people 18 months ago and got a decent plan together they would be stumping the guts out of the Democrats and winning new seats left and right. They didn't and now we have them whining about the DE primary like that was what cost them the Senate.  It wouldn't have been even close if they has a clear and concise message that we can do better and he is how.  The Pledge is a weak and lame attempt to not offend  too many while securing the House victory.  It is not leadership and it certainly isn't a vision of how to truly fix things.

I have to let them off the hook a little bit because they are so late to the game that this is about all they will be even able to attempt without a clear majority in the Senate and a hostile White House.  I cry for what could have been, but live in the reality of what it is.  I have to give them a reserved golf clap for this attempt and nothing more because if they had pulled their heads out sooner, we could have had decent majorities and done some true rolling back, plus pushing the socialist to the center like with Bill.  Oh well, we will have to fight a delaying action until 2012 and hope that the fires still burn for true change.

Monday, September 20, 2010

For Whom Bell, California Tolls

For Whom Bell, California Tolls

Wow, some really good stuff that is going to make the civil service go bananas. We have to cut spending and it starts with the workers that make a heck of a lot more than their private sector counterparts. There are a ton of other things that will also be cut including the military to a certain degree, but the pain should be shared by all not just the taxpayers.

These crooks have been arrested for their crimes against the good people of Bell and the state of California.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

American Thinker: Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party Era

American Thinker: Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party Era

A very interesting read and makes several good points. I am glad that the country is finally coming around to my way of thinking (just kidding, sort of).

Friday, September 17, 2010

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

A very nice commentary on what the Constitution is and is not. We must remember that our Founding Fathers were fearful of an all powerful central government and debate whether is was truly worth having one. Here we are 200 plus years later arguing the exact same things. Tyranny is a government that no longer respects or listens to the governed, so Washington take note and watch this hopefully bloodless revolution occur before your eyes. If the Republicans think that they are on the fast track back to business as usually they are in for a big surprise because the American people are firing big government and big government spending. If the Republicans want to stick around they better get on board or they are next group to be shown the door. This week has brought it all into very clear resolution that the Republicans just want to use the Tea Party to regain power, but have no true desire to change their ways. The Tea Party has no clear path except what they don't want, so what this country needs is a strong leader that understands and can deliver the true message of ending big government. I don't think the people care what party this leader comes from as long as they get the fact that we are sick and tired of big wasteful government at all levels and it is now time to put the adults in charge of fixing this country. We need people that are willing to stand up to the lobbyists and the unions to say enough is enough. I know there are a lot of people associated with the Tea Party that could give a rat's ass less about what letter is behind a person's name. The public is frustrated and tired of the crap mill that is Washington, so they are looking to anyone to provide solutions to muck the sewer of Washington. That is how you are getting these radical candidates that would not normally see the light of day. The parties think they can control this wave, but if this week showed us anything, it is showed us the fallacy of trying to used the Tea Party for establishment reconstruction.

It is going to be fun to watch as the election draws near if Washington truly gets what is happening. I also hope that the Tea Party doesn't derail itself with RINO Hunting. We must say on message that the Tea Party is first and foremost a fiscal conservative movement and the Republicans will do well to remember that they succeed when they stick to government by that principle. Can you say Reagan and starve the beast?

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

I thought there was a possibility that the Tea Party would be different, but the same old BS seems to be rearing its ugly head. A small group that doesn't represent the whole movement is claiming victory in Delaware, which was a great Tea Party victory.  The issue is that instead of staying on message, they have lead the voters to believe that this was just a RINO hunt and they are out to get more.  This is not the message at all, but you would never know it from listening to all sides over the last week.  It was a victory for fiscal conservatives that want to put an end to wasteful government spending.  The majority of the Tea Party voters could careless if the opponent is Democrat or Republican because all are equally guilty of fraud, waste and abuse of our hard earned money.   We need to stick to a clear and concise message of fiscal conservatism, constitutional government, and reducing the national debt.  That is what is lighting the fire of true change across this country, not the RINO purge because there are a lot of independents that couldn't care less about Republican party politics.  BUT, they do care about fiscal restraint and have voted that way for years and they will look elsewhere if all this just becomes is a RINO hunt. 

The Tea Party off-shoot that is all about hunting down RINO's is going to turn off voters that only truly care about fixing the financial mess this country is in.  This is a conservative movement, but it is a fiscal conservative movement and they would do well to remember that.  I know that there are a lot of social conservatives in the mix and damn glad to have you, but don't think for one minute that the far right is what is carrying the day.  It is the fiscally conservative independents that will either make or break the November elections.  You RINO Hunters beware because you are doing your level best to turn those voters off and when you do you once again become irrelevant.  The Tea Party movement in this country is all about Americans tired of big government and big government waste and not only about purging the Republican party.  If you want to win in California, Washington, Nevada, or New York stick to the fiscal conservative message and yell it from the roof tops. Otherwise, you are handing this country back to Obama, Pelosi and yes Reid.

That is why from the very beginning that the Tea Party needed a clear set of ideas to rally around and to get other Americans to rally around and we were finally headed there until this week.  This week has pulled the Tea Party so far off message that it may just derail the whole train.  The libertarians and the independents need to reassert themselves and shout the true message of fiscally conservative non-interfering government  in every corner of this great land.  We can not let the Republicans or the social conservatives shoot us in the foot, when we are so close.  All we need is a handful of fiscally conservative Congress men and women to act a a filter on the crap coming out of Washington.  It was never about putting the old set of criminals back in charge of Congress.  The Republicans are all about regaining the power and the graft, but we can't take anymore of that regardless of who is in charge.  We need to send a clear and concise message that the corruption gravy train is over and the adults are in charge.  It isn't going to be pretty or easy to rid Washington of the dinosaurs of the corrupt past, but it must be done to restore this country for our children and grandchildren.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anyone Hear an Apology?

I was wondering if any of you have heard an apology out of the Republicans for their wasteful spending and big government ways?  I would think that would top the agenda of any Republican asking for our votes this year because otherwise why should we even bother trading one career criminal for another.  I have said this many times before that I require an apology by any career politician for the power grubbing big spending ways before I would vote for them.  I am stuck with McCain as my only choice, but as big spenders goes he at least doesn't take earmarks.  I thirst for new blood, but I am glad big spender and career criminal JD Hayworth didn't make it past the primary.  I am happy that there is some fresh blood out there in various elections, but we must be ever vigilant against wolves in sheep's clothing.  The career criminal will say whatever it takes to get elected (prime example McCain, he reversed himself on some many things that I thought he might snap in half).

I am extremely happy that the American public is doing its part to find new blood for Congress, but Washington has a way of corrupting people.  We need to keep the fires burning long past November if we are going to turn this country around.  We must remind Washington daily who they work for and what we demand as a nation.  This will be no easy task as we work our collective butts off to make ends meet, but do do otherwise is to turn our backs on Liberty once more and let the criminal element creep back in.  It is human nature to seek power for oneself and stab a guy in the back to get ahead, but this is the bases of our nature.  We can be so much better than that and we should demand better than that from those who represent us.  It is not a hard thing to say no to wasteful spending and corruption.  Name names and kick butt that is what is needed to cleanup the cesspool that is Washington.  We need champions that have the backbone and principles not to be bought with special interest money.  We need people that actually read and understand the bills that they vote for in Congress.  We need people that avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

We need to stay vigilant to our principles and hold our representatives accountable for their actions and votes.  The Congress is not a lifetime appointment and we need to enforce that by voting out people that don't live up to their promises.  We have a great opportunity over the next few election cycles to truly reform Washington, but that can only happen if we keep the fire in OUR bellies.  The Tea Party or Tea Party endorsed candidates don't need a majority, but rather a strong minority is enough to put an end to the corruption and big spending.  If you can't pass a bill without this minority then you better write ones that are acceptable or else.  This is not rocket science and it worked for many years when there were no super majorities to ram things down people's throats. 

We need to love and support our fresh blood candidates and hold them accountable along with the rest of Congress.  We can can the course of human events if only we stay vigilant.

As a side note the 8/28 rally was so much better than any political rally ever could have been.  Like him or not Glen Beck reminded us that Americans are capable of great things when we aspire to be our best.