Monday, May 31, 2010

Life Happens

The funny thing happened upon my return to the desert this time. I have let go of a lot of the anger and am enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I have a very good job and I am very busy every weekend doing things with my lovely wife, so I don't have a lot of time to even think about all the crap that usually pisses me off and forget about writing it down. Now, I am not giving up this post because as the hot and sunny summer comes to a close there will be lots to write about the fall election. That isn't to say that if I get a wild hair that I won't write or if I find an article that strikes me that I won't post it. I just trying to slow down and enjoy life a little more. I appreciate everyone that has hung around and I truly appreciate that and I haven't forgotten you all.

I am glad to see so many others up and crying out to get the career criminals out of Washington and to take back out government from the progressives and their never ending spending. It truly warms my heart to see so many pick up the banner after so many months of crying out in the wilderness. I still try to read about what is going on and to contribute now and then, but I just won't rant day to day like I used to leading up to the last big election. It amazes me that it has been almost two years ago that I start this blog and so much has happened since. Some good and some bad, but all in all I think the People have finally extracted their melons and they realize that we can't afford what Washington is selling any longer.

I now live in the great state of AZ and we are by no means Nazis or haters of Mexican Americans, but we have grown tired of the drugs, rapes and murders perpetrated by illegal immigrants. That isn't to say that they commit all the drug related crimes, rapes or murders, but there is a disproportionate number of them commit by illegals. AZ is a friendly and welcoming state that has had enough and is tired of being scared, so they are doing what they can to slow the flood of illegal immigrants repeat offenders. I was shocked to learn that the average illegal criminal (actual hardened criminal vs. illegally crossing the boarder kind) has on average 7 arrests. This is insane and needed to be stopped. AZ law allows the police to inquire about the individuals status and allows them to report them to the appropriate authorities. This is polar opposite to the City of Albuquerque, which passed an ordinance forbidding authorities for even inquiring about a persons status once they were already incarcerated.

A sad as the current state of affairs are in Washington, I see real hope for the fall elections as people are no longer buying the party lines and actually thinking for themselves. Does that mean that we will get sweeping change in January, who knows but we might at least put a compression bandage on the sucking chest wound. We must all do our homework and talk up the candidates that we think represent us best and not worry if they are approved by any particular party or group. If Scott Brown can win in MA then there are lots of other opportunities to take out the status quo party hacks that don't think they need to campaign.

I fully wish you all the best and to keep fighting as we remember those who fought to secure and keep this right. God bless all that serve, have served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let It Burn

Let It Burn

This guy hits it on the head about why we need new blood in Washington and the painful road ahead for all Americans.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Got to read the whole posts!

I get to rambling and I go off topic, so please forgive me and read the entire post regardless of the title. The last two have been all over the map because I am so fed up with everything going on around me. I am happy that the people are moving forward and letting their voice be heard. I am happy to see that the politicians (at least the ones that want to keep their jobs) are waking up to the fact the people are pissed and we can't keep spending our way to prosperity or worse yet taxing our way there. I am happy to here Sec. Gates telling it like it is and that the bloated military is getting called in on the carpet. The new law in AZ to protect the people that pay the taxes from the drug runners and criminals. I am sick of the lame stream media and its handling of every issue. I am sick of Pelosi and Reid thinking they know what is best for me and my family. I am sick of politicians that refuse to face reality and make the hard choices necessary to move this country forward. I pray that we don't come to the point like Greece where we have to vote to cut the government to the bone, but we need to do something now to prevent such a meltdown.

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say on all the wonderful happenings.

Tea Party Pushing Forward

I know that there will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over Bob Bennett, but he is the result of voters holding him accountable for his words and actions. He promised to only serve two terms and then went on to serve three. He voted for TARP and authored a bill to force everyone to have health insurance. These two things are cardinal sins with the various factions of the Tea Party. You must walk the walk if you want their vote, which is ultimately a good thing. If you think you know better and ignore those who placed in that position of responsibility then you run the risk of getting tossed out on your butt. Bob wasn't a flaming liberal, but he was a typical politician and I think this year every politician should be thinking long and hard about what they have done and what they are about to do.

It warmed my heart to see that just hours after my call to put the career criminals on notice the people of Utah did just that. We can no longer afford to allow power hungry elitist to spend our money on pet projects and government give aways. We need real answers and real solutions. I support Bob Gates and his realistic view of the bloated industrial-military complex. We need to cut the overhead and buy what is needed. If we want more missile subs then build more Tridents, want more ships then build more DDGs and CGs that we have already designed and work extremely well, and if you want more soldiers than equip them for today's battle. I have always wondered how we defeated the Germans and Japanese without the biggest and most advanced military hanging around waiting on the next conflict? We made choices and we shifted gears. We didn't have the biggest and the best just hanging around, but we sacrifices and worked our asses off to build it in a time of crisis. Are we scared that we are so lazy and stupid that we could figure out how to build ships in the future if a huge ass war broke out?

I know that our enemies of the future are on the rise, but we out spend them now by a huge margin which by the way is unsustainable. We need to put realism back in the picture and stop being the world's policeman for free. Are we really worried that Russia is going to invaded Germany? If that is the case, shouldn't the Germans be doing something to protect themselves other than whining. What about Japan and their Asian neighbors? Shouldn't they have to support their defense to some extent? I know that the Japanese have a Navy and are preparing themselves against the Chinese, but they aren't the only country in the region. Do we really need to be Johnny on the Spot with multiple carriers and subs ready to die for them when they don't bother supporting or building their own militarys?

I know that this is an unpopular position with many of my fellow Tea Party supporters, but you know what, I don't care. Which is really cool because this is America and I can have whatever crazy-ass opinion that I want and after spending twenty years in service to this country I am entitle to spout off. I think we have the best military in the world, but do we really need a couple of thousand flag officers? Or a couple of million civilians? Or fight wars others refuse to fight for themselves? Do we need to be ready to fight two major wars at the same time each and every day? Or could we scale back on flags, civilians, and be ready to fight one war? I want to hear your opinions on this because I am truly interested in what you all have to say about my wild @$$ ideas.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Slack, but I'm Back

To start to overcome a problem you must own it and I am doing just that. I have been slack lately in my musings about what is happening around me in this country and then offering my unsolicited advice. As I am now a proud resident of AZ, I have no problem with my new home wanting to do what our federal government refuses to do. The new immigration law just allows local law enforcement the tools they need to help identify those who should not be here. This isn't random street sweeps, but if you are doing something that requires police intervention then you are now, as you have always been, required to show proof of identification. The only difference is that the police are basically required to inquire about immigration status if you can not produce such identification. A driver's license is deemed proof of legal status, so this is basically a get away free card. What worries me is if this becomes widely known there will be a huge counterfeit market for fake driver's licenses, which is also a crime.

I fully believe in immigration and I also fully believe in the law. These are not opposed positions, but if you are talking illegal immigration then I am 100% opposed and feel that you must stop making it worth it and they will stop coming. If you make the consequences of being caught very negative for both the individual and anyone that supports them (including employers), then people will stop helping them. If a company knows that it can get away with paying illegals a portion of what they would be required to pay a legal then they will. If you make it a huge fine and lose of property like they do with drug dealers then they won't take the risk and when there are no jobs there is no reason to come. If we truly need low paid and low benefit workers then work on having a migrant worker visa for these people and allow them to be here legally. I understand that these people want a better way of life for themselves and their families, but I don't want to pay for them to have it. They can work legally for it just like everyone else.

America is the land of great riches and opportunity, but it will not remain so if we throw open the doors and say come on in and sit on your ass while these hard working folks pay for your medical and education. Regardless what the media would like you to believe about America there are a hell of a lot more of us than those lazy no good bastards at both ends of the spectrum, those who won't and the elitist that hard work is beneath them. If we can pull our collective heads out of our butts and stop listening to those ends, we can make this country great again.

I don't care what party you used to belong to or think best reflects your background because the sad truth is that both major parties are all about progressive, big government and wasteful spending. You know they will talk the talk to get elected, but as soon as they can they will line their pockets with our money and tell us they know what is best for us. That is BS and we need to hold each and everyone of them accountable for every dollar they waste of our money. Do you really want to be deciding between gas and food, while millions and billions of dollars are wasted on supporting the auto companies, the banks, criminals, and lawyers? The government should have to make seriously hard decisions about what they are going to spend our hard earned money. They should fear us the people and that they will be without a job if they waste a single dime. We can no longer allow them to bribe portions of the voting public with our money. We can not sit by and let entitlement program after entitlement program bloat and steal our childrens' future.

I know I have covered a lot of ground in this post, but I have been storing up for some time now. To recap, the new AZ is an attempt to enforce a federal law which our current government refuses to do and is not some Nazi state tactic of eliminating latinos from America, as some have said. Second, we need to make the criminals in Washington afraid to waste our money. We are the vast majority in this country and we have to put an end to the rule of the extremes. We must break the coalition of the minority interest groups that only want to take from the hard working and give it to the hardly working. When I say minority interests this includes the greenies, the lazies, the academics, the unions that only care about bankrupting the companies they work for and expect us to bail them out, and any other group of a-holes that think they are special or better than the hard working American Tax PAYER. You pay taxes then you can whine.