Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wrapping Up 2010

2010 certainly has been an interesting year.  It had lots of unusual happenings and some things that I thought I would never see in America.  On the good side, we had the true emergence of a new party/movement that is  a force to be reckoned with, as seen by the 2010 elections. On the bad side, you have federally enforced groping and national beat downs by the press, both of which aren't new in 2010, but they were taken to a whole new level.
I was happy to see the emergence of the Tea Party movement, but became a little disappointed when at times it was hijacked by the far right.  The far right with its focus on social issues, turned many independent voters against the one movement that has been able to shake up Washington and put the spendthrifts on notice.  If the Tea Party can maintain its small government footing and stand against the socialcons, then it may still force change in Washington. If it allows the socialcons to be its mouthpieces, it is going to send the movement down in flames.  2011 should be a very telling year in the future of the Tea Party.

2010 saw the election of the current century with a massive return of the Republican.  I truly believe this was just more of the same from the Independent Voters because they are looking for a hero to save us from "business as usual" Washington.  I do believe that these newly elected Republicans will be on a very short leash in 2011 and if the Republicans pull anymore crap like the lame duck session once the Freshmen are seated, then they will be out on their butts in 2012.  It was a very good thing to see so many Americans waking up to the tyranny of Washington and throwing off the yoke of the political elite. Which makes 2010  the best year yet in that department.  It gives me hope going forward that America will regain control of Washington and put us back on the road to solvency.  It won't be pretty, but to do anything less is criminal.

Now some of the bad stuff, the TSA needs to go and take with it airport tyranny.  Between the TSA and the airlines, why would anyone fly if they have any other choice.  The TSA continues unabashedly the grope and scan, which is woefully ineffective against the booty bomber, while our government refuses to call it like it is and profile accordingly.  So I say, get rid of the TSA and have the airlines pay for highly trained professionals to screen passengers. That way no one can accuse the big bad government of being racists and the people that have a vested interest in airplane security run and pay for it.  If you don't like how the government does things, then don't let the government get involved especially anything that deals with the public (think Post Office).

There were a lot of things that were heard and seen on Capitol HIll that made 2010 a shocking year. There were continual displays of self interest over the interest of the people, such as the political elite blaming the people for having more principles then them.  They would rather have a turncoat on their team, then do the right thing (sure she was a horrible choice, but she was the choice of the people). How about Lisa's Alaskian victory, there is one for self-interest. These are just a few of the politicians that basically said "I don't give a crap about the will of the people, I am going to do as I please" (also think Nancy Pelosi). 

Then there was the lame duck session of last minute spending and bad deals that should make any self respecting American mad as hell.  We allowed a second stimulus in exchange for temporary tax cuts, when we could have easily gotten permanent ones for 98% of America, with the last 2% only getting two years, but instead we added an additional $315 billion in spending, which included another 13 months of unemployment benefits which though is helpful for those out of work is going to be paid for by our grand children.  How do we explain that?  We rush through a treaty with Russia, which seems like a raw deal for us, but yeah, we have a treaty. 

As for DADT, it was going to happen anyway, so to me this was a non-event but we are on our way to expanding the federal government deeper into marriages as federal benefits are now going to be called into question for same sex spouses for military members.  We will soon have something that allows federally supported same-sex marriage, vice getting the government out of the marriage business all together.  There should just be some federal statue that recognizes domestic unions/partnerships issued by the State, but instead we are going to have a war over what marriage is and how can we deny our soldiers equal protection under the law.  The repeal of DADT was the key to the federal recognition of gay marriage and there is no turning back, which will have the socialcons going bananas. See my point about the Tea Party and socialcons.

2011 should be a very interesting year as the 2012 candidates start their campaigns and lots of fun issues are raised in Washington.  I have more hope on the eve of this year then in the last several combined, but we must stay every vigilant or else the career criminals will steal the future from our great grand children as well.

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