Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Post Series


If you have the time, stop over to Left Coast Rebel and read the series of posts on American Exceptionalism.  It is very informative and share it with your friends.  I truly believe in this country as a global force for good as the Navy commercial says because regardless of our bumbling and stumbling we have a generous and giving heart as a nation.  Whenever and where ever disaster strikes around the globe, America is there lending a hand and asks nothing in return.  We've sent our children off to fight other peoples' wars and have only asked for enough land to bury our dead.  What other country gives and gives while being slapped repeatedly in the face by our friends and enemies alike?  The Europeans call us unsophisticated and barbaric, but when things head South who do they turn to?  When Kuwait was invaded, who lead the way in building a coalition to liberated them?  Let's talk tsunami and Muslims, who did more the US or all the Muslim nations combined?  How about Haiti? How much did we give as compared to the oil rich nations of the gulf?  Say what you want about our shortcomings and failures, but we have a good heart and at least we are willing to try to make this a better world.

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