Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Face Herman Cain

I've been doing some research and a new name seems to keep popping up, Herman Cain. From the looks of his website and lots of other commentators this guys is the Anti-Obama. He has run a successful corporation and been a member of the Federal Reserve for a time. He supports the radical ideas on government reformation including: the Fair Tax, privatizing SSN, and slashing government (not just spending). I wonder if Herman could be a viable candidate to either headline in 2012 or a excellent VP choice. Based on what I have read and heard, it seems like this is the guy that we all need to spend some time getting to know and telling our friends to do the same.

Because honestly, I am less than thrilled with the crop of so called candidates out there and it is looking a lot like a rerun of 2008 with out the old guy. I would like to see some fresh faces of people that are experienced in something else than government and are sound thinkers on their own. If you had a choice today on who to vote for in 2012, who would it be? The TV Stars? The precursor to Obamacare? Some one you have never heard of? I am going with some one I have never heard of and hope to get to know vice the Fox contributors or Romney. Right now my two front runners are Herman Cain and Chris Christie, but Christie isn't going to run because he knows it is currently a suckers bet. In a year things will either be better, the same, or worse, with the first two getting Obama re-elected, so why waste the time, energy, or money. So for me right now, it is Herman Cain until proven otherwise. Let's hear what you have to say.

Here is a link to his website:

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