Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked

The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked

This shouldn't be limited to liberals because this is a vital wake up call to each and every American. The questions are very simple and straight forward. The answers are a painful realization that America better act fast or else because the interest train is coming and it isn't going to be pretty when it smacks us. We haven't done a single thing as a nation yet to solve this issue and it is very doubtful that we will until after the crash. We know there is something bad out there waiting to get us, but like small children we think if we close our eyes it will disappear. The National Debt is at $14 Trillion and growing daily and we are spending billions more than we can ever hope to take in. So that National Debt is going to keep growing and at some point China is going to say 1.5% isn't enough to finance America, so the interest rate on that $14+ Trillion is going to rise. Once it starts upward there is no end in sight because we haven't cut spending, so we keep adding to the National Debt and now more of our revenue is going to interest so the Debt grows faster. This is a death spiral that we are just now entering and if we don't do something drastic it will destroy this country. Happy thoughts for the new year, so lets keep fighting about cutting a few million here and there while we spend Billions we don't have on things we don't really need.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chinese Monopoly

It is funny how things work out.  The Chinese have designs on being a world power and mother earth has provided them the means in the form of rare earth minerals.  The Chinese are the world supplier of these minerals to the tune of 97%, which gives them a monopoly.  A monopoly is a very good thing if you desire power and money because especially if people cannot live without the item you have a monopoly on, which in this case is so very true.  Think about all the the things that you won't have if the Chinese turn off the tap on these rare earth minerals: computers, solar cells, nice new electric cars, exotic batteries, and a whole host of electronic stuff.  China is our crack dealing pimp and we are all going to be its crack ho's.  We don't have a modern world without these wonderful minerals and China is going to be completely in charge of the world's supply until either new sources are found or they are no longer needed.

This scenario is not as dire as one might imagine because it has happened before and it will happen again.  Think beavers, railroads, oil, and computer chips.  All of these were once monopolies, but by invention or a change in fashion, they were overtaken by something else.  Is it going to suck in the short term having a power hungry communist nation playing the tune to which we will all dance? Sure, but some smart guys some where will figure a way around it or find a new source for these minerals.  They will invent water powered batteries or some crazy thing that will make this all a thing of the past. In the mean time America better get ready for higher prices and shortages because China is playing the tune and we are all going to dance to it.

I wonder if Russia is going to play along nicely or are they going to strike some special deal with the devil.  I know we won't deal, but some of our multinational companies will and that should get us through.  I am sure it will have a chilling effect on the world market as doesn't all government intervention into the global markets.  I wonder if the Chinese will out smart themselves and end up shrinking the market for their goods or will they be smart and screw with it just enough to make an enormous profit.  Greed and power are powerful addictions, so I am betting they will screw it up in the end.  It is funny how we lead the world for so long, but now we are going to be kissing China's booty for the foreseeable future. 

Welcome to the future, better learn at least one dialect of Chinese.

Wrapping Up 2010

2010 certainly has been an interesting year.  It had lots of unusual happenings and some things that I thought I would never see in America.  On the good side, we had the true emergence of a new party/movement that is  a force to be reckoned with, as seen by the 2010 elections. On the bad side, you have federally enforced groping and national beat downs by the press, both of which aren't new in 2010, but they were taken to a whole new level.
I was happy to see the emergence of the Tea Party movement, but became a little disappointed when at times it was hijacked by the far right.  The far right with its focus on social issues, turned many independent voters against the one movement that has been able to shake up Washington and put the spendthrifts on notice.  If the Tea Party can maintain its small government footing and stand against the socialcons, then it may still force change in Washington. If it allows the socialcons to be its mouthpieces, it is going to send the movement down in flames.  2011 should be a very telling year in the future of the Tea Party.

2010 saw the election of the current century with a massive return of the Republican.  I truly believe this was just more of the same from the Independent Voters because they are looking for a hero to save us from "business as usual" Washington.  I do believe that these newly elected Republicans will be on a very short leash in 2011 and if the Republicans pull anymore crap like the lame duck session once the Freshmen are seated, then they will be out on their butts in 2012.  It was a very good thing to see so many Americans waking up to the tyranny of Washington and throwing off the yoke of the political elite. Which makes 2010  the best year yet in that department.  It gives me hope going forward that America will regain control of Washington and put us back on the road to solvency.  It won't be pretty, but to do anything less is criminal.

Now some of the bad stuff, the TSA needs to go and take with it airport tyranny.  Between the TSA and the airlines, why would anyone fly if they have any other choice.  The TSA continues unabashedly the grope and scan, which is woefully ineffective against the booty bomber, while our government refuses to call it like it is and profile accordingly.  So I say, get rid of the TSA and have the airlines pay for highly trained professionals to screen passengers. That way no one can accuse the big bad government of being racists and the people that have a vested interest in airplane security run and pay for it.  If you don't like how the government does things, then don't let the government get involved especially anything that deals with the public (think Post Office).

There were a lot of things that were heard and seen on Capitol HIll that made 2010 a shocking year. There were continual displays of self interest over the interest of the people, such as the political elite blaming the people for having more principles then them.  They would rather have a turncoat on their team, then do the right thing (sure she was a horrible choice, but she was the choice of the people). How about Lisa's Alaskian victory, there is one for self-interest. These are just a few of the politicians that basically said "I don't give a crap about the will of the people, I am going to do as I please" (also think Nancy Pelosi). 

Then there was the lame duck session of last minute spending and bad deals that should make any self respecting American mad as hell.  We allowed a second stimulus in exchange for temporary tax cuts, when we could have easily gotten permanent ones for 98% of America, with the last 2% only getting two years, but instead we added an additional $315 billion in spending, which included another 13 months of unemployment benefits which though is helpful for those out of work is going to be paid for by our grand children.  How do we explain that?  We rush through a treaty with Russia, which seems like a raw deal for us, but yeah, we have a treaty. 

As for DADT, it was going to happen anyway, so to me this was a non-event but we are on our way to expanding the federal government deeper into marriages as federal benefits are now going to be called into question for same sex spouses for military members.  We will soon have something that allows federally supported same-sex marriage, vice getting the government out of the marriage business all together.  There should just be some federal statue that recognizes domestic unions/partnerships issued by the State, but instead we are going to have a war over what marriage is and how can we deny our soldiers equal protection under the law.  The repeal of DADT was the key to the federal recognition of gay marriage and there is no turning back, which will have the socialcons going bananas. See my point about the Tea Party and socialcons.

2011 should be a very interesting year as the 2012 candidates start their campaigns and lots of fun issues are raised in Washington.  I have more hope on the eve of this year then in the last several combined, but we must stay every vigilant or else the career criminals will steal the future from our great grand children as well.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Meaningless Social Security Tax Rate Cut

The Meaningless Social Security Tax Rate Cut

This is a very good commentary on a provision of the Tax Compromise and what it really means to every day people. It will be nice to get a 2% raise next year, but I will likely not see a permanent 2% raise from my employer because why should they. It is all a business as usual shell game that Washington played during the Lame Duck session and we are going to have to live with the consequences. As the Tea Party candidates arrive they are going to be greeted by the party establishment that says, "no matter why you are here, the game is going to be played by the old rules!" Think about it! We have emboldened the RINOs to ignore the will of the people and do as they please to thumb there nose at America as a whole, see Murkowski. The American people may have won a moral victory on November 2nd, but it is proving to be a very hollow one based on recent results. If the 111th Congress had any respect for the people and the will of the people, they would not have dumped all this trash on America during the lame duck session. It seems that the political elite purposely thumbed their collective noses at the people by saying elect whomever you want, but we will pass whatever we want. I hope that the freshman class takes a sharp stick to the elite and pokes them right in the eye. The block of fiscally conservative freshman need to stand their ground and say no to poor fiscal policy and introduce spending cuts. If the Senate and/or the President don't sign on then so be it. They originate the spending bills, so when they send the next one, cut even more and see how the Senate and President like that. The only way to stop the runaway train of federal spending is to cut spending, doing anything else is smoke and mirrors. Freshman class I will support you wholeheartedly if you stand your ground and do what you were sent to Washington to do, CUT FEDERAL SPENDING!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obama is amazing!

If any other President had allowed Clinton to take over a White House Briefing they would have been roasted alive by the lamestream media, but as it turns out Obama's epic fail wasn't even a blip on the radar.  I guess I will retract any comment on Obama's future prospects and go back to my original thought that if the economy is not worse then he will be re-elected.  The fact that with the new Republican House things should actually pick up almost assures hum of a return trip to the White House.  There doesn't seem to be anything that can bring him down, so with his unwavering support from the media and independents that won't want to shake things up we will get four more years of Obama.  Hopefully the Republicans can keep from stepping on their peckers long enough to gain control of the Senate in 2012, that will at least prevent anymore substantial damage from occurring. 

If something monumental happens that tanks the economy then America will demand fresh blood to fix it, but that isn't likely to happen in the next two years.  We will see gridlock or worse bargaining with our grand children's futures, like the tax deal.  America will limp along for the next two years and hopefully survive until 2016, when it is likely that we will see a whole new crop of candidates from both sides of the aisle and maybe some decent choices besides the 2008 retreads.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Face Herman Cain

I've been doing some research and a new name seems to keep popping up, Herman Cain. From the looks of his website and lots of other commentators this guys is the Anti-Obama. He has run a successful corporation and been a member of the Federal Reserve for a time. He supports the radical ideas on government reformation including: the Fair Tax, privatizing SSN, and slashing government (not just spending). I wonder if Herman could be a viable candidate to either headline in 2012 or a excellent VP choice. Based on what I have read and heard, it seems like this is the guy that we all need to spend some time getting to know and telling our friends to do the same.

Because honestly, I am less than thrilled with the crop of so called candidates out there and it is looking a lot like a rerun of 2008 with out the old guy. I would like to see some fresh faces of people that are experienced in something else than government and are sound thinkers on their own. If you had a choice today on who to vote for in 2012, who would it be? The TV Stars? The precursor to Obamacare? Some one you have never heard of? I am going with some one I have never heard of and hope to get to know vice the Fox contributors or Romney. Right now my two front runners are Herman Cain and Chris Christie, but Christie isn't going to run because he knows it is currently a suckers bet. In a year things will either be better, the same, or worse, with the first two getting Obama re-elected, so why waste the time, energy, or money. So for me right now, it is Herman Cain until proven otherwise. Let's hear what you have to say.

Here is a link to his website:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tax Cuts Clearly Explained

Tax Cuts Clearly Explained

This is a wonderful article on just how screwed up the tax compromise truly is. Instead of allowing only the ~$545 billion in lost federal revenue from keeping the tax cuts (dubious at best, since raising taxes actually reduces federal revenue but we will go with it in this case), the Democrats piled on an additional ~$315 billion in spending in the name of helping. This is business as usual and not what I voted for in November. Keep the tax cuts, dump the extra spending, or let the Democrats hang themselves by allowing all tax cuts to expire. This is a manufactured crisis that allows Congress to continue to spend our grand children's future. You want to impress me then add a bunch of government spending cuts to this bill to pay for all this and make it a zero impact bill both for the supposed lost revenue and the additional spending, so the Congress critters need to offset this by cutting ~$860 billion in federal spending. If they can do that then I would fully support this package of mumbo jumbo, otherwise this is just business as usual.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Extraordinary Speech

An Extraordinary Speech

I very worthy read.

Obama's Epic Fail

Gloat and retract I will. I said that if the economy improved slightly or stayed the same then Obama would be re-elected by the independents, who would vote for the devil they knew vice putting all the eggs in a Republican basket. I retract that assertion because what happened on Friday demonstrates that it is unlikely that Obama will even run and if he does then he will be primaried out. The shine is off the Obama apple and his chickens are coming home to roost. America needs adult leadership and as of Friday the “adult” President is in the House.

The Republicans still have a long way to go to convince independents that they should be in charge again, but there is an opening for a solid and proven leader to win in 2012. It won’t be Palin, Huckabee, or Romney, but rather someone with a recent solid resume like maybe the Gov. of Indiana. Two years is a long way off and a lot of bad stuff can happen between now and then, so America needs to get down on its knees and ask God to forgive us for our greedy silly selves and bless us once more with true leadership.

Great Post Series


If you have the time, stop over to Left Coast Rebel and read the series of posts on American Exceptionalism.  It is very informative and share it with your friends.  I truly believe in this country as a global force for good as the Navy commercial says because regardless of our bumbling and stumbling we have a generous and giving heart as a nation.  Whenever and where ever disaster strikes around the globe, America is there lending a hand and asks nothing in return.  We've sent our children off to fight other peoples' wars and have only asked for enough land to bury our dead.  What other country gives and gives while being slapped repeatedly in the face by our friends and enemies alike?  The Europeans call us unsophisticated and barbaric, but when things head South who do they turn to?  When Kuwait was invaded, who lead the way in building a coalition to liberated them?  Let's talk tsunami and Muslims, who did more the US or all the Muslim nations combined?  How about Haiti? How much did we give as compared to the oil rich nations of the gulf?  Say what you want about our shortcomings and failures, but we have a good heart and at least we are willing to try to make this a better world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class Warriors Got What They Wished For

Class Warriors Got What They Wished For

A very interesting read about where all the federal revenue has gone. I am willing to bet that if the cuts for the wealth were allowed to expire there would be no additional revenue for the government, but the Democrats don't care they will have won a (im)moral victory. You want to raise actual revenue then restore the lower brackets to where they were and you will see money pouring in because most people are not paying their fair share at all, since we are all Americans and we are all equal then we should be taxed that way. But who am I to say anything other than an American TaxPAYER.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Put Uncle Sam on an Allowance

Put Uncle Sam on an Allowance

There are a lot of ideas out there about how to control government spending and I like this one because it punishes the career criminals in Washington. Sadly, we are just going to dance around actual action until the plane hits the ground. I truly believe that if Congress is running a deficit then they should have their pay cut at least 50% until they balance the budget. Plus we should have a maximum federal spending limit of 15% of the GDP, which would allow for spending and paying off the national debt. If they want to pay off the debt sooner then implement a 2% federal sales taxes solely for national debt reduction that sunsets with the national debt. You tie these three things up in a neat little bow and you have a resolution of our issues. I like the independent auditor, chosen at random to audit the federal budget. That will never happen because the feds could not stand the light of day on all the corruption and waste, so the auditors would be bribed in someway or forced to look the other way or else.

Here is my proposal in a nut shell:

1. Balanced Budget Amendment
2. Federal Spending Not to Exceed 15% of GDP
3. Fail to Balance Budget 50% Pay Cut for Congress
4. 2% Federal Sales Tax for National Debt Reduction
5. Audit the All Federal Books (Light of Day Clause)

This would allow Congress to make decisions on what is important and would require 40% slashing of current spending, which is significant but necessary. Cut federal spending 4% of GDP a year for a decade and you are there. Plus, by addressing the debt then the interest payments go down and there is more money for other things as long as you stay within the 15% cap. The first year will the the toughest and the easiest as to balance the budget Congress would need to cut at least 6% of GDP, but there is a huge amount of waste that is available for immediate cutting without touching the entitlement programs. This just takes the stones to do what needs to be done and is in all likelihood political suicide considering the government dependency that has been built over the years. This is just a simple solution to a major problem facing this country and it isn't going to go away by ignoring it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

American Thinker: Let's Compromise on Taxes

American Thinker: Let's Compromise on Taxes

This is a wonderful article on what we truly be effective tax policy and it is very easily at hand right now. Tax the non-rich because there are a heck of a lot more of them and it would actually produce federal revenue for the Democrats to waste or you could do what is necessary and cut spending. We need to cut federal spending!!! This is the only solution unless you want all Americans to pay even more because tapping the rich isn't going to do the trick unless you consider everyone not in poverty rich. If you want to stop all job growth and investment in our country's future you raise rates on the "rich" and sit back and collect nothing because the rich have ways of avoiding stupid taxes and options about how and where they take an income. If you want to do something real then cut government spending 10% as compared with the GDP. For several decades federal spending ran about 20% of GDP and in the last four years it is now 25%, so slash spending to 15% and our current revenues could very easily pay all spending and pay down the national debt slowly. Just to let you know the federal revenue is almost 19%, so instead of running a 7% deficit we would have a 4% surplus to pay off the national debt which would be shrinking because we would not only not be adding to principle with no deficit spending, but actually paying down the principle which would reduce our interest payments. This is crazy talk because we need to keep spending at the highest rate in American history or else! If the deficit commission or Congress want to impress me then they need to sharpen their collective pencils and cut enough spending to reach 15% of the GDP. Otherwise as we have seen over the last couple of weeks it is just a bunch of hot air blowing around that amounts to absolutely nothing. Congress, the Nov. 2 election was a referendum on the need to cut federal spending, so freaking do it already!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Interesting Reads

The Unemployment Crisis Catch-22

Fantasy Figures, Real Pain

I found some interesting reads this morning and I am even more upset at our government's ability to get anything done. We are quickly slipping into a economic meltdown, but Congress is worrying about stupid crap that does not produce jobs or help stabilize the free falling economy. Predictions are that when they fail to prevent the Bush Tax Cuts from expiring the markets are going to tank because all those companies waiting to see what Congress was going to do, are going to dump even more jobs because of the higher tax burden, just in time for Christmas. Yeah! I am still holding out hope for the new Congress, since it is almost impossible for them to we worse than this one, but I am sure they will find a way.