Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Next the Finger Waggle?

I know a lot has been said the last few days about the TSA's new procedures of either a very revealing scan or a gropping for our protection, but are we not just inviting the bombers to stick stuff up their butts to avoid detection? I mean that if these yahoos are truly determined then a little anal discomfort is not too much a strech to beat the new introduced measures, so are we to standby for the finger waggle to fly next? Where does this stupidity stop and when do we profile the bad guys?

I am all for security and scans and pat downs if they are on the people most likely to blow us up. And don't feed me that line of BS about them coopting someone's Granny or child to carry their bomb because everyone would be seperated and asked a few simple questions which would give them the chance to come clean about the bomb the bad guy shoved up their butt. I know that this isn't a popular position, but the writing is on the wall and the finger is at the ready, so unless we start doing something different, we can expect the next bomber to have a buttload of explosives and slip right on past security.

You want to make flying safe then get some training from the Israelis the most hated people on earth and see how they handle the problem. It isn't rocket science and even a TSA agent could learn to ask a few simple questions and if they don't like the answers kick it to the really trained guys. This could be used in conjunction with all the fancy equipment, so the lobbyist would lose out. If you are suspicious then you get the scan and/or pat down, fail either then get arrested. Past the screen or pat down, but still something isn't right then more interviews by the best of the screener squad. Sounds draconian to be sure, but only a few individuals will be involved in the enhanced searches and interviews, vice the entire flying public.

Do you really think the TSA is going to get away with shoving a finger in your ass in the name of public safety? I think not, so they should be figuring out right quick on how they plan on defeating the booty bomber! That is my two cents and since I am over forty I have been anally probed by my doctor and I am not going to bend over to allow the TSA to do the same, so they better come up with an alternative that doesn't involve x-raying every passenger because that would not be minor exposure.

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