Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean Shakedown Again

What can we to really do to stop the shakedown by the NoKs? We will of course do what we have done for years because there is no way we are going to sacrifice a couple hundred thousand lives for a few billion in aid to the wackos of the North. We can piss and moan all day about who does and doesn't have the stones to stand up to these yahoos (father and son), but the fact remains we aren't ready to go to war to put an end to the BS. Most of the comments I hear are street corner tough, but are really just hot air. I fully agree that we couldn't do anything back during the war because of China and we sure as hell can't do anything different today.

If we weren't so screwed up in our economy, we might be able to bring some pressure on China to curb their mutt. But, with the way things are today, it is out of the question.  We are walking around hat in hand asking the bad old commies to fund our debt. You want to do something about North Korea, then back a balanced budget and paying off the national debt. Once the dollar is solid and we owe nothing to anyone, then we can speak with actual authority to the Chinese and get something done about the wackos in the north.

Until then our national security and foreign policy is going to be one of appeasement because we have little choice in the matter.  If you are running around with a fragile economy and owe lots of money to everyone including potential adversaries, it is really hard to be taken seriously.  Iran and China both know we are a paper tiger and they do whatever they please because if Iran cuts off the oil or China refuses to buy our debt we are toast plain and simple.  So think what you want about the President, but he has no choice but to pay the blackmailer and watch as be slip into irrelevance.

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