Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

This was a very interesting shot across the bow for the Republican Party establishment. It also ties in very well with an article on the death of the Democratic Party as the country pulls back right from the hard left of the past two years. The Democrats are a dying breed as they become far more liberal then most Americans can stand and the Republicans are likely to split with moderates keeping the Republican name and the conservatives probably picking up the Tea Party moniker. Old school Democrats will probably become Republicans and the Democratic Party will just fade into the woodwork where they now belong.

The split is just the natural progression of life and with the coming budget pain. The give it away types can't stand the hack it types, so there will be a split. The good news is that the two remaining parties will be much farther to the right then the either of the current two parties. We have lots of tough choices ahead and they don't involve buying votes with government largess or big government solutions, so the Democrats really have no leg to stand on moving into the brave new world of limited government spending.

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